Dear God,

Monday, November 29, 2010
I commit my future in your hands. Many a times I have been troubled by it and the uncertainty scares me. But I am going to believe You more this very instant. You have been ever faithful providing for me and always picking me up. So, I am going to continue trusting You that You have the best plans for me. I shall not worry for I know, You have me in mind and You have planned out EVERYTHING for me. It's only my job to follow Your plans and for those times when I may not really like Your plans, may You give me the strength to accept it as well. Do continue to remind me constantly that EVERYTHING is in Your control. Thank You so much, for being such and Awesome and Loving Father. And I thank You once again for everything that You have given me. I thank You for my friends who have been ever supporting whenever I needed them. I thank You for my parents that although I may not like them at times, help me to trust that they are already Your best ones for me. I thank You for EVERYTHING.


I was reading the ODB just now and I found out something which I think that I must share. When Moses said that he's not good enough, and he's not capable and he has doubts about it, Big Daddy said, "What's that in your hand?" (Exodus 4:2). And with that shepherd staff, Big Daddy helped Moses with superb miracles. Big Daddy uses what we have now and not what we have in the future or past. So, I shall not worry, for He has everything planned out for me. You who are reading this now, should not worry as well. Trust Him. He has every single bit in control. He knows what's best for you. And having that in mind,

Have a Great Morning!

I thank Big Daddy for you as well. Thanks for liking me for who I am.

22nd November

Tuesday, November 23, 2010
Yeah, that means yesterday. Hehehe. =)


The girl who just turned 19!!
(I like this picture and ur baju all, looks like from yesterday 1. =P)

Happy Belated Birthday, Sally. Hehe. I'm glad u had a pretty good surprise yesterday. But hor, most of the idea was Eunice's and Amelia's. XD I didn't do much. I also dun want to bluff u 1. But they forced me too... TT.TT Hahahahaha. Kidding kidding. The 3 of us worked our evil minds together during Japanese class (whoops... wasn't I supposed to be listening to lectures? =X hahaha) and we actually did some talking bout it on Sunday... =P


The Birthday Girl and The Planners. Hehe.

Anyway, 1 more year older and may you continue to walk closer and closer with Him. I believe, you have gone through many encounters with Him. May you continue to encounter life's exciting journey with Him more and more each day. =) Do continue to trust Him more and believe that He has the best-est-est plan for u. Always do remember that He has everything planned out d k? And EVERYTHING's in control. May ur birthday wish do come true as well. = ] Watever it may be. Hehe.

Yesterday.... was a really fun day. = ] I enjoyed myself lots as well. May Big Daddy continue to bless you each and everyday.

Happy Birthday, Sally Wong Xue Xie Li. =P
5th December. Am looking forward to it. = ]


Sunday, November 21, 2010
Hehehe. I was M.I.A-ing for quite sometime already hor...

Anyway... some updates about wat has been happening in my life.

Actually... there's nothing much to update. Or maybe, it's because I'm just too lazy to write it all out. Hahahaha... Anyway, i shall just write about today then.

Today, I would like to thank Charlene for waking me up at 7.30. Although I still golek golek till around 8... Hehehehe. But still, thanx, lene.. for waking me up. And so, i went for practice. But hor, when we reached there, the "late-box" didn't wanna wait for us. =( So, we were a lillll late. But, *ahem* *cough cough* =D
During practice, I think i strained my throat a lil bit too much. Feeling pretty sore and I should really think about cutting down my chili and ice intake. =\ I need to be healthy for ROC. I shall try and... cut down. But but... I like chili alot. Huuu huuuuuu... Dilemma...

Yummy!! I like this alot!! =D

Hahaha. That was just a random picture. But but, did i mention before that I like Carls' Jr.'s Chili Cheese Fries alooottt? Hmmmm.. I have something with fries. Especially soggy fries. Yes yes, I know... I'm a little weird for liking such stuffs. But, I just love em.. Hehehe. I would just wait for the fries to turn soft at times. And if u're wondering, it has NOTHING to do with my braces k? I can still eat stuffs with eat. Haha. =)

Anyway anyway, I think, I should cut down on my chili intake. That's because, to do "it", out of 3 times, I might be able to do it once only. Hmmmm... It's a lil disappointing but... I guess, I shud try. =)

Actually, I had a pretty good day today. =) Yes, I am in a good mood. There are stuffs that I wanna do and I've done some of it already. And I'm happy. Hehehe... But most of all, I wanna give thanks to Big Daddy. For He has always been providing for me and He will show me the way if I ask Him. I am really really really glad and happy for all the answers that He has shown me. I may fall and fall but up till now, He has been faithfully waiting for me and picking me up. And I'm soooooo very the thankful for that. And to you, thankyou alot lot for always cheering me up. You may not know the exact words to say, but it was always sufficient. And I'm really happy that Big Daddy made you apart of my life. =] I'm thankful for that. But, I will still pray... and be joyful. Hehehe. I believe, I am pretty "joyful" now.

