December 2009

Thursday, December 31, 2009
This month has been an awesome one for me. I've met new ppl, got to know some frens much better, got much closer with God, was truly blessed by Him through CF which includes the ppl in it and during aCt itself. I also got a sayang which we divorced and last nite, i traded my sayang for another person's sayang... Hahahahahaha.. That was funny. ^^

Guess who was this?

This were the awesome muffins that james' mum baked for us. Auntie, it's superb!!

This pulak were the awesome cupcakes tat sheera baked. They were all super cute and they just didnt look good. They taste good too... Seriously..

This pulak is the infamous-whiteboard in FES where some ppl release their stress here.

This pulak is the whiteboard which i find it hard to rub those stuffs off. Not because I am not strong enuf, but because of the meaningful stuffs on it.

This month was truly quite a remarkable 1 for me. I had so much fun during this 1 whole month. Especially during those mamak sessions. Hahahaha... U guys rawk.. U know that?

But hor, today, i mean, yesterday, alot of my some-good-frens went back to their hometown. Huu huuuu.. It's going to be quite a quiet 2 weeks for me. But somehow, it has to happen also rite? Haha. I shall wait patiently for their return. So, guys, if u're reading this and u think that I'm talking about you, do hurry back to malacca k? And do take care.

Oh ya, now is the 31st d. So, whoever yang membaca my blog, I wanna I wanna I wanna wish u a Happy New Year in advance. Hehehe.

U guys remember this?
Hehehe.. Happy New Year.

I am missing it already

Tuesday, December 8, 2009
Picture courtesy of Eunice Teo

It's actually pretty sad that it has already ended. Hahahahaha.. But u guys, let's not let aCt end just like that k? Remember who we're doing this for? It just doesn't stop at yesterday. Let's do wat we're supposed to do.


See u guys later at nite. I miss you guys already. Hahahahaha.

I would like to thank the seniors who have provided for us food yesterday. They have been uberly nice to all of us. U guys rawk!! Some of u guys take leaves just to come see us and support us. Without u guys, we wouldn't have the encouragement to actually do it. So, on behalf of the aCt crew, we would ALL like to thank ALL OF YOU!!

I would also like to thank the awesome directors for all those sacrifices that you have done and all those sleepless nites thinking on ways to improve the play. Indeed, ur hardwork has paid off well and you guys rawk!! Without the directors, there wun be aCt. Without ur guidance, we wouldn't know wat to do and if we're doing it right or not. So, on behalf of everybody, if we did offence u in any way, we would all like to say sorry. But nevertheless, u guys are the best!!! Wheeee~~~

I would also like to thank the entire crew for making this play a succes. I wun mention names cause that will be bias so, I would like to thank each and everyone of u for co-operating with the directors and scriptwriters. U guys were awesome!! U guys were committed and I believe, our Father in heaven is very very proud of u guys!! U know who you are. If you're reading this, give urself a pat on the back and say to yourself, "well done." You deserve it. But dun forget to give thanks to God also ya?


Thursday, December 3, 2009
I just turned 21.!! And I'm extremely happy bout it. Had a wonderful day and thanx to everyone for making it a really really special day for me.. Hahahahaha.. Pictures? uhmmm... I'm a lil bit lazy to upload now actually.. Wait till i find some time ya? X D hahahaha

P/s: It would be an awesome birthday gift if YOU who are reading this would come to aCt on the 7th of december. So, do come k?

Verse of the Day

Sunday, November 29, 2009
For it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for him,

Phillipians 1 : 29

aCt 3 is so near already. Am I ready? I shud be ready by now. But am I? Gosh... Goosebumps.
But I will be ready by the 7th of December. Guys and girls who are coming, get ready to be entertained and to bring home something that might change ur life for good.

To God be the Glory

Yesterday & Today

Friday, November 20, 2009
Yesterday, we had our brunch at Toast & Toast which is at batu berendam. The place there is quite cosy and nice. The food, u can't expect much from it. So so oni la. Still, nth beats the roti bakar from the old coffee shops. Seriously... Hahaha... But if u guys crave for more than 10 kinds of toast, do go to Toast & Toast, they got so many varieties. From banana and cinnamon to peanut butter to the old fashioned kaya and butter 1.
My breakfast. Sorta
See, they even have the old fashioned cup. Nice rite?

During bruch, we got to know that our CIMB account number may be changed. So, we panic la. Rush to the CIMB branch at batu berendam which is not far away actually and when we were there, thank God that lee was there also. He saved us alot of time cause he actually have one copy of document that we can just photostat. So, we go to the bank and do our stuffs.

After that, we go over to Marilyn's AhMa's place and we met Baby Kelly there. She was sooooo cute.. Really adorable. When she came down the stairs, she was having her pacifier in her mouth. Btw, she's 4 this year. So I've been told la. She was soooooooo shy... Hahahahaha.. I think she was quite scared of us big kids (we're still kids k?) at first... But after awhile, she ok d la..

We were supposed to play with Baby Kelly but instead, we played UNO stacko among ourselves. Hahahahahaha. I thought it was like Jenga but it was different in some ways. But the fun is still there. Especially when Jordan dropped the tower twice... XD

Jordan made this fall.

And also this.

