Broken Road

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Really good.

It was good

Wednesday, June 17, 2009
U must be wondering wat the "it" at the title is for rite? Hahaha.. It's for this actually. Click on the link and u'll find out. Ah... It's for Hannah Montana the Movie la..

I just watched it today and I would honestly say that I didn't expect it to be that good actually. I dunno bout u guys but I kinda love the show. (yeah, call me a chic-flick person but i dun really care la) Probably because I didn't expect much from the movie. During the first 5 minutes of the movie, I was asking sotong (my fren who cried watching the movie.. Muahahahaha) "why are am I doing here? watching this?" Hahahaha.. But now, i feel guilty. Cause I kinda like the movie. It was definitely because there were lots of dances, and the storyline was pretty meaningful (if some1 would actually do wat Miley did, I would be really in complete awe), and the songs were also meaningful, the words that they spoke also meaningful (life's a climb, but the view's great!).

I really like the dance part.. Uhm.. The hoedown throwdown. Hahaha. Wonder wat that is? GO AND WATCH AND BE AMAZED!! Cause they were all doing like line dancing but instead of just some lame leg movements oni, there was actually more to it. They were dancing with hand movements as well. Sorry auntie2 sekalian but those line dancing that u guys do is actually pretty lame.. Hahahaha... Sorry sorry.. But this movie's dance were all pretty awesome.
Wat!? U dun trust me? Hmmm.. Go here and watch it. Aiya... Just go and watch the movie la. Hahahaha..

I shudn't spoil much for those who haven't watch yet.. So, ppl out there who haven't watch this movie, go and spend 8 bucks and watch it in the cinema. Trust me, it's gonna be worth it. That's if u really like music la.

p/s : sotong didn't cry la.. Haha

Life's a climb,
will the view be great?

Brunch Was Awesome

Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Tada.... ^ ^ Happy

Not as good as ur mum's but can la.. For now.. Hahaha..

My Holidays

Saturday, June 13, 2009
My Alpha Year is coming to an end. YAY ME!! Wheeeeee. Actually, it has already ended when my results came out yesterday. I am pretty happy with it la, altho it's not flats or 1st class, I'm still very much happy with my results and I really have to thank God for them. Cause I was really afraid of my moral paper actually. Cause it was the last paper and I admit I didn't put much effort to it. Aiyo. But I really thank God that it went well la. Hehehehe.

So, I kinda took a break and went for DMSJ camp. Seriously, i was super-de-duper reluctant to go 1, actually. When I got into church and to get ready to leave for the camp, I was like "wat am i doing here?". Haihhhhh.. Quite sad actually. But somehow, day by day, I was starting to like the camp even more. Was even looking forward for the activites but some of the activities were a lil bit dissapointing la. Like on the 3rd day, we had "Survivor" but it turned out to be just 1 game of "poison ball". Hahahaha. I thought it was gonna be like some real "Survivor" game like u see on tv 1. But poison ball was just a lil bit dissapointing la.

Anyway!! The sessions were really really really good. It helped me realised alot of things. Mr. Jason Fong really got a way of teaching us a lil bit more bout the bible. I really really love the sessions. Hahaha. Oh oh.. I also played drums for the 1st nite. It was pretty scary, I tell u. Huuu huuuuu.. 160+ ppl singing with u, if u play salah beat, they all sing wrong timing. Die la. But somehow, i did pray before i play and it didn't turn out that bad la. Thank God again! Wheeee..
I also met JB there. A really nice girl, I tell you! And now, she's my BFF d. Hahaha. It was actually quite sad to know that we're already going our seperate ways just when we started to get to know 1 another better. Hahaha. Then we departed on Tuesday. Sad and Happy feeling. Hahaha. Then got more after that, but lazy wanna type so byk la. If u wanna know, ask me la. Hehehehe.

Then last wednesday, I went up with 3 of my frens to KL to jalan2. Actually, my main purpose going there is to see my aging grandpa. He was doing pretty well la. I'm not saying that he's super healthy again but he's getting better d. WHeeeeeeeee!!!! Super happy to see him. He's always smiling and smiling. I do hope he still recognises me. Hehe.. But before visiting him, my frens and I went to Times Square and just lepak around there lo.

The Giant Snake & Ladder Game!

My Super Cool Grandpa who smiles for the camera.

After quite a long day, I followed my aunt back to her place to freshen up a lil and get a nap. My room was really really really COOOL! I think the room there was even better than mine. I got a King sized bed to sleep on!! ALONE!!! WHeeeeeeeeeee!! Hahahaa. Thank you alot, Auntie Jeannie and Uncle Ulrich! Then my aunt cooked me dinner. Pasta with anchovies and spinach which tasted crazily good, i tell you. She told me how to do it d but I dun think I can ever make as nice as she did. It was healthy, yet, really really awesome tasting.

The lamp in my room. With flowers. Hahahaha

My super spacious room. I know it's not much but it was really comfy!

