Peh... I'm almost a Super Sinner..

Saturday, July 21, 2007
Greed:Very Low

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life's tough

Man, life really is tough.. Actually,school is.. There's like so much to study and so little time left and STPM is like Super near already... Maybe it's just because i slacked to much during my Lower 6 Year... Haha... Kinda regreted that... But it was still fun.. Slacking, sleeping, and all those.. Feel like quiting sometime but it doesn't seem right.. But the worst thing is,my 'best-bud' suddenly became cold towards me and i still dunno why.. I asked him wat's the matter but he just said that everything's alright.. But the next day, during school, again, the same, cold look... Did i do something wrong? Why wun he tell me? And it has been a week since we last spoke.. It's actually very weird and awkward to be sitting with someone who doesn't even wanna say a "Hi.." or some greeting.. I need some help solving this.. I know praying is wat i should do, and i've been praying every night already.. Read God's Word? Yeah,done that also.. But i still can't find why..? Talk to him? Tried to do that also but he wouldn't reply... When Sin Yee shared about herself and her friend, i was like.. "Hm...maybe, her friend is just stressed up on her work and it should be over soon enough.." And now, i know how she felt.. It's really hurting to know that your best friend wouldn't want to talk to you anymore.. What should i do?