Oh ya, if you're wondering how Baby Kelly looks like,

Adorable rite? Hehehehe..

Eh, I didn't realise that she was wearing a spongebob t-shirt. We were also watching spongebob at her place oso.. Hahahahahaha...

Today, my family and I had our dinner at..

U know where is this from?

Yup, the napkin says it all...

Till then...

p/s : if any of you are reading this, do pray for AnnaBanana and Christine. Their birthdays are tomorrow.

To Christine, Happy 21st birthday BFF... U rawk and I hope to see you on monday. Have a blessed birthday ya? God Bless..

To Anna Banana, Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe... XD u have a blessed birthday too ya? God bless..
Tuesday, November 17, 2009
The "I-hate-being-a-malaccan" feeling is back.
What have i done?

Practice Yesterday

Monday, November 16, 2009
Had practice yesterday and it was since 4pm. I had a great time practicing yesterday. Besides the fact that when they all go home and rest me and fel was doing some piano-ing. And then later, JZ came and sang with us. That was such fun. We should do that more often.

Worship after church service yesterday was really good too. We jammed almost all the aCt3 songs and revealed so much already. I shall not reveal my character just yet. Hehe. If u guys wanna know, make some space for ur calendar on the 7th of december.

Random thought
*Adrian!! Dun perasan k? It's not you...*

I might not be the 1st. But I do hope I'm the last.

Oh God, what are ur plans for me? I pray and pray that I will wait. I shall wait. I must wait. Because for now, I can only wait... 1 Corinthians 13:4

I'm not lazy k? I'm just waiting. In time, He will reveal His plan for me.

p/s: thanx nee nee, for sharing. I can't wait for the funny story. Hehehehehe.. Have fun at work and God bless you abundantly. ^^

BGR today!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Just after mamak-ing with the CF members. Today's topic was....


And it was really fruitful. Some questions that I've always kept it to myself were revealed today and I got some answers. Seriously. Alot of openings today. I mean, Dr. Wong shared alot about his love life and his experiences la. I can't reveal so much here although I really do wanna tell every1!! But some matters are better left unrevealed rite? Hehehehe...

1 question : Do you agree that guys should make the 1st move?

Do drop in ur opinions at the comments ya? Hehehe.. Just a simple survey. So far, the majority of the answer is heading towards : YES!!
And that answer comes from both guys and girls. Do drop ur comments k? Hehe.

I am truly blessed today. Cause I've changed my perspective on some matter. Well, for now, I should just pray and continue to pray lo. In time, I know He'll show me the rite 1. So, to Ms-Right-of-the-future, Adrian would like to say "HIE ^..^"

Hahahaha.. Good nite, world.

Oh ya, the verse of the day is taken from Psalms 119:9&10
How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to your word.
I seek you with all my heart; Do not let me stray away from your commands.

Quote of the day : How am I supposed to show love to somebody over and over and over who constantly rejects me?

I am replacing Caleb with Jesus, Caleb's dad with God and her/she with Adrian.

Tuesday Morning

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
I got up late today. And I am now at chun aun's place. Hahaha. It's not that I plan to ponteng 1 k? It's just that practice yesterday was really really really tiring. It was the most tiring day ever for ACT practice. Probably because I was out the whole day. At noon till 5pm, I got class, then I head over to "emo house" to have some rest while waiting for the rest of them to come and practice for TODAY's CF. Man, thinking bout it, i'm not really prepared yet. And I'm hungry now. Waiting for the rest of them to finish class now then we can go eat something. WHeeeee ^^ Suddenly got the feeling of eating dim sum. I shall suggest later. ^^ Ok, after practice for CF, we head to main hall to practice for ACT. From 8+ to 12am, we practice at main hall and I'm really tired.

Also, yesterday i felt really shy. Hahahaha.. Probably it's because Sally know's who i am already. TT.TT It was totally an accident.. Oh well... Hopefully today's CF will be fun... I know it will be.. Not because I'm playing but because of the topic today. Hehehehe.. I'm interested.

Cause.. It is...


Hahahahaha... So, if you're free tonite, come to FSER0012 and listen to the BGR talks.

To those whom it may concern, continue to persevere and hold on. I know God has a better plan for you. 1 Peter 5:7. I know He loves you. I will continue praying for both of you. God bless you and He knows wat you are going through. Just hold on...


Thursday, November 5, 2009
Well, I was supposed to post this just now in the evening. But i couldn't find time to do it. Hahahaha.. Cause I was a lil late for practice.. And speaking of practice,

Ta daaaaa.. My timetable for my practices.

I do not know why but just now while I was checking my schedule, I had the same feeling like the 1 I had before exam. It's like the gut sucked up inside feeling. The all-excited-feeling. The woooooo-hoooooooooo kinda feeling. A feeling that is quite hard to say it but better expressed. Hahaha.

I am really feeling for ACT3. Seriously. At first, I was a lil bit reluctant cause all the pro 1s left and those who are still available who are pro, are at industrial training. But somehow, God showed me that everybody has potential. And I am seriously dead serious that this year's ACT is gonna be a really awesome 1. Really serious. We got alot of potential. Hahaha. God really works in EVERYBODY!!

