We'll Be A Dream

Friday, June 25, 2010


Last week, was really a memorable 1 for me. = ]

I've got gifts from nice nice peeps. And I love em... Hehehe... Thank you, nice nice peeps. You know who you are, dun u? I really do love em lots. Thank you, jelly bean and si kaki panjang. X)

James 1:19
Wherefore, my beloved brethren,

let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath.

The Meaning of

Saturday, June 19, 2010
"adssdsddsfswe wesewseaf". Can any1 guess? = P

Good Morning... = ]

P/s : hey you, dun you worry so much k? = ]

Philippians 4:6
Do not be anxious about anything,
but in everything,
by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving,
present your requests to God.

p/p/s : looking forward to Toy Story 3 and The Last Song and The Last Airbender and probably some others as well. Any1 interested? = ]

Good morning, peeps!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010
Can some1 please tell me where to get the baju that the footballers are wearing 1. The 1 which says "This time for Africa". Cause, I think it looks kinda nice. = D Hahaha...

From this video clip. At 1.12.

Today, is Thursday. Today, is CG day... Today, will be a good day... = ] Hehehehe.. A quick shoutout to my new CG Leader,

Joshua Tan Zhi Wen!!!

X D Hehehe... May God use u in many ways, CG leader... = ]

Please please please... tell me where.. to get that baju

p/s : CG LEADERRR !!!!!!!!!

Isaiah 48:17

Tuesday, June 15, 2010
I was going through some old verses and then, i saw this 1 in particular. Went to google and i found out something that kinda blew my mind...

To those who knew, Remember i posted smth on facebook which goes smth like :

i'll walk to wherever He wants me to go... = ]

And when I read Isaiah 48:17, it actually says :

I am the LORD your God,
who teaches you what is best for you,
who directs you in the way you should go.

How awesome is that!?


Sunday, June 13, 2010
watched it again today. = D

Like what Eunice has already posted, everytime watching it again will definitely get something new. This time, i got something pretty cool.

There's this 1 part when Landon ask for his father's help. But his dad cannot do much cause he's a cardiologist (which i think he deals with hearts more 1). So, Landon just walked away thinking that his dad doesn't want to help. But after awhile, Jamie got out of the hospital and she got home nursing and it was TOTALLY funded by Landon's dad. Landon, knowing that his dad funded, go over to his place and knock on the door. When his dad opened the door, he saw Landon's face filled with tears. Landon didn't say much but just

"thank you" and "sorry"

and those 3 words, just those 3 words can bring alot of difference. His dad said

"It's alright, son."

and they both hugged.

What I could relate to that is, many times, I thought God didn't care and I often would just walk away after asking for His help. And probably, hmmm... honestly, I think... those times probably would have broken His heart over and over again. It's like, He's saying

"Adrian, I want to help you but, it's just not time yet"

and I being impatient would just walk away and try doing it on my own. Many a times, I have failed. Many many MANY times. But slowly, now, I'm learning to trust in Him more and wait for his further instructions. I do not really like the feeling. The helpless feeling of knowing that I can't really do much about it. So, this time, I'm going to go about it differently. All the past times had failed but this time, I'm letting Him take the lead. This time, I'll wait patiently. And I know (with lots of trust in me now) that, when I run back to Him, He's definitely DEFINITELY welcome me back with an open arms.

Anyway, the actual reason why I'm writing a post today is because of today's sermon.... by KAHWEI!!! = O

His sermon was based on Colossians 3:2-4.

Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory.

1. Setting my mind on things above and not earthly things is quite straight-forward. But, it's still not so easy to apply.
An example : Mary and Martha. = ]

2. For I died and my life is now hidden with Christ in God is a little tricky. I didn't understand at first but then, Kah Wei gave a really good illustration. He shared about 2 Kings 11. The story about Joash. When Joash's dad (who is King Ahaziah) died, Ahaziah's mum who is Athaliah, killed all the royal heirs so she could be the ruler of the land. Imagine that!! Own grandmother kills every grandchildren of hers just to rule the land. How evil is that?? But, Joash's aunt, Jehosheba, kept Joash so he wun be killed. After 6 years, Joash was brought known to some ppl and then, Athaliah was killed. Good riddance, grandma!!
The conclusion is, like Joash, who was hidden since he was like 1 year old, we are hidden at first and when the time is right, we will "appear with Him in glory".

