Although I'm a lil tired

Saturday, October 30, 2010
I'll still update abit about what's been happening for the past few days. Hehehe.

Let's see... Hmmm. For me, this current sem of mine is quite a hectic 1. TT.TT
I've got like soooo many things to juggle. But I thank Big Daddy that He's still helping me get through it. Oh ya, I want to let you all know something pretty exciting. Hehehe. Next year, somewhere in February, I'm going to Sarawak!! Wooo-hooooo!! And i'm going to fly there. And you know wat?

It's my first time ever flying!!! Hahahaha. I'm really excited bout it. Hehehe.

Hahahaha. But, not like that picture kinda fly la. But real, aeroplane kind of fly k? Hehehe. Really excited. =D to whom it may concern, pls do not kill me if i muntah muntah k? I dunno if i'm plane sick 1 or not. Hehehehe.

Hmmmm. That picture reminds me of something actually. The "cape" kinda reminds me of that day when I got that bump in CCC. Ppl ppl, I am proud to say that I'm the first person who actually bled after bumping into the hanging speakers in CCC. Hehehehe. Bangga betul. XD felt a lil dizzy after that but, it kinda proves that I'm no superman. But hor, anyway, hmmmm.... shud I get a new Superman T? Hehehe. Just a thought...

Hmmmm. So far, still surviving. I've learned alot of lessons this week and I like the Prayer and Worship Night on Tuesday's CF. Prayed with Kheng and it was really awesome. Sooo nice. Hehehe. I felt, blessed and happy. =) A quick "good job" to Jui and James for making it a pretty good one. =)

Oh ya, I'm slowly slowly (actually, very slowly) learning how to swim. Hehehe. Yes yes, ppl. I do not know how to swim. I've still got a long way to go. But, i'll keep on trying. =) to all those who taught me bits and bits, I thank you! Hehehe.

I should go get some rest now. Tomorrow's going to be another long day. But, I think it's going to be fun as well. =D Good night, world! But before I sleep, I'm going to share some pictures which were shared to me. =) I hope you like them.

Super Box Man!! = D

I need lots of this for this sem.

Oh ya, if you tak keberatan, please continue to pray for baby Joshua k? Hmmmm... I hope, he's alright.
Delta is not impossible.

It has been awhile

Monday, October 18, 2010
since I wrote a post. Hehehe. I was busy maaa. Like, insanely busy k?

But, I thank God that intensive week is over and I did kinda manage to pull it through. Well, at least, nothing really bad happened except for that bump on my head yesterday la. XD Hahahaha. That was funny. Hmmmm. It kinda proves that...

"I'm no supermaaaannnn". =D

Hahaha. I tried to be, but, like lene would say "e-pig" fail. Hehehe.

Hmmmm. There're so much things that happened during intensive week and I don't really know where to start. We had vocal trainings in the morning. We had scene practices in the afternoon and night. We had lots of fun during almost all of our practices. Well, at least, I know I did. Hahahaha. Although some of them are very much draining and tiring but still, I am soooooooo thankful for those who were around. You all made practicing so much more fun and enjoyable. Especially all those crazy and mad parts. Oh ya, I kinda enjoy dancing around too. Hahaha. Although, I'm still not good at it. But.... I'll try... =] Hmmm. I would like to thank Sally, Edwin, Noni and Elvi for teaching me soooooo much. Yeah... I've learned alot and I think I still need time to process them all. Still pretty blur here and there. TT.TT

Anyway, that's all for now la. I guess. I don't really know what else to update already. So, I'll "put the pen down" for now and if I have the time, I'll continue to update k? For those who wanna come for ROC (yeahhhH!! that's our Christmas play's name this time), do make ur dates in December free k? =D

Juste ainsi vous savez, I miss dynasty, pizza hut and mcd too. = ]

Tim Someee

Thursday, October 7, 2010
I'm going to KL tomorrow. Hehehe. It will be a one day thingy. I kinda wish that James would join us this time as well actually. It... wouldn't be the same without him around. = \ But anyway, James, u have fun kat "Merlion place" this weekend ya? See you during Intensive week then. Hehehehe. And I'm sorry I ffk-ed just now. I just woke up. Hahahaha. X D

KL, here i come...