Gosh, this sunday is full rehearsal. I hope I dun embarass myself too badly. Hahaha. Oh ya, talking bout the "God uses everybody" thingy, while driving, I was thinking to myself this :

The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all its parts are many, they form one body. So it is with Christ.

I was thinking, everybody is important. Even those who are doing small parts. Like those who are at the back stage 1s. Although they do not appear on stage, they are nevertheless IMPORTANT and I'm serious. Cause like the body who has alot of veins running all over the body, what happens if 1 day, suddenly 1 small part of the vein just decide to not do wat it is supposed to do. Then there will be a blood clot and the body will suffer. Same thing with ACT, wat happens if suddenly somebody just decide to not do wat he/she is supposed to do?

Guys, if you're reading this, think about it. No matter how small or how big ur role is, what matters most is how passionate you are doing it. JZ once put some thought into us and he said we need to be passionate about ACT. So, if you're involved, do it wholeheartedly k? ^^

Gosh, 1am already. And tmw got 8am class. Man.... But it's a good thing, at least, i won't ponteng class this time. Haihh... I'm terribly dissapointed with myself. I did so badly for last sem and I'm still ponteng-ing class this sem? Adrian!! Time to wake up man!!!

I shud go and sleep now. Good nite peeps. ^^ God bless you all and man, I love ACT ^^

It has been a long time

Tuesday, October 27, 2009
since the day i updated my blog.. Hahaha. So, sorry, mentos.. I was busy with so many stuffs..

Tonite, i'll be having my first cyber P class and i just got to know that chun aun and manining poppings will be joining us also... WHeeeeeeeeee hahaha ^^ that's gonna be like super duper awesome. And then, later got CF summore.. Wheee.. I do hope i'm allowed to go CF and CGs this sem. I really wanna go. And I hate being a malaccan for that reason.

Yesterday was Richard's birthday and I couldn't go cause, being a malaccan, I've got to go home early. I wish I was from out of town and I get to hang out with the MMU folks more often. Haihhhhh... Seriously, if it wasn't because of me being a malaccan, I would definitely take up that role of being smth-smth... How can I be a malaccan and still hang out with u guys ar? How do u guys do it? I really wanna do it too.. Wat am I missing?

Anyway, Intensive Week was over and this time, lucky me lucky me, I'm not down with cough or flu. Hahaha.. Thank God for that. ^^ Gosh... Come to think of it, I'm turning 21 very soon already!!! 21 man!!! That's the-golden-key age. T.T I dun think i'm ready for it. But I shall embrace it with glory... HAHAHAHAHA ^^

I can't wait to practice more for ACT.. Hehehe... Oh ya, yesterday's practice was fun. Btw, for those who are coming this year's ACT3, dun laugh at me that badly k? TT.TT
Even if you do, I want you to know that I'm having loads of fun being that and being laughed at. You probably do not understand what I'm talking about rite? If u wanna know, do come for ACT. ^^

It will be in MMU, not sure wat time but the date most probably would be 7th December. So, be sure to get that date free k? If u are reading this post, U ARE INVITED TO COME!! Ask me for more info if u need em ya?

Zee Avi - Kantoi

Monday, October 12, 2009

Credit goes to sharma for sharing this song with us. Hehehehe.. Hope u guys do enjoy this song too. JB, if u're reading this, hope this will brighten up ur day a lil. ^^

Today is ruined

Friday, October 9, 2009
How the heck would I know that u're having cramps!?

My day today has been ruined. It's all because of you and you know who you are.. DEMMIT!

Oh ya, btw, if you're reading this, next week is OFF!!

According to Marilyn

My top 3 things that I wanna do today is uhmm.. Let's see...

1. Watch all those movies that i have been missing
The obsessed movie is prety.... Nice... But i got a good cold shiver when Lisa died..
2. Go to McD and have some ice-creams!!! YAY!!! I love ice-cream alot..
3. Do some work out. Yes, i've not been doing much and i can see all those stuffs that are not supposed to be there. And yah, I know, I sound girlish but I am not.. Maybe I am. But i wanna be healthy, you see.. Seriously... I think it must be because of "The Biggest Loser" and I was pretty inspired by wat Bob said. He said "Do not wait till the 1st of January when you can do it RIGHT NOW!"

Now, i'm currently thinking of what to eat.

Gosh... The exams are finally over for now. I know, i know.. I didn't really do my very best but I've actually tried my best at that moment. I even tried staying up as late as i can to study but i can't do it. The more I cramp my brain into it, the more painful it gets. And it gets me dizzy. No, it is not excuses.. Really, they are hurtful. But i admit I've always got excuses to not study before la.

Next sems goals :
1. Study, and really study...
Adrian, you dun want the same things to happen twice, do you?
2. Must be availabe on the 21st of November no matter wat!!!
3. Must really concentrate on working for ACT3, I really can't wait for intensive week.
And for all those who do drop by here sometime, YOU are definitely invited for the christmas play. I'm not exactly sure when it is but it will be somewhere end of november or beginning of december.
4. Read the Bible more and pray more. In other words, spend more time with God.
5. Must try and stay healthy at all times. Like wat the "saturdays" once said.. "A healthy mind combined with a healthy body, makes you HOT!"

Oh ya, Chun Aun, if u're reading this post, FASTER ORGANISE A BOWLING OUTING!! I know you want it. Hahahahaha!!