So, in the meantime, tunggu dan bersabar I shall be.

p/s : yesterday's incident, was not merely just a "coincidence". I agree with Jamie, nothing's a coincidence. = ] if u wanna know more, go to Eunice's blog and read k?


Saturday, June 12, 2010
Got this from Sarah Alicia's tumblr.

No... I am not sad. I am happy actually. = ] I just find this picture quite... cool.. And it will be a waste if i do not share it. So, credit goes to Sarah Alicia Lai Hui Shan (who always say i spell her name wrongly). = ]

Jamie: You know what I figured out today?
Landon: What?
Jamie: Maybe God has a bigger plan for me than I had for myself. Like this journey never ends. Like you were sent to me because I'm sick. To help me through all this. You're my angel.

My sister's watching A Walk to Remember now. Oh, I do miss that show. I'm so gonna watch it again.

Dear God

Wednesday, June 9, 2010
I still cannot tell my wants and needs...

Could You, please... help me decide whether it's a want or a need? Hmmmm.. Actually, it clearly is a want. Crystal clear that I want. But... still, there's that part of me.... That super stubborn part of me that can't accept the fact that "dude, it's a want". It's.... hard....

Oh my.... May You help me to accept the fact.

Hahahaha... On the other hand, Big Daddy, I owe You much... = ] And I will repay You k? I know, I know.. It's not much compared to my results that You gave me but... I hope, You would still accept my lil gift. You truly are

Awesome Beyond Comparable Description

And I am very very thankful for my results. Hehehe... I pray that You would be with those who are not so fortunate and may You continue to be with them and let them know that "it's not the end".

Dear God, I pray... You would help me and teach me... to give thanks in EVERY circumstances. I really need to learn that. EVERY. It is tough and watever happens, may it be according to Your will. = ]


Saturday, June 5, 2010
As some of u all may know, James and I did a quite sudden and random trip to Ipoh 3 days ago. Hehehehe. I like the idea of "suddenly". Hehehehe. It was quite..... random and not really planned properly. But, walaupun we didn't plan on where to go or wat to makan or wat to see, we actually had a superly great time!! = D And it's all thanx to the hostess. We stayed over at The Wong's and hehehehe, i (i dunno bout james la) had an awesome time with them. From the 1st day till yesterday. So sad that we have to go back home but it HAS to happen sometime also.

Hmmm... If u dun mind reading, I dun mind sharing. Hehehe.. Cause, I wun be uploading any photos. Why? Cause I tak da camera yang canggih ma.. X P Hahahaha.. (hint hint, nee nee.. X P) And btw, this post serve as a journal for me, actually. = ] hehehe.

On our 1st day,

I arrive early kat James place and kacau him from his tidur lo. He went back to sleep again and I still kacau him. Hehehehe.. So fun to kacau him actually... If u wanna know how and wat I did, hehehehe, ask me personally... X P
Then, after he bangun and wash up d, we went to have some breakfast with The Chongs at Jia Jia? I'm not sure where actually.. = X hahahahahaha... After breakfast we go to sentral lo. Little did we know, we're actually on the WRONG bus. The bus still heads for Ipoh but, actually, that bus that we boarded was the 10a.m bus. @.@ How awesome is that? Btw, our actual bus was the 9.30a.m 1. X D Hahahahaha. But hor, we were not completely at fault k? We arrived at 9.30a.m and I saw that there wasn't any bus there. Assuming that the bus is not there, we went toilet lo. Came out of toilet, wait awhile, ta-daaa... the bus came. So, the driver said


and so, we just went up lo. That time, it was 9.20. We thought, waaaa.. We soo early. Hehehe.. Efficient... But then, the bus tak jalan. Till 9.45 like dat, 1 uncle came up to us and he was like

"Encik, ini tempat duduk ada orang punya"

And his muka was like pissed cause we were at his seat. I mean, if someone was at mine also, I wouldn't be happy la. But, wat's with the attitude? T.T goodness... Haihhh.. I tot Ipoh was going to be ruin. I was like "belum sampai ipoh, this stuffs happen d... TT.TT". So, we sat in front for awhile. Then, I went down and ask the bus driver lo. And when I showed him our tickets, he was like

"Eh, apa ticket nie?"

At that time, I knew we were already in the wrong bus lo... Then he took our tickets and went to the counter and ask lo. Awhile later, a man came and told us that we were in the wrong bus. But, he was nicer. Compared to that grumpy old passenger... Pfffftttt.... = ( That man who came and told us that we're in the wrong bus, let us stay on that bus. @.@ So nice of him actually. Hehehe.. So, we were on our way to Ipoh. = D Wooo-hoooooooooooo!! The trip begins!!

