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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kris Allen - The Truth

Trying to be perfect
Trying not to let you down
Honesty is honestly
The hardest thing for me right now
While the floors underneath our feet
Are crumbling, the walls we built together tumbling
I still stand here holding up the roof
Cause it's easier than telling the truth

I went out with my brother and sister just now to get some baskin robbins' ice cream. Oh ya, Happy 31st of July to u.. = ] We went to MP JUST to get the ice cream only and hor, by staying there for about 1/2 hour, TT.TT we have to pay RM2 for parking there. Hahahaha. But but butttt, it was all worth it. 2 Quartz of yummy-licious ice cream now in my freezer waiting to be consumed. = P No, the both of the quartz are not mine. I just have 1 only. 1 quart of peanut butter and jamoca smth smth. Hahaha.

...just tell you the truth...


Wednesday, July 28, 2010
hungry... T.T i should go and look for something to eat. Hmmm... But there are nothing to eat at home but junkies. I know junkies are food as well but, in my case, they are not supposed to substitute my meals. haihhh. wat to do, wat to do?

U la... = (

Hahahahaha. I should have gone out and got something to eat. = ] Oh well, i'll just wait for the next meal then.

Anyway, yesterday was actually a pretty special day. Eventhough that person said that she doesn't like to celebrate "yesterday" = ] Hehehehe... Any idea who's that? Oh oh, she's studying in MMU also 1. Uhmmm.. If i'm not mistaken, Beta in Law. Hehehehe.

Any idea who i'm talking about? Think think before u continue scrolling down.


Eunice Teo!!

Hehehehe... Happy Belated Birthday, werewolf. = ] May u run faster and faster each day and may u not just run alone but may u run with Big Daddy. Yes, I know, He's wayyyy faster (duhhhhhhh) but, do not let that stop u from running with Him k? = ] Continue to grow also. I'm not talking about sideways or length or horizontally or vertically or that sort. Hehehe. Continue to grow in love with Him, continue to seek Him more and always remember that, no matter what, He will always be your 1st love. = ] Think about it... He loves u even when u're not even "Lil Eunice Teo" also. Hehehehe. = D

I'm glad to have known you. Hmmmm. I'm also (in a way) glad that we're in the same CG this academic year. Eventhough.... eventhough... that. (u... do know wat i mean rite?) But I'm really glad we're in the same CG la. Hahahaha. Hope to be able to know you more and I hope you're having a splendid time back in JB and do have lots of fun at the Festival of Praise ya? = ]

God bless you, werewolf. = ] Blessed Belated Birthday. (eh eh, gt 3 Bs) Hahaha...

Smile peeps!!

p/s : eunice's picture was taken from her own blog. Hehehe. Dun sue me for "stealing" ur picture k? = P

p/s/s : thank you for not calling me "that name" = ] I appreciate it lots.

Revelations 21 : 7
..... and I will be his God and he will be my son.

Starts with anything

Then, slowly slowly, I'll continue writing... = ]

I'm going through the "writer's block" thingy now. I... have not much to write actually. Hahaha. So, let's see... Hmmm... I think, I should update a lil bit bout wat i've learnt throughout the few weeks ago la. = ] Oh ya, btw... I'm on my midterm break now. Supposed to do lots and lots of stuffs but due to some problems (financially and parentally.. hahahaha), i can't really do much also.

But....... it's all good la. = ] I still get to do some stuffs. Hehehe. With my dad not around (uhmmm.. he's in S'pore for some business thingy), I feel much more free. I like this "free" feeling. Well, it wouldn't last very long but I sure do hope that it will be fun while it still could last. = ] Enjoy enjoy. Hehehe.

Alrite alrite, back to some sharing. = ]

There are so many questions that Dr. Victor Wong made me ponder upon. Hmmm... For example :
1. Is my love for God and His people growing? Or has it been stunted? How good is my quiet time? Once I loose my first love, I would loose... EVERYTHING!
2. Have I discovered the joy of giving without receiving? Even when there isn't any public recognition?
3. Was I disappointed when my contribution was not appreciated?
4. Am I, an encourager? Or an objector?
5. Do ppl tell me their problems? Do I tell ppl mine?
6. Whom do I serve? The Lord? because of my love for Him? or...
people's recognition? Adrian, whom are u serving?