After dinner, I followed my aunt to one of her fren's place to have Bible Study and Prayer Meeting. Since I kinda missed the MGC's prayer meeting, I go to BGC's (Bangsar Gospel Centre) 1 lo. Hahahaha. There were like 12 of us and all of them there are all uncles and aunties. I'm like the youngest there! Walaupun I was 20 (I'm still 20!! My Birthday not yet come!!), I was still the youngest in the group there. The average age of the uncles and aunties are about 35 to 40. Huu Huuuu.. But their hospitality was really cool. They made thong shui, they served biscuit and cheese, they bought SUPER BIG karipaps and they all tasted really good!!

The thong shui which was warm, really soothing.

The Cheesey Cheese. Hehe

Then around midnite, we went back to my aunt's place. I saw my uncle's bike and his bike was really really cool!!! Sorry, the picture below is not that clear. But his bike was seriously super cool.!

The long awaited day. Thursday!! Hahahaha...
I met up with JB again! YAY!! Hahahaha. We went for a terrible movie and it was funny that she was closing her eyes alot of times cause probably the movie was scary. Hahaha. But before the movie, we went to Paddington's House of Pancakes for brunch. I had smth with pancake and sausages and some meat. SUPER NICE!!! Thanx for bringing me there, JB! And also super thanx alot for treating me to soooo many things. I really had like a SUPER TREMENDOUS AWESOME time and tun tun will be with me always. Hahaha! Do take care and do keep in touch k?

The Awesome Porridge that we had. A Must Try!

I usually dun like soya bean, but this is exceptional

The "you tiao" with sesame 1. Dunno call wat. Hahaha

The Whole thing

Sorry I dun have photos of the pancake but seriously, it was really really good. A must stop by place if u go to MidValley. Btw btw, I was really thankful that I've found a really good taxi driver. Cause he kinda know where my aunt lives and he was pretty friendly too. Altho alot of the stuffs that he talked about, I dun understand. Hehehehehe. Sorry Mr. Taxi Driverman~~

Then today, it was another memorable day! Sotong and I, went to Coconut Shake and we both had like 2 and a half cup of "Coconut Shake Special" (yeah, we kinda shared the 5th cup). The memorable part wasn't the sharing of the drink. Nono. It was before and after that.

Sotong came over to my place at around 2.45 and he slept at my place waiting for me to register for next sem. MMU is taking things too lightly, I would say. Haih.. I waited since morning for the registration to open and FINALLY! at 3.30 like dat, they opened it. I think I wasn't the only 1 who was really frustrated with them. Cause there was like a problem and they didn't realised it until we started registering. HAIHHH.. There was a clash in the timetable and i think, up till now, it's STILL NOT DONE! Hahahaha.. I shall wait and wait. Haih...

After like lots of trying, Sotong and I went to coconut shake la. We were supposed to go by his car but somehow, his car broke down and cannot start. We tried all kinds of ways but still cannot start. So, we took the bike and we went there lo. After having our drinks and some talk, we balik and got ready for a movie. He called the mechanic, got his car fix while I go and bathe. After bath, we went over to his place for him to have his bath also la. Then we zoom off lo. Trying to catch the 6.55 show. Btw, the time we left his place, the time was 6.45 like dat. Hahahahaha. Then tiba2. BOOM... Kereta mati enjin again. Cannot start again. Haihh.. That mechanic tak boleh pakai 1 la. Then we went over to his place and pinjam-ed his dad's car instead. Luckily, his car didn't mati enjin far away. We pushed his car back to his place. Yeah!! Like literally push. Tiring. Hehehe. But was fun la.. Then after reaching dp, we makan and watch "Fighting" with Channing Tattum in it.! But before the movie we did this......

I tried on a XXXXXXL shirt!! 6Xs!!

Want to write more but dad is asking me to stop d. Oh well. Anyway, good nite peeps!!

watch it..
Saturday, June 6, 2009
I had camp last weekend till on tuesday. I was really reluctant to go actually. Really really reluctant. But somehow, there's good and bad going to that camp la. The good part is, i met some new frens. And I really had a good time there. The games, the fun nite. Yeah, it was really good. And MGC got 2nd!!! Woot woot.. Hahaha.. (for all those who do not know, MGC is the church that i attend). Congrats to all 6 of u guys. U guys did awesomely~~!! To Ah Hwei, Shuen, Shaun, Daniel, Celine and also our very own mascot, Qi!! Hahahaha.. Really congrats to u guys. U put MGC higher a lil bit d..
I'm actually a lil lazy to post now but since alot ppl ask d, i shall post abit lo.
It has been quite long and hard and hectic week for me. Quite sad but I shall be fine. Do pray for me k? Also do pray for andy, a guy from KGC, he just got into a terrible accident and we still got no news about him. Pray that everything will go according to God's plan k? Not saying that His plan will terpesong but pray for wateva happens, the frens and family will be able to handle it la. Thank you, ppl..