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Sunday, February 28, 2010
I've been pushing the pause button (some1 said) for so long already.. But now, I'm quite free!! hehehehe... So, I'm gonna write abit about wat has been happening in my life lately.

Let's see... I've left my old "bad" habit already... I'm not doing it anymore. = D And I'm so happy bout it.. And I wanna thank God for helping me through it. I definitely couldn't do it without His help... Hehehehehe.. So, Thank You, Father in heaven... = D

Speaking of Father in heaven, BSAD has just come to and end.... TT.TT mannnn...

The AWESOME sisters!! U Girls RAWK!! X D

Johnny doing his thing... *thumbs up!*
note the slide at the back... X P funny funny!

The guys singing "You & Me" by Lifehouse.

My fav picture of the day. Hehehe... Luv ya, sis! = ]

I still can’t believe that BSAD has finally come to an end. TT.TT but still, we had so much fun preparing it and doing it. = D James, doesn’t that feel good? Hehehe… I hope the sisters do like wat we have prepared for them for that nite. = X big *thumbs up* to Johnny who sang the “you & me” song… After awhile, the rest of the guys joined in to sing it with him as well... It was super duper awesome!! Hehehehe… Also, BIGGER *thumbs up and toes up* for the sisters’ song. Hebat. I still remember the

“bkb, ulti, stun, GGpart..

Hehehehehe.. That was super hilarious!! X D

Oh ya, Chinese New Year, hehehehehe…

This year’s CNY was one of the most awesome 1 ever. The coolest and nicest part of my CNY this year must be on Thursday cause we had so much fun and good food on that day… *thumbs up* to James’mum’s cooking… hehehehehe… Super Duper Uber nice… I ate abit too much.. Yes, James.. I agree with u… Ur mum’s cooking is a good reason why u’re you… X P hehehehehehe.. I feel so naughty now.. X P

Adding on, wat is CNY without....

The Boom BOOM POWS!! X D

Elys called us the terrorists. TT.TT

Do I look anything like that? TT.TT

Also, the part where we played fireworks till the police ronda-ronda came and VISITED us… TT.TT it was so freaking scary weiii!!! But, Uncle Robert, u’re the MAN!! He talk talk with the police, ok d… They chaow… And after awhile of cease firing (my term of doing wat we did), we continued firing. But this time, in a larger scale. X D hahahaha. It was fun creating a BOMBs with Kee Weng. Hehehehehe. But hor, it’s pretty dangerous 1 la. We open the crackers and used up the gun powder to make our own “lil” BOOOOOM!! And yes, the 1st BOMB was a success. We BOOM good. X D

After that,

we went over to emo boy’s place to do some *ahem ahem*… Hehehehe. Actually, we go over to bash Sha up cause his birthday was the on Friday ma… Then, after that, we did some……….. I should not say it… = X And Lene, sorry…. I didn’t manage to send u home that night. TT.TT We gambled (yes, we gambled….) till 6am… Then, we all go dimsum together-gether.. Hehehe.. After that, we all balik rumah masing-masing and tidur la… Btw, I tak jadi balik rumah. I stayed over at emo boy’s place… I slept there for AWHILE.. TT.TT seriously, that day, betul-betul tak cukup tidur wei… Cause after that, 9 smth, Jah come find me… Woke me up… Then, we went bowling… Hahahahaha… Dah la, tak cukup tidur… Bowling lagi… TT.TT but still, it was fun la… Hehehe

After Bowling,

we (kee weng, NEE NEE, elys, elvi, jah, sully and I) went to the New Jusco to makan our lunch there… We makaned at the stone grill place. Actually hor, the food there is not that pricey la… It’s just that, the 1st time we went, we oni see the lamb and the other expensive stuffs.. I had 1 tomyam mee thingy and it’s about 7.90 (if I’m not mistake). We also went there to celebrate the Twin Tiun’s birthday.. = D Hehehehehe… Happy Belated Birthday to u 2…. = D Hehehe

It looks good, doesn't it? X P

Did I mention I was sleep-deprived? = X

And introducing.... The celebrated ones!!

Elys and Elvi!! Happy Birthday!!

On the other hand,

I like our youth meetings nowadays. It’s because, I find it fulfilling and I’m learning a lot from it. Hehehehehe. I’m actually learning!! I like the feeling of knowing more and more about wat to do and wat not to do. For example, last week, we learnt about…

Yes, offered foods. Mainly, there’s 3 things that I should consider before consuming eat.

1. Myself - wat do I get from eating it? Is it ok with me?
2. My Brothers and Sisters - Will it cause them to stuble
3. Non - Believers - What will the nons say? Will it affect?

To cut it short, “when in doubt, do not eat” because “we do not eat so that we do not want to cause a brother or sister to stumble”.