Guess What?

Friday, October 2, 2009
I just had my 1st paper today!! Weeee~~hoooo~~~~!!!
And I got my haircut after my paper!! Wee~~~~
And after I got home, my download was completed....

Soooo........ Without feeling much guilt, I....

Ta-daaaaa!!! I watched this movie..!! Hahahaha.. It was really awesome cause it really did bring lots of memories. Not that this movie really mean anything to me but somehow, this movie actually teaches me on how to be a better person. Somehow.. So, I do hope I'll be better now.

p/s : Mandy Moore is really pretty. I always take her as some singer but now, after watching this, I realised that, she ain't just a singer. She's a terrific actress.

And guess what? This movie actually made me tear a lil. I've been watching lots of movies and in hoping that some movie can actually make me cry. Not that I haven't (hey, i've got a soft heart oso k?) but it's just that I kinda forgot which movie actually made me cry. So, I watched it. And boy, it was a really good show.

For all those who wants to borrow it, just let me knw. I am more than happy to share it with you. And for all those early "love birds", this is a really good show. It helps. ^^ I think.. Hahahaha.. I know it will for me. Or you could just go and download it yourself. Since it's a very old movie, it will take you not so long. ^^

Another movie that's a so-called "must watch".

I wanna

Sunday, September 27, 2009
Do THIS!!!

Or THIS!!!

Or even THIS!!!

Ok, maybe not this..

Hehehe... I know, i know.. I can't really do it. But i kinda like the way how they do it. Huu Huuuu.. Will some1 just inject me with the "moving" talent? I wanna do all these. I've always enjoyed dancing movies. Actually, I like musicals. Hahaha. Any movie that has dance and moves and music, me definitely likey those kind of show. U name it, I would have probably watched it. Hahaha..

HSM? I've watched all 3 but dun like the last 1.
Step Up? Yeah, i've watched both of them.. But i kinda like the 2nd 1 better. I like the 1st 1 oso. I didn't know that small girl can dance also. I've seen quite alot of her movies but I think Step Up was the 1st time me watching her dance. Step Up 2 concept of dancing in the rain was crazily awesome.!! Hahaha...
You got Served. And there's like so many more... Stomp the yard.. Fooooh...~~~ Hahaha..

To all those who can move,
"Keep on moving..."
To all those who can't really move (like me),
"Keep on trying..."

Hahahahaha... ^^ Good nite peeps!!

Andddd... A poster of the movie i just watched

p/s : i just watched "The Ugly Truth" with some frens and somehow, I think, I may not be the type that actually settles down. I'm a lil too playful.

I'm back

Saturday, September 5, 2009
NO... Definitely not back from the dead. But i'm back to reality. Back to school works. Back to studies. Back to maple. Back to reality.....

Gosh, it has been quite a "holiday" for me. It was an awful boring 1 actually. I actually wished to be in classes during those times. For all those who didn't know. I was admitted into the hospital for like a week++. Cause of dengue fever la (nope, not H1N1, i'm very positive bout that). Gosh, stupid mosquito like to simply bite ppl. Me and my brother got the fever. And we were both forced to stay there for like so long... But now, i'm finally out and blogging. (walaupun i know i dun blog that much oso.. hahahaha)

Thanx to all those who have been soooooooooooooooo supportive. Super special thanx goes to sammie and chun aun who came like almost every nite to make sure I'm doing fine. U guys rawk. And to all those who gave me all those toys and gifts (yes yes.. even that lil sucking thingy.. hahaha) Gosh, seriously.. It really did entertain me for a few days.

GOSHHHH!!! U knw wat? That lil sucking thingy rite. That lil toy was the reason why 5 to 6 nurses laugh at me. ALL AT ONCE!!!! TTT.TTT cause they were like "ape ini? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Ahhhhhhh.. It's good to be home. Where all the food is. Where this computer is. Hahahahahaha. It really good is to be home. In some way...

A wasteful Day

Monday, August 24, 2009
Hehe. Kenny~~

Yesterday was one of the most wasteful yet fulfilling day. Yesterday, was PTPTN day. I got up like super early just to go for the ptptn thing. Hoping to get it done asap and go to church. But u know wat? The ptptn thing dragged on and on and on. Till I was pretty bored and tired of it. But I really got to thank God (seriously, I must really thank God) cause He have been really nice to me, lately. Somehow, I kinda know that He helped me with my PTPTN thing. I was pretty sure that my application might be rejected. Cause, they want my SPM cert. But guess wat? I kinda lost it. So, I kinda phreaked out la.. But i used my SPM result slip instead, which they clearly said that they wun accept any result slip that is more than 2 years ago. But thank God, I brought my original result slip. The ptptn officer (God bless her) check my documents and found out that my result slip is way pass the date. But when I told her that I lost my cert, she asked me for my original (which I did bring). So, i showed her, and she wrote some remarks on my result slip and ta daaaaa, my documents were accepted.

Seriously, I was really phreaked out when I saw the person in front of me (whom I think have the same problem that I'm facing) got rejected cause of the same thing. At that moment, I was like "OMG OMG OMG!!!" but somehow, with God's help, I managed to get thru. That guy wasn't that fortunate. He got to go back to his hometown to collect his original result slip to show to the ptptn officer. Poor thing. But i do hope that he will get his documents done.