I admit, I am not perfect. I still have flaws. Actually, I still have lots of flaws here and there. But, I'm still learning to be better. Probably, I'm not learning fast enough but I'm still trying. I wrote in my lil book something which I think should be like my motto till I stop breathing. = ] It says..

"He must increase... I must decrease"

So, I'll continue walking with Him. Hahahaha. The nicest thing that He has ever said to me is "I will never leave nor forsake you. Adrian, neither will I put you to a test beyond what you can handle." = ]

= ]

In His time, it will. = ]

I'm still waiting for directions. I'm still wondering and pondering. I do not know when is the "right" time or shud I say when is His time, but for now... all that I could do is...


I may have missed my chance (hoping that I have not) but hmmmm... May it be according to His plans and timing la. = ]

I'm going by faith now. Uncle Rodney did share a lil bit more about "faith" and "foolish things" last week as well. By telling God, "God, I will cross the road with my eyes closed and I will have faith that you will save me.", I'm actually making a silly "faith". That "cross the road with my eyes closed" is not "faith" at all. That is actually an act of foolishness. Fanaticism.

Uncle Rodney did share abit more about trials. = ]

"Trial is like a tunnel. During the day time, when I go through a tunnel, I can't see the sun but after coming out of the tunnel, I can see the sun again. Going through trials, I may not see God along the process but after coming out, I can clearly see Him again."

I agree with that. Through many past experiences with Big Daddy, He has shown me that prayers do work (thank you who have been praying lots for me. = ]) and patience pays.

Psalms 62:8
Trust in Him at ALL times, O people;
pour out your hears to Him,
for God is our refuge.

Revelations 21:7
...... and I will be his God, and he will be my son.
= ]

Good morning and sweet dreams,
Ms. Pinky the Sall-E. *pat pat*
= ]


Wednesday, July 21, 2010
Where do I stand?

Can some1 tell me?

if it kills me. it might kill me.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010
Am so proud of u guys & girls. = ]

Last night, was MSK itself. I had a good time knowing the juniors a lil bit better and ALL of them are really nice peeps. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to work with each one of them. Hmmmm. Guys (and girls, of course), if I ever tersilap kata or if I was ever harsh among you, I would like to apologise k? =X I was only so to be serious at times k? I hope, no hard feelings. = ] I still do enjoy watching you all perform. Hehehe. U guys (and girls) were..

A W E S O M E ! !

Looking forward to working/performing/acting with u all someday. Hehehe. I'm so happy. To have that opportunity. = D

Cinderelly, Cinderelly
Night and day it's Cinderelly
Make the fire, fix the breakfast
Wash the dishes, do the mopping

= ]

From the Inside Out

Saturday, July 10, 2010
I was going through facebook and I saw twin sis' post on this song. And this song, is one of those songs which I love playing and singing with cruzie. = ] This song has meanings behind each sentences. And these lines, are not merely just lines. They all carry very deep meanings for me.

From the Inside Out

Thanx, twin sis. Eventhough u didn't literally share this with me. But still, in a way, u've shared it with me. = ] Haf a great time later ya?

A thousand times I've failed
Still your mercy remains
And should I stumble again
Still I'm caught in your grace.


Friday, July 9, 2010
It sure is one superb week for me. Got so much stuffs going on and next week...

M S K ! !

Oh my... Am I prepared for it? I... do not think I am. Well, I am not doing much actually. Just watching. But I hope, everything will go according to plan. Huhhh.. It has been quite a busy time for me. But, I thank God somehow, I still manage to pull through.

Besides that,

I love my new CG. = ] I'm not saying that my old CG is bad k? (no, james... different CGs have different plus points = ]) But still,

I love my new CG. = ]

Joshua!! It's time to get our CG name d. Faster get one or i will start calling ourselves Zoo CG. X) Hehehehe. Oh ya, did i tell you all that our CG got our own theme song d? X)

(actually, I self proclaim that this is our CG song 1 X D)

Hehehehe. And yesterday, we had our 2nd CG outing. = D Yahooooooo!! Me likey outings alot lot.

That is because we........

ate yummylicous foods. = ]

We also....

