When You Believe

Sunday, March 30, 2008

I like this song... Means alot... And browsing through youtube,i found so many version... French sounds good.. But English is still the best (cause i understand what they're singing... ^ ^)

I like this Picture... ^ ^

Saturday, March 29, 2008
I like this picture.... Hehe.. Pretty cute ya? ^ ^ Ahahahaha...

buang ke-boring-an (u dun have to read...)

Thursday, March 27, 2008
let's see... i'm pretty bored now... so,i've decided after 1 round of dota,a couple of youtube's videos and some staring in space just wondering about nothing,i shud drop a post... ahahaha... So,i'm here to drop a post... Let's see... Today,i kinda did sone work... As in real work... But without pay,just dinner.... Hmm... We (Harkrishan,Matthew,Navin,James and I) went around our taman and our neighborhood taman to distribute some pamphlets... (Those papers where there's advertisement on them about stuff that u dun really need at the moment.....) Yeah,it's like those mat rempits always do 1... Going around giving those papers and ya,i did wat they do... We kinda started around 3.30 pm today and it was like super hot and i didn't put any sunblock on... Ahem... We went around and around till like 8.00pm++ and boy,it was super tiring... and my butt aches... Because we went around using motor and i,being the passenger at the back,got to sit on the metal.... And it was really an experience that i wun forget... Cause of my aching butt and also i got to feel wat those guys (mat rempits) feel... Pretty good cause some of them (those aunties and uncles) actually said thanks and some even gave me back a smile... And that's like so sweet... I'm actually doing some "bad boy" job and there are still ppl showing their appreciation... That's really sweet.... So,thank GOD there are such nice ppl in these world... ^ ^

Oh ya,1 more thing happen today... Which i would say it's pretty weird... I got up at 10 am today and when my dad ask me to buy lunch at around 11 smth,he found out that his wallet was completely empty... So,we thought "WE MUST HAVE BEEN ROBBED~~!!" then,we started looking around the house for signs of break in... Hm... Couldn't find any... So,we started looking for any other valuables that are stolen... My dad's phone and my bro's phone were also missing... So,we continue searching around and then later,my maid find the missing items (the money and the 2 phones) in a small black plastic bag at my backyard,near the longkang... The weird thing is,the items were missing and we actually found them in a black plastic bag... So,that got me thinking alot and doubting... Alot of weird theories started to pop and i started to doubt everybody.... But later on,i thank GOD that we actually found them back and everything was ok...

Hmm.... That's all for today... ^ ^ Pretty tired now... Maybe i shud get some rest... ^ ^ so,good nite to u all for now... And thx for reading...

I Passed...

Monday, March 24, 2008
I took my JPJ test today... Woke up like 6.20 am and got myself ready... Auntie Ros (an auntie that picks me up for my driving lessons) came to my place around 7... Then we went straight to MSDC and met up with Uncle Wahab (also known as Pak Cik Wahab).... Then i have my "extra" driving lessons... Uncle gave me like 1 lesson on Jalan A... So,everything went pretty well and i got the confidence... He was like "U can drive,oni u kadang-kadang forget ur signal mah.. " So,thanks to him for building my confidence... Hehehe... Then,we went to the office to get my number... And guess wat,i got number 23... ahaha... Dunno why but i kinda like dat number.. ^ ^ And that kinda add a lil confidence also.. Haha.. Dunno why... ^ ^ After that,i went to the other JPJ office to daftar myself... Sat down there and waited... While waiting,i prayed... I prayed and prayed and prayed... They got like a tv there and Sesame Street was on it... So,being a lil kiddy,i watch it.. ahaha... They had like the big bad wolf and the 3 little pigs story... Pretty hilarious i would say... ahaha... Then,around 10.45am,my number was called... Jeng Jeng Jeng... Ish... My heart was like "Badum... Badum... Badum..."(er... suppose to be my heartbeat sound...) Anyway,i got into the car and my "tester" was looking a lil dopey... (maybe he didn't get enough sleep...) So,i was like "Encik,boleh saya mulakan?" And he was mumbling smth that i dun quite understand... So,i just started la... Prayed for a lil while and then,off we go.... Vroom Vroom... Ehehe...