Anyway, it's pretty late already and I shud get some rest. Tmw's going to be a pretty long day again. =) But.... I'm looking forward to it. Hehe

1 more thing... Before I sleep,

Blessed Birthday, BFF!! =)

Yes yes, I know... I have been MIA-ing alot. But still, I hope, u'll have a wonderful day today ya? Hehehe. Happy 22nd Birthday. May you continue to grow and walk closer with Him and may He continue to bless you abundantly. =) Have a wonderful wonderful day, BFF. And... Blessed Sunday! =)
check out my draft k? =] hehe.


Thursday, November 4, 2010
It's Thirst-day!!

Yeah, maybe... I kurang minum water. But I'm feeling kinda thirsty now. Hahahaha. Anyway, I'm writing this post to which 2 special peeps a Blessed and Happy Birthday. =D

The first one goes out to... The Barney Stinson from Penang...


 Kenneth Mah!!

And the second one goes out to.... The mortal-of-mine who thought that I was too nice to be a guy... ~.~

Haiihhhh... Anyway....

Edmund Ng Cheng Yaw Yen Tung!!

Blessed Birthday to the both of you. Hehehe. May you both grow more and more. Like, literally grow more at the sides. Hehe. You both are so skinny!! To Kenneth, it's a pleasure knowing you and I really do enjoy talking to you at times. Your randomness and the speed of your thinking is... insanely hebat. Hahaha. To edmund, it was fun being your angel during malacca camp. And it was also nice to talk to you and play guitar with you at times. Continue playing k? And all the best being "Roger". X)

On the other hand,
I had a pretty relaxing week. =) Everything went pretty well. And although it's not boring-smooth sailing, I'm still glad for the stuffs that happened in between. Oh ya, to all those who are in Scene 2 & 7, I would like to thank you for the hardwork and the willingness that I saw and hopefully will continue to see. =) You all made me happy. Really. I really have no idea how to work it at times. But, I thank you for all the ideas on how to make it better. Btw, it's not about me, it's not about you. Neither is it about us. It's about Him. =]

So, let's continue on this journey ya? Hahaha. I'm starting to enjoy it more and more already.


We're almost there, peeps. Keep holding on. =)

Yesterday, was pretty nice. I'm glad it turned out pretty well. Thank you, for being so stubborn. Hahaha.
to you, = ] thankyou for making me smile.


Monday, November 1, 2010

I need faith that can move mountains
Hope that doesn’t ever end
Even when the sky is falling
I need miracles to happen
Silent prayers get answered
Broken hearts become brand new
That’s what faith can do
(note that I change some lyrics to adapt to my feelings now)

I have no idea how. I do not know if I'm able to do it or not. But, I'm going to really, put on a foot of faith this time. I'm going to walk on water (not literally) when He ask me to walk on water. I may be like Peter who doubted when the storm and wind comes. But, I wanna have that child like faith once again. I wanna believe that I can do it.

I am glad I went to campus around 4 smth. I saw the J.O.F practice and I was really really moved and touched. They can really sing and I am happy that I was there to witness their practice. Although it wasn't their real thing on stage but their practice was really good. They were practicing this song and I am really amazed at how talented they are. = O

Full rehearsal practice just now was... pretty good. But, I dun think we're anywhere near "there" yet. We still have a long way to go and alot more practices to attend. But, I'll continue running this race with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who have the same vision as I have. =) Let's continue striving and running together k? Like the lyrics for this song...

Impossible is not a word
It’s just a reason for someone not to try

Let's not say that it's Impossible. Because if we try hard enough, with His help, we'll DEFINITELY do it right. Hmmmmm... For all those who feel tired, like me (hehe), let's not give up just yet k? =)
Maybe, someday..
=] for now, i'll still pray and wait.