When we reached KL (yeah, it's a transit bus), there were complications and we thought we were about to be kicked off the bus. Since, we're both like illegal passengers.. = X But, fortunately, we were not.. Long story bout that.

While on the way to Ipoh, there was this old man behind us (probably in his 60s or 70s d), who had this super cool ringtone. Which I'm not sure wat it is but it was...

T E C H N O ! !

@.@ I actually didn't know that the ringtone belong to an old man till James "waow"-ed. Hahahaha.. And btw, the ringtone was super clear and loud 1. Must be some rich old man.

Then, when we reach Ipoh, we were picked up by Sally's mummy. She's really one of the coolest mum ever. = X Hahahaha.. There were a couple of incidents. She dropped us at a place where they serve really really nice and cheap yong tau foo. And seriously, the place there was suuuuuuuuper nice. The yong tau foo there all BIG BIG 1. Ate more than I could handle actually. And we had their ice blended red bean drink. Which was also, really good. @.@ In malacca we have coconut shake, in Ipoh they have blended red bean. Trust me, when u go to Ipoh, this is one of those things that u MUST try. = D I tried and I like it alot.

After that, Super Cool Auntie came and pick us up again and oohhhh waitttt... I forgot to note down something... Hehehehe. We met up with Amelia Tan as well. Hehehe. A really nice girl. She's also an Ipoh lang. = ] Thank you, Ame for guiding us around.

Alrite, back to story. After Sally's mummy came and pick us up, we went and beli some tau foo fa from Funny Mountain. @.@ Cool name rite? And seriously, that's the name of the shop. Tau foo faa was quite sweet actually. But alrite la. Hehe. We bought some kaya puffs also (i think). And super cool auntie walked the wrong way. X D hahahaha. Then when she realised, she walk back the right way and smiled. X D hahahahaha.. So funny and cooool.. = ]

After that, we got back to The Wong's Palace. Their place was really really nice and warm. I remembered James complimenting their home. = ] So nice. Hehehehe.. Finally, 3/3. = P
We talked to Sally's daddy for quite some time till her mummy came back. Hehehe. If she didn't stop us, I think, we could talk and talk and talk summore. Got to know alot of stuffs. About his trip to myanmar, his bestman, some stuffs bout Ipoh, and lots more. = ] Hehehehehe. Very.... educational.

Then, we lepak lepak abit with her siblings for abit. = ] That was fun. Hehehe.. Then, after that, we sent Jia Wei to tuition (apparently, auntie doesn't know Jordan). James drove, I just... cheer him from behind. X P After that, we went to have some dessert at the place where there are lots of dessert stalls. We makan some duck leg. Pretty good stuffs. One of those stuffs that u MUST try if u're visiting Ipoh. Oh ya, before that, we actually ate Ipoh's hor fun... Good stuff. MUST try also. X D Had some good laughs there also.

Sweet potato. Yummmmms

I'm not sure, but I think this is Lai Chee Kang?

Sally and her mum's ABC

Amelia's ABC. @.@

Duck leg wrap

The Awesome Soft soft Chicken

Fat Fat Taugeh not so Fat d.

Nice hor fun. Sally pro take picture. See see, got steam 1. @.@

After some food, we actually visited the train station also. @.@ The train station is really a nice place. The buildings all look sooo cool. Macam some white mansion. We actually, went there just for the toilet actually. Hehehehe. Tak tahan. T.T Soooo much water d. hahahahaha. And after we finish our little "business", we waited at outside for awhile. Mana tau, atas sebab-sebab tertentu, we waited...

Sebab Pertama.

Sebab Kedua.

but.... oh well, they got good sebab-sebab kerana lambat kan? X P Hehehehe.

Then, after that, we balik lo. Sampai rumah d, Enli was watching some show on tv. That girl ar, quite shy. But after awhile, hehehehe.. We had good laughs.. = D We actually stayed up till quite "early in the morning" despite telling auntie that by 7 we sure can get up d 1... = X hehehehe... But that staying up was... quite fun.. Hehehehe... We actually stayed up till an alarm clock rang. = X Hehehe...