*****Skip the driving part...*****

Then,when we got back to MSDC,i kinda took a peek at the papers and saw the Lulus box having a tick... ^ ^ I was like... Yaaaahoooo~~~!! But of course i didn't shout or anything la... I just said thanks to my "tester" and shook his hand... Hehe... I passed my jalan-raya part....
Awhile later,i got my litar test and i was pretty confident that i could do it... But i prayed also,asking that he would be with me while i'm doing my test.... And somehow,i felt pretty calmed... Thx GOD... ^ ^ hehe... And after doing everything and after i parked the car,i got up to the station/post where the other tester (oh ya,the word is invigilator... it sounds smth like dat...) was sitting and got my test results... Then again,another Lulus... i was like YAAAAHHOOO~~~ but then again,i didn't shout... ahemm.... So,i got to the office and hand in my results... After that,i met my instructor(Pak Cik Wahab) and showed him my results... He was like "Bagus,bagus..." Hehe... Then,i went to Auntie Ros and gave her my results... She looked very happy and she also did told me that She felt happy that i pass... Hehe...

Yeah,i felt tempted to gave in duit kopi to pass straight away... But somehow i didn't...
1. It's because it's like RM100 and i dun have that much....
2. I wouldn't get the confidence... Knowing that i "bought" my licence... Instead of earning it...

So,i'm pretty confident now that i can drive... (well,not that good yet for i still need lots of practice... ^ ^) But,i thank GOD for being with me and for answering my prayers... And also would like to thank both my instructors... And also,my tester for passing me.... WEeee~~ Hehe...

Man,it felt pretty good... Ahaha... Then later at nite,we had our practice... And well,it turn out pretty good.... Hehe... Thx to everybody... Weee~~~ I'm happy... ahaha...

The Present

Tuesday, March 18, 2008
A young man was getting ready to graduate from college. For many months he had
admired a beautiful sports car in a dealer's showroom, and knowing his father
could well afford it, he told him that was all he wanted.

As Graduation Day approached, the young man awaited signs that his father had
purchased the car.

Finally, on the morning of his graduation, his father called him into his
private study.

His father told him how proud he was to have such a fine son, and told him how
much he loved him. He handed his son a beautiful wrapped gift box. Curious, but
somewhat Disappointed, the young man opened the box and found a lovely,
leather-bound Bible, with the young man's name embossed in gold.

Angrily, he raised his voice to his father and said, " With all your money you
give me a Bible? And stormed out of the house, leaving the Bible.

Many years passed and the young man was very successful in business. He had a
beautiful home and wonderful family, but realized his father was very old, and
thought perhaps he should go to him. He had not seen him since that graduation

Before he could make arrangements, he received a telegram telling him his
father had passed away, and willed all of his possessions to his son. He needed
to come home immediately and take care of things.

When he arrived at his father's house, sudden sadness and regret filled his
heart. He began to search through his father's important papers and saw the
still new Bible, just as he had left it years ago. With tears, he opened the
Bible and began to turn the pages.

His father had carefully underlined a verse, Matt 7:11, "And if ye, being evil
know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more shall your Heavenly
father which is in heaven, give to those who ask Him?" As he read those words, a
car key dropped from the back of the Bible. It had a tag with the dealer's
name, the same dealer who had the sports car he had desired. On the tag was the
date of his graduation, and the words... PAID IN FULL.


How many times do we miss God's blessings because they are not packaged as we
expected ? I trust you enjoyed this. Pass it on to others. Do not spoil what you
have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you now have was once
among the things you only hoped for...


My aunt sent me this e-mail and ya,i enjoyed it... Hope u guys do too.. ^ ^

GOD was with me today...