Goooosh!!! I'm still in the mood of thanking God cause of wat He has done for me lately. He knew I wasn't prepared for the saturday meeting. That's why He sent Mr. Jeff Vines to speak to us. He knew I was really really really really scared with my PTPTN stuffs. That's why He gave me a good number heading towards a really good officer who really did helped me out alot. She was really nice, despite being really tired from fasting. He knew I needed lots of help with my studies and real discipline to actually sit down and study. That's why He gave me so many frens who are like real motivations for me to actually study. U guys rawk, BIG TIME!!

Last time, I kinda feel regret cause I flunk my SPM and STPM. But now, I am really really really really really really really really glad and happy and joyful cause if I didn't flunk it, I wouldn't have met so many awesome ppl. Although they are like younger (some of them are much younger oso. Hahaahaha), they didn't treat me weirdly like I'm some kind of freak. Although I am at times. Hahaha. They are like the one bunch of frens that I am really grateful to have. Gosh, i really have learnt so much from them. Really, I have. I have truly been blessed by all of them. I can't imagine hanging out with some other bunch than them actually.

In conclusion, I am and will always be happy to have u guys as friends.

Ask me more if u want elaboration. Hehe

Eh, wait.. That's not the point of my post today.

Today was a really sucky day but thanx to chicken rice ball, my day did just turned pretty good.
One of those pictures that can make u drool...

Gosh, so late ad. And i'm supposed to be sleepy. Hahahaha. I shall stop here for now. Hehehe..

Cute rite?

Jie, faster come back. U probably dun read here but I do hope u come back asap. 5 more days to go. Wheeeeeee~~~

Good nite, peeps!! See u guys tmw. And fang min, dun worry or stress so much. Ur work is almost done d. And it wasn't ur fault. Jy tmw!! ^ ^ I mean, Jy later.. Haha ^ ^

Today is Thursday

Thursday, August 20, 2009
I just had the last paper for my midterm today. But the burden is nt over yet. I still got 2 more things to do till the end of this week. Gosh~~~ I really can't wait for next week to come. At least, I can't wait till the end of this week. Yesterday, I had lunch with Nee Nee and some CF ppl and some of Nee Nee's frens. It was pretty cool that we hung out. It has been like almost forever since i last saw them all. Hahahaha. Gosh~~~ I dunno wat to write now. So many things on my mind. The burden really is nt over yet. Haihhhh~~ Stress ar... T.T Somebody give me a break to somewhere please. I could really use a break now.

Today is Wednesday

Wednesday, August 19, 2009
Gosh, today is going to be quite a long day for me. I've got to settle some PTPTN stuffs, got to read up more on my economics for my exam is TMW!!! And also got to prepare for this week's youth discussion. Gosh, so many things to do. I wish today is the next coming monday. Tak tahan all the stress. So many things to do... UGHHHhhhh. But it's alrite la. In an hour's time, I'm going to meet Nee-nee-san and Kee Weng and some other frens of Nee-nee-san. We're going to have taiwan mee!! Woohoooooo~~~ Hahahaha.. Then have to go MMU to do some PTPTN stuffs. Gosh.. Today will be quite a long day.

All American Rejects - I wanna

Friday, August 14, 2009

Kinda addicted to this song. Hahahahahaha. Do u guys like this song? Wheee~~~

I got a paper tonite. T.T at least, now i got it rite. Hahahaha. Thanx ira~~~

Songs that have been playing in my head

Thursday, August 13, 2009

This song is kinda recently 1.

This 1, is kinda random 1.

This 1, has been from a dream of mine a few days back.

So far, my life have been good. I've got lots of assignments and exams coming up but guess wat? I'm thinking bout L4D. For those who haven't play l4d before, i suggest and strongly recommend that u ask manining poppings for the next l4d schedule. This game is really really addictive. T.T curse u, zommmmmmbieeeeesss~~~!!!

Anyway, like I've said, my exams are coming up. Crap!! I've still got to prepare for this saturday's topic. I mean, i have prepared a lil small smth smth, but that lil small smth smth is nt enuff. I am super darn busy actually. But I am really heartfully thankful for JB. She have been praying for me like so super duper muper alot. So, thank you alot, JB. Can't wait to go to kl and meet up with u and phoebe, someday. Haih... We're all pretty busy. Anyway, JB, if u're reading this, just wanna say, thanx for being such an awesome BFF!! U're like always there when i need some1 to talk to. Now, at this very moment, I am REALLY REALLY thankful that I went for DMSJ. I mean, I can't imagine not going to DMSJ nw. Hahahaha. I am actually smiling rite now, knowing that it was His plan for us to meet at DMSJ and became BFFs. And for that lucky person who is my BFF's you-know-who, my BFF and I, will only be BFFs and nth more. So, if u're reading this, rest assured, I'm actually like a girlfriend to ur girlfriend. Hahahaha. If that makes sense.

I've got class tonite and I actually can't wait for class. Oh ya, Sammie, ur hair.. Pretty cute. Hahahaha. Manining, dun cut like dat.. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~~~~ Dun get me wrong, I'm not saying that that hairstyle is bad, seriously, I am not. I am just saying that, that hairdo suits sammie pretty well and since manining is quite "long", I think, u're better off with long hair. Hehehe.. ^ ^ Manining, I hope u read this. If u are, I WANT TO LFD!!!!