Modeled. X D

= ] It definitely was fun hanging out with them yesterday. But sadly, not all of them were able to make it yesterday. Some busy busy with so many other things. T.T It's good la, but, for all those who can't make it for CG, do try and come a few times k? Cause, really, CG is really fun. I know, I know, in life, it's not always bout fun fun fun. But, I believe (I may be wrong, and if I am, please correct me.) and I hope I am not wrong but, even God wants us to rest at times. That's why there are such things as Sabbath Day and Selah. = ] So, if u are reading this and thinking about skipping CG, think again k? Hehehehe. I strongly encouraged that u reconsider. = ]

CG is FUN!! = D dun believe me? Ask those who were present yeterday. X)

Part of the "Zoo CG" X)
Joshua, we need a name.. X)

Gosh, I am actually, in quite a situation here. Haihhh.. I SHOULD have prayed and asked for wisdom from God wayyyyyyy earlier. Instead of... now. I should have asked how to manage all these stuffs before... now. = ( Haihhh. Nvm nvm. I shall ask for wisdom. I hope I can find a solution for this.

Anyway, tmw will be a good day. A great day. Got nth much except for the MSK practices and my my, the juniors and seniors have really put alot of effort into this. = O I am really proud of
ALL of them. Their hardworks are... worth smiling about. = ] I'm really proud of you all. Hehehe.. Many many many thanks to Cheryl, who is actually my partner in crime. She actually did most of the work. I just did some only. So, if MSK is a success, it's her hardwork with God's help la of course. If it's... messy and tak kena... = X that would be me. But but but, I really do hope everything will turn out fine.

That's all for today. But before I pen down (or keyboard down), I would like to end with a...

picture of myself and a ROXY model! X D

when you share the gospel,
make sure u live the gospel.
= ]
taken form ODB, 9th July 2010.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Toy Story 3

Thursday, July 1, 2010
was good. = ]

Had a super long and tiring week. (which includes the previous weeks as well). Honestly, the workload is quite... heavy. But, when I asked some1,

"is it taking a toll on you?"

that person gladly tell me something which greatly encourages me.

"Don't hv to thank me. Furthermore, i'm doing it all 4 Him. if u noe wat i mean."

But it was really a good experience la. = ] I had lots of fun in between as well. There are lots of stuffs coming up soon also. And I still got alot to do. Haihhh.. Goodness, sooo much to do. I'm really starting to feel it already.

Tuesday's CF was really fun. I worship led for the 1st time in CF. YAY!!! And i'm actually feeling very thankful because honestly, I wasn't really prepared. There are stuffs that I wanna share but I didn't really prepare. Was a lil disappointed with myself but I thank God that He pulled me through. Was a lil nervous as well. = X I would also like to thank those who played and served with me. Thank you, sally, zijian, ryan joshua, yi kheng and james. You all played and sang well. I am thankful for u all. During games also was fun. Had the opportunity to talk with edwin and grace more also. Hehehe. They are fun peeps. The cool part of the game was we were all quite selamba and chill with it but we still won. Hahaha. I wonder how that happen. Probably, it was either Charlene's awesome leading or Jon's awesome ideas or the rest of us who just blend in.. XD hahaha.
I had fun on Tuesday. =]

Then, yesterday, we celebrated black blood's b'day. Hehehehe. It was quite a "sudden" thing but it all went well. Seriously, Big Daddy's perfect timing is really superb. We were actually about 20 minutes (or somewhere around there) late for the movie 1. But, when we arrived, ngam ngam the movie JUST only started. = D So, thank you, Big Daddy for that. The movie was nice. I had a great time laughing at the show and at the peeps. Hehehehe. For those who have not watch it yet, go and watch it.

After toy story, 3 of us actually rushed to my car to get janice's cake and pressie. Again, Big Daddy's timing was perfect. He brought the rain after we were all in the parking area d. But Sam got wet. =( Anyway, after rushing rushing, we did some Black Ops hiding and when Janice came, we all started the "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy Birthday song". Hehehehe. Janice was a lil surprised because she kinda knew smth smth was going to happen also d.

Happy birthday, Janice.. = ]

In conclusion, yesterday was quite a good and memorable day. = ]

I like yesterday alot. = ]

"did you fix buzz?" "er... sort of" X D "return of the astro..nut"

Apa yang kelihatan mustahil bagiku
Itu sangat mungkin bagi-Mu

Mujizat itu nyata.

Miracles do happen.