Sunday, March 16, 2008
Early in the morning today, at around 8.25 am (not that early.. hehe..) i walked over to Uncle Kian Boon's place... But sadly,he already left... So,while waiting outside his house i was like "Aiyo,today dun need to go church d la... > " < So,i called Auntie Kiat Tin up and she already went to do her I.C thingy d... So,er.. there wasn't anybody at home lo... Disappointed,i walked home... Then when i reached home,my mum was like "No transport ar?" Then i was like "Yeah..." Then she said,"u want me to call Uncle Pow Nian (er... he's one of my uncles..) to send u with motor or not?" I was kinda disappointed so,i just said No lo... Then at about 8.50 am,i went to Ah Mah's blog... Something,somehow told me to go there.. So,i went there and her latest post was about some lyrics... I read those lyrics and then realised that God wants me to go to church today... So,i told my mum to make the call and then,my uncle agreed to send me... (Actually,at that moment,he was having his breakfast and asking him to send me all of a sudden is kinda disturbing... Sorry...) So,i got to church... Then,after church,the Youth said they wanted to go to MMU's open day also... (probably just to support me.. > " <) So,i went home first,then met some of them at there... But i was a lil late... So,Ah Mah,ChoCho,Daniel,Jess and Auntie Jennifer was about to leave d.. But Shuen,Hwei and Shaun was still there... So,we(Me and Gerard) met them there and they asked me to ask around,so i did... Hm... then i got to know that my STPM results was really bad till i have to do my foundation again.. =\ So,i bought an application form,and sign up lo... Then later when i got home... I was like super tired and i still got to tell my dad bout my visit to MMU's open day... So,finding the courage and strength,i go up to him and told him that i got to do my foundation again... He was like "HUH!?"... And then we continued... The good part was,wateva my dad asked me today,i could answer.. That's because i prayed that GOD will be with me while i'm facing him... So,thank u alot,GOD,if u're reading this... Then later at nite,we went to ong kim wee's satay celup to have our dinner there... It was really fun,sitting in the middle,acting like i'm lost... Oh,btw,the we kinda combined 2 tables together and the guys sat on 1 table,and the girls sat on the other... And i... Ahem.. sat in the middle.. ^ ^ So,i was 1 part guy,the other part girl for that day... Ahem... ^ ^ But it was really fun... Thanks to Ah Mah,i had fun satay celup-ing.. Then we went to Jonker to have cendol... Since Gary had Cendol cravings... Hehe... But when we got there,the cendol shop that we're suppose to go to was closed.. > " < Ah Mah, ChoCho, Gary, Sharma and Me... ^ ^ ) lepak around jonker... We then later had cendol also... But it was at a different shop... Btw,we had so much fun there but i dun really have a camera to take all those pictures... > " < style="color: rgb(51, 255, 51);">Ah Mah (for arranging the satay-celup-outing) , Gary (for fetching me around without any complaints.. > " <) , ChoCho (for making it hilarious... Btw,ChoCho cannot eat too much sugar... she'll really talk like a ChoCho.. Ahahaha... = P) and to the rest of the Youth (for changing a bad day to a good day.. for me... and also for supporting me...)
p/s : i was suppose to post this 2 days ago.. on Sunday,16th of March 2008... Hahaha....

I Spoke...

Saturday, March 15, 2008
Alrite... I spoke today.. And the topic was "The Great Banquet"

1. When you think of banquet and feast, what comes to your mind?

2. Read Luke 14:1-24. Jesus was having dinner with a group of Pharisees when he told this parable. Who do the characters in this parable represent?