Gosh, exams this friday and I haven't study yet. Really, guys, I'm pretty busy with you-know-what. Hahahaha. I can't wait for next weekend. And malacca's haze is actually getting worst and worst day by day. And every1 in class is wearing mask like ninjas! Hahahaha. It feels like I'm in a ninja skewl. Hehehe.. Especially sammie, her mask ar, always funny funny 1. The 1st time was like transformers. Hahahaha. Then the next day, she got a mask which was like big enuff to cover her entire face. Seriously!!! Her entire FACE!! Hahahaha. But dem cute, i tell u~~ Hahaha.

It just suddenly hit me.... I miss ACT. I kinda miss practicing for ACT. Yeah, it's the before the real day thing. I kinda miss dancing. (Yeah, i do dance a lil.) I kinda miss dancing with Elysia and also Renee. T.T Haha. Neenee~~ When are u gonna bring me go out and makan? T.T Hungry d. But the sad thing is rite, those times during practice will only and can only be in the past. Gosh, i seriously seriously miss those times. Like during 1 time when every1 went sumwhere else, me and neenee did some thinking on how to improve the slow dance. (She did all of the thinking, I only become statue at there) Gosh, I really really miss those times. When can we do that again ar? Hahaha. Gosh....

Besides that, I'm doing very well without you. It was hard to forget at first. But after awhile, I psycho-ed myself and now, I'm very much better d. There are like so many things that u shudn't have done. I'm fine.

Well, that's the end of this post. I shud get some food to eat. I'm actually hungry d.

Note the chorus

Post for Ira

Friday, July 31, 2009
If u guys read my last post, I did say my exam was at nite rite? Hehehe... But I was terribly wrong. It was actually in the afternoon. And thank God, Ira did drop by my blog to read.

Ok, it actually happen like dis.

On wednesday, I wake up selamba-ly and i went and get my lunch at 1.30 like dat. Wasn't prepared for my exams for the nite oso. So, I had my lunch at 1.55 like dat while watching some movie on Astro. Tiba-tiba, Ira called, and I was like "Hmmmmmm?" in a very super relaxed tone. Then she was like "Adrian, do u know that our exam is at 2.30?"
And I was like "HHHHHAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!????"
I looked at the time and it was 2pm already. Hahaha... So, I quickly put on my tracksuit pants and put on my shirt and zoomed all the way to campus. It was pretty funny when suddenly half way I called Ira and ask her bout a summary bout accounts. Yeah, I was having Accounts paper. And like i said like a gazillion times. I wasn't ready!! Hahahaha.. Then i forget to bring my calculator summore. Luckily, Ira faster called up her roommate and she kinda borrowed me hers. Thanx alot Ira n D. I really owe u guys a really super duper muper big favor.

This post is kinda dedicated to Ira cause she did alot lot of stuffs for me d. I really dunno wat i'll do without u. Hahahaha.. Thanx alot, ira-chan.. ^ ^


Wednesday, July 29, 2009
I am going to have exams at nite and i dun think i am quite prepared for it. Not enuff time. Not enuff time. Haiyooooh... Gosh, i really wish the weekends would come sooner. I really need to have a break.

p/s : i dun deserve anything at all

What am I?

Monday, July 20, 2009
This is an emo post. If u guys do not wish to feel sad, please.. Dun read.. This is like my journal and those who actually really care only shud read. Cause, I really dun like my life.

The title has no mistakes in grammar or wat-so-eva. I'm actually asking what am i? Not who am i.

Today and yesterday wasn't quite a good day. But yesterday was good because me and kah wei got free durian.. Wheeeee...~~~ But after the durian incident, my day just get worst and worst.

It kinda started when I was watching a movie. And the movie was about to come to an end. Say, another 10 or 15 minutes. Suddenly my mum asked me to go fetch my sister at Pay Fong High School. I was like "the movie was already nearing the end, can't I watch it first?" And she keep on making me frust by saying all those naggy stuffs and i was effing pissed!!!! I HATE BEING THE FIRST WITH LOADS OF RESPONSIBILITIES!!!!!!!!!! So, i kinda lost my temper and kicked the chair. But I went to fetch my sister anyway. Then my mum go and tell my dad that i lost my temper. I was about to catch some nap when my dad gives the same stern voice that I really dun like to hear. He calls me and I go down. He said "I heard u're not happy when ur mother go and ask u to fetch Elise? Why?" I just kept quiet.

How could any1 be so mean to me? It happens not for the 1st time already. Sometimes when i'm in the middle of smth, my dad would randomly call me to do some stuffs. Any kind of stuff. And i really hate it. Yesterday nite, 1 of the most ridiculous thing happen. My dad was watching the very same movie that i wanted to watch but i can't cause he got his series. It is really really ridiculous. What am I to him in this family? A son? A maid? A servant?

Then later at nite, i had a very long talk which didn't go anywhere. It wasn't quite productive. But there are some facts that is actually really good and useful. I wish there is a solution to our problem. I really wish so.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Good ice at thong sui house

My friend park his car at a place where there is no yellow line and he was fined because he park there. I also normally park there and I was alright. That was pretty ridiculous actually. They can't fine him cause there wasn't any yellow line there. Gosh.. MMU really know how to ketuk.