Adding abit to that, I’ve read 1 verse today which is taken from Mark 7 : 19

…..(In saying this, Jesus declared all foods “clean”)

I’m not sure if I could follow this… Any1 care to shed some light? = X

And then, for yesterday, we learnt about BGR!!

Hehe… But, today’s “harvest” wasn’t really really good la. But still, I’ve learnt some good stuffs. In every relationship, there MUST be understandings and communications and a whole lot of other stuffs. But understandings and communications seems like the most important 1s.

There’s 2 diff kind of love :

Romantic love – which is also better known as…. Puppy love…
Bible love – which is also known as AGAPE, or unconditional love.

Agape is a choice. Agape means “I do that to you because I WANT to love you.”

Questions that were raised are like :

1. Would you still love him/her eventho the response that u get is not the response that u thought u will get?

2. Do you do it (nice stuffs that you do) just to make him/her happy?

Hmmmm… That’s quite about wat I’ve learnt and experienced throughout CNY la. Hehehehe…

There probably are more but for now, I’m abit too tired already… Dizzy d. Hahaha. So, good nite for now… = ]

picture credit goes to EuniceTeo, Karen and Elys... = D

p/s : i was reading Sally's blog and the verification word to enter my comment was...
How cool is that!??

Hehehehehe... Just thought of sharing it.. = ]

good day!! = D

Was going thru FB

Sunday, February 14, 2010
And i found out something insanely funny and cool....

Ever wonder wat Mr. Bean would look like if he's in Avatar?

Ta daaaaa!!!

Hahahahaha. Some of you guys have probably seen this before... But to all those who have not, Laugh it out with me ya??? Hahahahahahaha.. I think this is insanely hillarious..!!

Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day to you all... Hehehehe... And also, Happy Chinese New (Tiger) Year.... RAWR!!!

Been Listening to

Friday, February 12, 2010

this song...

GMB - Mengejar HadirMu

Dekat padaMu itu rinduku
Setiap kataku Kau pun menunggu
Tak kusangka kutemukan satu kasih yang abadi
Kini kudatang dan kubawa hidupku

Memandang wajahMu
Mengikuti kebaikanMu
Mengejar hadirMu
dalam hidupku

Membawa sembahku
Menyatakan kebesaranMu
Mengejar hadirMu
dalam hidupku

U two (Sally and Eunice), if u're reading this, do practice ya? If you guys dun mind, I would want to continue teaching u guys. I see potential and I like it.

Alrite alrite, i admit, I'm not that good. But, still that's no reason to help. I'm not boasting. I just wanna help them only. I wanna pass down everything that I know. I dun wanna be like those kung fu masters who keep 1 tactic for themselves. I wanna teach them everything that I know.

And mei, do practice also k? I'll teach u also. Definitely. Hehehehe. If u must know, I am missing u already. TT.TT I wonder how are u doing over there. = ] I'll teach u everything that I know also. Why? Cause u're my mei ar mei!! And about "that thing", i'll find my own ways of doing it k? I dun feel nice "using u" that way... Hehehehe. If God permits, He will show me the way. He will teach me and guide me. But nonetheless, I still love you lots, mei... What would I do without u?

Chinese New Year is in 2 days time...

But sadly, I'm not feeling so hyped about it this year. Hahaha.. Anyway..

Happy Chinese New Year !!

mannnnnn... i totally miss....

this... T.T

and also this... T.T

most definitely... THIS !! T.T

but like wat Mr. K. Y. Tan said, "God wouldn't want me to live those times again. He have way better and exciting plans for me." And he was right.. True enough, His plans are always getting better and better. = D I'm so glad I went for CF 2 weeks ago. Soo sooo glad..

Ungu - Demi Waktu

Saturday, February 6, 2010

aku yang tak pernah bisa lupakan dirinya
yang kini hadir diantara kita
namun ku juga takkan bisa menepis bayangmu
yang slama ini temani hidupku

maafkan aku
menduakan cintamu
berat rasa hatiku
tinggalkan dirinya
dan demi waktu
yang bergulir disampingmu
maafkanlah diriku
sepenuh hatimu
seandainya bila kubisa memilih

kalau saja waktu itu ku tak jumpa dirinya
mungkin semua takkan seperti ini

dirimu dan dirinya kini ada dihatiku
membawa aku dalam kehancuran

maafkan aku
menduakan cintamu
berat rasa hatiku
tinggalkan dirinya
dan demi waktu
yang bergulir disampingmu
maafkanlah diriku
sepenuh hatimu
seandainya bila kubisa memilih

Normally, dreams are not meant to be remembered. Like, after awhile, u would forget wat ur dream was about the previous night. But today, it was a little bit different. I got up in the morning today with this song in my head. And there are still bits of my dream that I still remember. = ] It was quite an emotional 1. Haha. But still, this song. This song has really good words. And good rhythm and melody. I like this song...