Ya rite... That's not KL. Hahahahaha. But, it's something like dat kan? That long long thing looks like the KL tower apa. X) Hehehehe. Yay yay! I'm happy i'm going somewhere tomorrow. = D
p/s: I wish you were coming too. = ]

Hmmmm... Let's see. Oh ya, my sister is having her PMR now. Today, would be her 3rd day of examinations actually. When I asked her how was English today, she said "oh... very easy". Hahahaha. I dunno why, but I think it's either English got so much more easier compared to last time or Elise mmg super pro in English already. Hehe.

I dun really know wat else to update for now leh. Hahaha. But hor, so far, my holidays have been pretty cool. And like wat Sally had said in her bloggie, "Eat Pray Love" is... not really a show to watch when u're really tired or when it's about 10pm at nite. Hehe. Like what Uncle Dexter had said 2 Sundays back, "the battle of the eyelids". Hahaha. Was feeling pretty sleepy also. But, I hope there will be a fourth. = ] Guys.... We should have watched Legend of the fist instead. The fighting is zuperrrrrrrrrr fake. But, hahahahaha.. it looks pretty cool know? X P

When i look you in the eyes,
my tummy starts to rumble... = P***

Oh my... Looking at dimsum pictures at this time.... isn't really helping. TT.TT huu huuuuu... I really am craving for thee. Will someone bring me? Unlike youuuuu, go dimsum tak bring me. huu huuuuu.. I shall mourn for 40 days and nites. TTT.TTT Hahahahaha. Kiddingg~~ = D haf fun at dim sum tmw ya?

Anyway, I think I should continue sleeping soon also. Tmw, 8.30 am bus but I'm going to be at the bus central pretttyyy early. Hehehe. Good night, world. = D
p/s/s: if u were asking me, u are my favourite hello and = \ also the hardest goodbye.

Yu phin

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hehehehe. Today's a good day. Today.....

I became FREE!!! X D

Hahahaha. I feel so happy now. Walking out of the exam hall just now, I actually did a skip towards the exit. =X But, oh well.... = D Hahahahahaha.

Today, was my last day of my exams for this trimester. The papers were quite tough actually. TT.TT All were tough except for today's. = ] Hmmmm. Had a sudden thought of Sammie. = \ She, didn't manage to come for the MA and OB examination. = \ I hope, she'll get well soon and hopefully, she's able to take her exams sometime soon.

"Get well soon, Sammie! = )"

Anyway, these few days... Alot of stuffs happened. Some were good. Some were not so good. Yik How got admitted into a hospital. But he's out!! YAY!!! Joel fractured his RING finger, not index. Sorry for the wrong info, Sally. = D Hahahaha. Some of you all may wonder who Joel is right? Hehehe. 

 Ta-daaaaa.. Joel.

Joel is Uncle Rodney's son. He's naughty at times but still, = ] he's one of those adorable 1. BFF, if u're reading this, your little good looking 1's hurt. Do pray for him k?

On another hand,

Happy Belated 19th Birthday, Ame!! = D

Nahhh... Virtual Balloons for you.

Hahahaha. U're 19++ ad. So now, officially, u can go and watch those movies which are like 19PL or 19SG or those sort. XP Hehehehe. Hopefully, u did enjoy that little surprise that was MOSTLY planned by your good ipoh lang punya fren. Hehe. May Big Daddy continue to bless you. Do come CF at times k? = D You're really an awesome friend to have. Hehehehe. It was a lil scary at first, when James and I went to Ipoh and u were in the car there and we didn't really talk much. I thought you were going to eat me... TT.TT Hahahahahaha.. No laaa... Kidding only. But, I'm glad to have met you and thank you for leading us around Ipoh. Those times were great and memorable. Hopefully, we'll go there again someday. Btw, ur current FB picture... lenggg. Nice nice.

On another hand (wait, how many hands do I have? keep on "on another hand". Hahaha... Oh well.. =D), I had a great time talking and lunching yesterday. Lots of questions that I had on my mind became pretty much clear yesterday. Thanks. For clearing stuffs for me. Hehehe. 

I really do feel... so... 

Free... and...


right now. = ]

p/s: we'll set the example. we'll pray and wait. =] Happy Belated Pizza Hut Day.