I had McD's ice cream which was like that.. It was overflowing!!

I know I have been bad for not updating my blog. Sorry, peeps. But walaupun i'm not working, I'm still pretty busy with alot of stuffs. REALLY ALOT of stuffs. I dun have much time to come on9 to update or to even chat. So, some updates that I can think of at the moment.

1. I'm single but definitely unavailable only because u-know-who knows why. Hahaha.
2. I had an awesome badminton game yesterday. Really did alot of workout. Run alot.
3. I feel bad cause I wasn't free at 8pm yesterday. Still feel bad about it.
4. I'm having a slight headache now.
5. Dinner at pak putra and the lepak session was good. Hahaha. Hope to do it often.
5. I'm still wondering whether i shud take the MD role or not.
6. I've got to prepare a sermon bout Jonah and i haven't start anything yet. Gosh..
7. I'm really really busy. And my assignments haven't kick in yet.
8. I'm looking forward to watch the movie "UP". Haha.
9. I've gain some weight already. SERIOUSLY!! Tummy.. Huu huuu..

Hahaha. That's some updates about me. Oh ya, i totally miss eating home-made-maggie-goreng and those brownies and those cookies... Hahahaha.

Till I have sometime again. Tata~~~

Oh ya, uhmm... I just finished reading the book recommended by Nee-nee. I hope she reads this post. Nee-nee, the book was really good. Really really good. But i kinda wish that the ending wasn't that too simple.. Kinda made me think that the author was a lil lazy to carry on d.

Broken Road

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Really good.

It was good

Wednesday, June 17, 2009
U must be wondering wat the "it" at the title is for rite? Hahaha.. It's for this actually. Click on the link and u'll find out. Ah... It's for Hannah Montana the Movie la..

I just watched it today and I would honestly say that I didn't expect it to be that good actually. I dunno bout u guys but I kinda love the show. (yeah, call me a chic-flick person but i dun really care la) Probably because I didn't expect much from the movie. During the first 5 minutes of the movie, I was asking sotong (my fren who cried watching the movie.. Muahahahaha) "why are am I doing here? watching this?" Hahahaha.. But now, i feel guilty. Cause I kinda like the movie. It was definitely because there were lots of dances, and the storyline was pretty meaningful (if some1 would actually do wat Miley did, I would be really in complete awe), and the songs were also meaningful, the words that they spoke also meaningful (life's a climb, but the view's great!).

I really like the dance part.. Uhm.. The hoedown throwdown. Hahaha. Wonder wat that is? GO AND WATCH AND BE AMAZED!! Cause they were all doing like line dancing but instead of just some lame leg movements oni, there was actually more to it. They were dancing with hand movements as well. Sorry auntie2 sekalian but those line dancing that u guys do is actually pretty lame.. Hahahaha... Sorry sorry.. But this movie's dance were all pretty awesome.
Wat!? U dun trust me? Hmmm.. Go here and watch it. Aiya... Just go and watch the movie la. Hahahaha..

I shudn't spoil much for those who haven't watch yet.. So, ppl out there who haven't watch this movie, go and spend 8 bucks and watch it in the cinema. Trust me, it's gonna be worth it. That's if u really like music la.

p/s : sotong didn't cry la.. Haha

Life's a climb,
will the view be great?

Brunch Was Awesome

Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Tada.... ^ ^ Happy

Not as good as ur mum's but can la.. For now.. Hahaha..

My Holidays

Saturday, June 13, 2009
My Alpha Year is coming to an end. YAY ME!! Wheeeeee. Actually, it has already ended when my results came out yesterday. I am pretty happy with it la, altho it's not flats or 1st class, I'm still very much happy with my results and I really have to thank God for them. Cause I was really afraid of my moral paper actually. Cause it was the last paper and I admit I didn't put much effort to it. Aiyo. But I really thank God that it went well la. Hehehehe.

So, I kinda took a break and went for DMSJ camp. Seriously, i was super-de-duper reluctant to go 1, actually. When I got into church and to get ready to leave for the camp, I was like "wat am i doing here?". Haihhhhh.. Quite sad actually. But somehow, day by day, I was starting to like the camp even more. Was even looking forward for the activites but some of the activities were a lil bit dissapointing la. Like on the 3rd day, we had "Survivor" but it turned out to be just 1 game of "poison ball". Hahahaha. I thought it was gonna be like some real "Survivor" game like u see on tv 1. But poison ball was just a lil bit dissapointing la.

Anyway!! The sessions were really really really good. It helped me realised alot of things. Mr. Jason Fong really got a way of teaching us a lil bit more bout the bible. I really really love the sessions. Hahaha. Oh oh.. I also played drums for the 1st nite. It was pretty scary, I tell u. Huuu huuuuu.. 160+ ppl singing with u, if u play salah beat, they all sing wrong timing. Die la. But somehow, i did pray before i play and it didn't turn out that bad la. Thank God again! Wheeee..
I also met JB there. A really nice girl, I tell you! And now, she's my BFF d. Hahaha. It was actually quite sad to know that we're already going our seperate ways just when we started to get to know 1 another better. Hahaha. Then we departed on Tuesday. Sad and Happy feeling. Hahaha. Then got more after that, but lazy wanna type so byk la. If u wanna know, ask me la. Hehehehe.