    The host -
      -Jesus Christ himself who invites many people to come to feast with Him - this feast is not only pointing to the future in heaven, but also a vibrant, life-changing relationship with Him now.
      -Jesus is an invited guest, but He is really the host!!!!
      -In fact, the feast is a picture of the soul's satisfaction in a relationship with Jesus. Christ is saying, "I am the host, and the feast. You are all invited!!!!"
    The guests -
      1) vv. 7-11, a mini-parable here, also talking about the guests. PROUD & SELF-RIGHTEOUS
        Here, people think they deserve to be at the banquet. They want to be the honored guests. They ve been to banquets before, and expect the same treatment. They don't really want to be there to honor or thank the host, they are there to honor themselves. ----> CHRISTIANS WHO ARE SPIRITUALLY COMPETITIVE, SEEKING RECOGNITION, NO GOAL TO WORSHIP CHRIST, BUT GOAL TO BE KNOWN. BEWARE, THIS IS SUBTLE IN THE HEARTS OF MANY CHRISTIANS.
2) vv. 12-14, another mini-parable here, this time talking about the host. SEEKING RECOGNITION The host invited those guests who would probably invite him in return to their own banquets. Jesus exalts the virtue of truly inviting those who could not possibly pay them back. ---> HOW WE DO THE SAME!!! WE SEEK TO DO THINGS WITH AN ULTERIOR MOTIVE OF GETTING SOMETHING IN RETURN! SEEKING RECOGNITION! DOING NICE THINGS TO HAVE OTHERS DO THE SAME. OUR MOTIVES MUST BE CHECKED!!!!
Jesus, however, does not do so at all. He is the one who invites those who cannot possibly pay back. Knowing this, Jesus cannot contain Himself and He tells the third parable - Banquet.....
Bunch of excuses......
3) v. 18, I have just bought a field, and I must go and see it. Please excuse me. - MATERIALISM no one buys a field without first seeing it. This is just an excuse b/c he doesn t really want to be there. There was a deeper reason for not wanting to be there. He was distracted by materialism and the worldly possessions ----> worldliness, pleasures, wealth, etc. MANY PEOPLE REALLY DON'T COME B/C THEY LOVE THE WORLD MORE THAN CHRIST!!!! 4) v. 19, I have just bought five yoke of oxen, and I'm on my way to try them out. Please excuse me. - BUSYNESS the invitation reminder was given while he was on his way to try out the oxen. This is also an excuse: five yoke of oxen equals 10 oxen. This is a rich man in society. Most likely he would have a servant try it out. He s going to try it out, but he doesn't need to. He's probably giving an excuse. He's really too busy with other things. ----> SOME PEOPLE DO OTHER THINGS TO LOOK BUSY EVEN THOUGH THEY DON'T NEED TO DO IT. THEY LIE ABOUT THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES. 5) v. 20, I just got married, so I can't come. - LEGITIMATE RESPONSIBILITIES Here, the man has a legal right to not go to any meetings, etc. b/c the law (Deut 24:5) states that a new husband does not need to work or go to meetings so he can take care of his wife for the first year. It was a legitimate excuse legally in society. Point is: sometimes legitimate responsibilities other than obligations to Christ become our excuses for not fully committing ourselves to Him. --->MANY PEOPLE HAVE SCHOOL ORGANIZATIONS, FAMILY THINGS, ETC. THEY ALL SOUND LEGITIMATE, BUT REALLY IN THEIR HEARTS, THEY ARE EXCUSES. THE TRULY HUNGRY ONES WOULD STILL WORK OUT THEIR SCHEDULE TO COME TO JESUS Overall, just a bunch of excuses........ (not just about coming to church or small group - it's about coming to feast before the presence of Jesus. It's about a living relationship with Jesus. Many may come to church, but not really have a relationship with Jesus. They are too busy to REALLY feast.) The poor, crippled, blind, and lame- - in context, Gentiles and unclean. Religious Pharisees rejected and Gentiles brought in.
- but for us,
The ones who are ABSOLUTELY IN NEED of Christ and know it.
The guilty, hopeless, abused, hurting, fringe members, etc.
ETERNAL LIFE and salvation.
Ones who would NOT EXPECT such an invitation.
Ones who know they have NO RIGHTEOUSNESS ON THEIR OWN - they know they are
3. What character in this story do you identify with most? Explain.
  • The invited guests who make excuses.
  • The beggar who is grateful to be invited and have a meal.
  • The beggar who needs a little coaxing to come.
  • The servant who is sent out to bring others to the party.
  • Other:________________________________________.