We were watching INSiDE
Thanx, Foo... = D

Day 2

Woke up at 10a.m. Jia Jian and Jia Wei's still at home. = ] They were watching tv and makan some nasi lemak for brekfast. Hehehehe. Had a little bit of chat with them. But they still abit shy shy. = ] So was I. Hehehe. After awhile, Amelia came down. Then after another while, Sally came down. They got up awal awal to register for their subjects. Nasib baik, still got some slots. X P sorry for not waking u 2 up earlier. = ]

After register register d, @.@ the time... We were already late. T.T We were supposed to fetch enli up at 12.45 and by the time everything's done, it's already like 1 smth d. = X So, fast fast go lo. Hehehe. That day, something happened which actually frighten quite a few ppl. But, fortunately, it wasn't much la. = ] Oh, I would definitely remember that day. After that, we went and had our lunch at er... some kopitiam? Hahaha. I'm not sure exactly where it is but, they serve pretty good food there too. = ]

Sorry, the food was too good to just see.. X P

Jian looks yummy too? X D

Hehehehe.... Thirty-TWOOOOOO!!! X D It was really fun getting to talk to all of you all. And getting to know most of ur birthdays. I hope I wun forget any. Old ppl, memory not so good d. XP

After lunch, we went to the Ipoh Parade to jalan jalan for awhile. To digest. = D It was fun walking around and taking some pictures here and there. And and hor, there was one moment when we thought Jia Jian was missing. @.@ And James was missing too. @.@ So, we made an assumption that James brought Jia Jian go and try on some baju. Hahahaha. (oh ya, we were in a clothes store, btw). Then, when I called them, they happened to be at the next door, checking out some dvds. Apparently, Jia Jian is quite into Naruto. Hmmm.. Kids nowadays. X D

Oh ya, did i mention that there was a "pencuriii"? X D Hahahaha. Nah, kidding kidding... Just enli. = ]

Introducing, The Pencuriii. = P
Hahahahaha.. Enli, Sally's sissy.

We tried on some specs too. = X

Those who were there

= ]

Lepas itu, we drop Amelia at her parent's office? Uhmmm.. Was it called smth like "TAIKO" ar? Hahaha.. Not sure. But, it's something like that rite? Do correct me if I'm wrong. = ] After dropping Amelia off and getting the directions to go back to Sally's place, we then followed enli to her dentist. She had a dental appointment on that day and the clinic was actually quite near their place.

Lepas itu, we dah la penat. So, we balik rumah lo. Lepak kat sana. Talk talk talk, watch some KICK-KE-TAS-KIN!! And talk talk summore. Hehehe. Very nice. I like it alot actually. After that, we drove over to a shop near Jia Wei's tuition place there for dinner.

Chicken Legs....

Some fried stuffs. Yummmy.. = D

Fishball and Meatball soup. = P
Super duper zuper yummy. Jun's favourite.

The cool thing about that soup is, to makan those stuffs in the soup rite, we need to...

ask for Jia Jun's permission 1. @.@ Hahahaha. But seriously, that lil boy is very cute and I would say, he's pretty matured also. For a boy his age, I was in awe when he said something. He said something like

"eh eh, since you all haven't eat before, each person take one"

He was referring to the meatballs and fishballs lo. I was surprised. He was willing to share his food with some of us. Waowww. Sally, u all have thought him well. = ]

Lil Kick Ke Tas Kin who has a big BIG heart.

His asam boi drink... Hahaha.. Nice nice

After dinner, we balik over to their place for awhile. Did some packing ups and some piano sessions with Sally and her siblings. Jia Jian is pretty good.. @.@ I did learn 1 song from him actually. Hahaha. And and and!! Jia Jun also knows how to play. @.@ WAOW!! He duet-ed with Sally the "Lu Xing Yu" song and I was really really amazed. He can PLAY!! @.@ Got potential to be someone pretty hebat. Hahahaha. After learning some from Jian and playing some with Jun, we did some piano sessions... Oh... Me likey those piano sessions. Can we do it again? = D Sooo niceee..