Then last wednesday, I went up with 3 of my frens to KL to jalan2. Actually, my main purpose going there is to see my aging grandpa. He was doing pretty well la. I'm not saying that he's super healthy again but he's getting better d. WHeeeeeeeee!!!! Super happy to see him. He's always smiling and smiling. I do hope he still recognises me. Hehe.. But before visiting him, my frens and I went to Times Square and just lepak around there lo.

The Giant Snake & Ladder Game!

My Super Cool Grandpa who smiles for the camera.

After quite a long day, I followed my aunt back to her place to freshen up a lil and get a nap. My room was really really really COOOL! I think the room there was even better than mine. I got a King sized bed to sleep on!! ALONE!!! WHeeeeeeeeeee!! Hahahaa. Thank you alot, Auntie Jeannie and Uncle Ulrich! Then my aunt cooked me dinner. Pasta with anchovies and spinach which tasted crazily good, i tell you. She told me how to do it d but I dun think I can ever make as nice as she did. It was healthy, yet, really really awesome tasting.

The lamp in my room. With flowers. Hahahaha

My super spacious room. I know it's not much but it was really comfy!

After dinner, I followed my aunt to one of her fren's place to have Bible Study and Prayer Meeting. Since I kinda missed the MGC's prayer meeting, I go to BGC's (Bangsar Gospel Centre) 1 lo. Hahahaha. There were like 12 of us and all of them there are all uncles and aunties. I'm like the youngest there! Walaupun I was 20 (I'm still 20!! My Birthday not yet come!!), I was still the youngest in the group there. The average age of the uncles and aunties are about 35 to 40. Huu Huuuu.. But their hospitality was really cool. They made thong shui, they served biscuit and cheese, they bought SUPER BIG karipaps and they all tasted really good!!

The thong shui which was warm, really soothing.

The Cheesey Cheese. Hehe

Then around midnite, we went back to my aunt's place. I saw my uncle's bike and his bike was really really cool!!! Sorry, the picture below is not that clear. But his bike was seriously super cool.!

The long awaited day. Thursday!! Hahahaha...
I met up with JB again! YAY!! Hahahaha. We went for a terrible movie and it was funny that she was closing her eyes alot of times cause probably the movie was scary. Hahaha. But before the movie, we went to Paddington's House of Pancakes for brunch. I had smth with pancake and sausages and some meat. SUPER NICE!!! Thanx for bringing me there, JB! And also super thanx alot for treating me to soooo many things. I really had like a SUPER TREMENDOUS AWESOME time and tun tun will be with me always. Hahaha! Do take care and do keep in touch k?

The Awesome Porridge that we had. A Must Try!

I usually dun like soya bean, but this is exceptional

The "you tiao" with sesame 1. Dunno call wat. Hahaha

The Whole thing

Sorry I dun have photos of the pancake but seriously, it was really really good. A must stop by place if u go to MidValley. Btw btw, I was really thankful that I've found a really good taxi driver. Cause he kinda know where my aunt lives and he was pretty friendly too. Altho alot of the stuffs that he talked about, I dun understand. Hehehehehe. Sorry Mr. Taxi Driverman~~

Then today, it was another memorable day! Sotong and I, went to Coconut Shake and we both had like 2 and a half cup of "Coconut Shake Special" (yeah, we kinda shared the 5th cup). The memorable part wasn't the sharing of the drink. Nono. It was before and after that.

Sotong came over to my place at around 2.45 and he slept at my place waiting for me to register for next sem. MMU is taking things too lightly, I would say. Haih.. I waited since morning for the registration to open and FINALLY! at 3.30 like dat, they opened it. I think I wasn't the only 1 who was really frustrated with them. Cause there was like a problem and they didn't realised it until we started registering. HAIHHH.. There was a clash in the timetable and i think, up till now, it's STILL NOT DONE! Hahahaha.. I shall wait and wait. Haih...

After like lots of trying, Sotong and I went to coconut shake la. We were supposed to go by his car but somehow, his car broke down and cannot start. We tried all kinds of ways but still cannot start. So, we took the bike and we went there lo. After having our drinks and some talk, we balik and got ready for a movie. He called the mechanic, got his car fix while I go and bathe. After bath, we went over to his place for him to have his bath also la. Then we zoom off lo. Trying to catch the 6.55 show. Btw, the time we left his place, the time was 6.45 like dat. Hahahahaha. Then tiba2. BOOM... Kereta mati enjin again. Cannot start again. Haihh.. That mechanic tak boleh pakai 1 la. Then we went over to his place and pinjam-ed his dad's car instead. Luckily, his car didn't mati enjin far away. We pushed his car back to his place. Yeah!! Like literally push. Tiring. Hehehe. But was fun la.. Then after reaching dp, we makan and watch "Fighting" with Channing Tattum in it.! But before the movie we did this......

I tried on a XXXXXXL shirt!! 6Xs!!

Want to write more but dad is asking me to stop d. Oh well. Anyway, good nite peeps!!

watch it..