After those piano sessions.... = ( It is time..... to say..... = ( bye bye... Haihhh... It feels like time was really zoooooming pass very very fast. @.@ It's over already. Too fast... TT.TT I didn't really get to do much also. Nonetheless, I still had an awesome time. One of those times that I probably wouldn't forget. = ]

A big SHOUT OUT!! of thanks to :
1. Auntie Wong, who brought us around despite having to work on Thursday. T.T And also for treating us to sooooo many nice foods. I really did enjoy my stay there. Thanks also for the hospitality and for opening your home for us. We owe you lots. = ] And dun worry auntie, when it is time, I shall invite you to my "arch" dinner. X P

2. Uncle Wong, for sharing with us your experiences and those informations are actually pretty useful. Who knows? We might be going there for our Final Year Mission Trip. Hehehe. And all the bestman stories. X D thank you for that. And also thank you for sending us to the bus station, despite having to get up so early the next day. T.T Sorry for the inconvenience. But, thank you sooo much for fetching us. = ]

3. Jia Jun, for sharing with me ur meatball and fishball. And also for being my "buddy". Hehehe. U have been a really tremendous good friend. Also for being so nice to me and James while we were staying there. And also for sharing with me the 5 "skills" X D hopefully, when I go and see you again, u will remember me and the 5 "skills" la. Hopefully, hopefully. *fingers cross*

4.Jia Jian, for teaching me how to play that song. Hehehe. I didn't know there were more to that song. So, thank you for teaching me and for running around ur house? X D hahahaha. 27 seconds. Not bad... = ]

5. Jia Wei, for laughing with us in the car while we send u to tuition and also for talking abit bit. Hmmmm... Didn't really get to talk much to you but hopefully, we'll talk more the next time k? (hopefully there will be a next time la. *fingers cross even more*)

6. Enli, the pencuriii. Hahahahaha. Kidding kidding. Thank you for thirty-TWOOOOO-ing with us and for being a friend. = D it was nice talking to you and hanging out with you. ehehehe.. hope to see u again ya? and we can thirty-TWOOOOOOOO together-gether again. Hehehehe.. U were quite shy on thursday but on friday. hahahaha. That was fun, wasn't it? = D

7. Amelia, for bringing us here and there and for being our "tour guide". Hehehe. It was awful nice of you to spend some time lepak-ing with us. Hehehe. Hope to see u more often in MMU and not just in Ipoh ya? Hahahaha.. Funny thing was, we 1 whole year kat MMU, tak pernah meet and when at Ipoh, 2 days straight.. X D Hahahaha.

8. James Chong Wen-Rou, X D. Hahahahaha. For teman-ing me on my sudden wanting to go to Ipoh and also for willingly driving around Ipoh. = X I owe u man... = D Hehehehe. Really, it was really nice of you to teman me go. I think, it would be a weird if I go there alone. So, thank you very much for teman-ing me. = D

9. Papa and Mama Chong, for sending us to sentral so early in the morning and for treating me breakfast on Thursday and brunch on Saturday. Also, thank you soooo much for sending me home as well.

I think... that's about all rite? Hehehe. Thank you all for everything and I truly... truly appreciate it all. = ]

Thanx alot, James... = ]

X D Hahahahahahaha.. I'm leaving out somebody to thank for rite? Hehehehe...

10. Thank you, Sally!! for letting us stay at ur parent's place while we were in Ipoh and also for suddenly agreeing to let us come over. I know I know, it's... quite short notice and we didn't really plan well. I'm sorry.. But, I really have no idea wat's good or wat I wanna visit in Ipoh. If we ever go again *fingers cross*, we'll be more prepared and we'll let you know earlier k? Hopefully that wouldn't be our last la. Really would like to visit Ipoh again someday. There are soooo many other places and food that I still wanna go and visit. For example, St. Michael's and the Pologround. Oh, I miss Ipoh already. = ] No wonder u want to go back everytime. X D Hahahaha. Now, i know why. Anyway, thank you very very VERY much for being such a nice hostess and for everything. = D And I mean, everything = ]

Thank you, both!!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010
I did my quiet time today and... A.S.A.P. which actually could stand for

Always Say A Prayer = ]

I know... I know... I have not given my best... Someone once told me "i did not give my best, because giving my best means working hard since the start and not last-minute-hard-work". (note that those were not the exact words but, the meaning is there)

But, all that i can do now is. Wait. Hope. And believe that He has a better plan for me. No matter wat the outcome will be. Hmmmm... Through this, I can say "Lord, I am helpless. But, I am putting my hope in You now. If I make it through, it would only and ONLY be because You are super duper zuperly gracious to me. And I'm not trying to bodek You. But it's true. You are my only hope now. Even if I do not make it, may You use my mistakes for Your glory. May it be true that when I am weak, You are strong."

And I would also like to share a poem (i think it's a poem la) from the ODB.

Something happens when we pray:
Powers of evil lose their sway,
We gain strength, and fear gives way-
Therefore, let us pray.

Be still, and know that I am God.
Psalm 46:10