  • CHRISTIANS IN THE CHURCH - are the invited guests who make excuses. We think the non-Christians are these people, but this is a slap in the face of the establishment. The Christians here are those who make excuses. There are always TWO INVITATIONS given out - a formal one some time before, and then a last-minute reminder the day of. The parable assumes that the invitations have already been accepted. In other words, these guests HAVE ALREADY COMMITTED TO COME TO THE BANQUET - but they make excuses and not come. THESE ARE CHRISTIANS IN THE CHURCH WHO HAVE ALREADY COMMITTED THEMSELVES TO FOLLOW CHRIST, BUT SIMPLY STAY IN THE CHURCH AND KEEP THEMSELVES BUSY WITH OTHER THINGS. THEY ARE IN THE CHURCH, BUT NOT REALLY AT THE CHURCH. THEY ARE AT THE BANQUET, BUT HAVE NOT REALLY COME TO THE BANQUET. THEIR LONGING FOR CHRIST IS NOT AUTHENTIC, SO THEY REALLY NEVER FEAST AT THE BANQUET (In context, Luke 14:1-14 - Christ is at the banquet, but people don't really come to Christ). SPIRITUAL BEGGARS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD - whether in the Church or not. These are the people who truly know their need. All non-believers here whether in the Church or not are invited to partake of the feast. Also, all those who are guilty and hurt, thinking you cannot be forgiven. All you need is to be a beggar, admit your sin and guilt, acknowledge that you have no power to be righteous through anything of who you are or what you do. Simply come to the banquet and feast on the gift of eternal life found in Jesus Christ. Feast on the fellowship of Christ
4. What can we learn about the character of God from this parable?
    Generous: v. 16, for no reason besides his generosity, he invites people to come to the banquet. What really is this banquet? Although it refers to the future feast of heaven - gift of eternal life, it also more directly refers to a glorious relationship with Jesus. God doesn't have to, but he wants to offer it to us. Holy & Wrathful: v. 21, became angry - God's justice and righteousness is shown here. The invited guests showed pride in their responses. God's wrath burns against those who dishonor him - God's glory and worth is ridiculed in such responses and half-hearted commitments. Think about it: Why did the master get so mad? Because the people's responses were declaring to the world that the banquet with the house owner is not worth all that much - NO BIG DEAL. This dishonors and deglorifies the house owner. Unconditional: v. 21, poor, crippled, blind and lame. God extends his invitation to all peoples. v. 2, the man suffering from dropsy are the very ones Christ invites - the destitute of society are also invited. Deserves Honor: Some may say, This doesn't really honor God! His original guests rejected him and it seems as a last resort, he invites the blind, lame, and crippled. BUT ACTUALLY THIS HONORS AND GLORIFIES GOD EVEN MORE!!!!
    He especially likes the ones who are crippled, lame, blind, etc. b/c they know they ABSOLUTELY NEED CHRIST! This glorifies God. These beggars do not choose Christ as one option among many. NO. They knew they had nothing, and the offer of Christ to them was SO AWESOME AND GREAT, they were so grateful to have received it.
    - The original guests would have come in and sat down in front and think nothing of it. They would expect food to be served, eat, talk, have a few laughs and go home. It would be no big deal. But for the lame, crippled, and blind, they would not be able to believe their eyes. Just this morning, I was begging for bread near the market. Who is this guy, this host? Ah yes, he is the BREAD OF LIFE! GOD WOULD BE HONORED!!!
    Christ would not be an OPTION, He was a NEED, A JOY, A PRIVILEGE. .......AND THIS GLORIFIES THE VERY WORTH OF GOD....!!!!! DO YOU SEE WHY GOD IS PLEASED WITH THE BLIND, LAME, CRIPPLED; AND DISPLEASED WITH THE PROUD AND ARROGANT? God's kingdom and God's heart is BIG!!!! vv. 22 - after all the invitations were given even to the beggars, there was still room. This not only shows how big heaven is and how much room there is for people to take a place in God s eternal pleasures, but it also shows GOD'S HEART!!!! (2 Peter 3:9 - He desires none to perish but all to come to repentance). GOD'S HEART IS BIG! THIS IS GRACE!!!!
    - John Newton (author of the traditional hymn, Amazing Grace ) once said these poignant words:When I get to heaven, there will be three things that will amaze me.
    1) Amazed at the people that ARE there that I didn't think would be there
    2) Amazed at the people that AREN'T there that I thought would be there
    ....but most of all....
    3) I'd be amazed that I'D BE THERE AT ALL!!!!
    you see, GOD'S HEART IS BIG!!!! God Can Change Hearts!!!! v. 23, Go out to the roads and country lanes and make them come in.... This is not forcing people against their will. This is God's sovereign hand acting to change the human heart.
    Non-believers have no power in themselves to love Christ and find him. God has to love us and find us. God can change hearts (hardened hearts, worldly hearts, unbelieving hearts, sinful hearts, hurting hearts - HE CAN CHANGE THEM ALL!!!)
    One of the greatest miracles that Christ can do is not walking on the water, calming the storm, changing water into wine, multiplying the fish and the loaves, etc. but the miracle of changing a person's heart!!!! HE CAN CHANGE YOUR HEART ALSO!!!! Pray to Him, be a beggar, acknowledge your sin, and say Yes to his invitation.


We need to be beggars, blind, crippled, absolutely in need of Jesus Christ. He is the host, He is the feast, He is the banquet! Right now, we can be at the banquet table - messianic banquet table with Christ. As we close our eyes, and draw near to Him in absolute dependence, gratitude, and find our soul s satisfaction in Him.

We've already accepted the invitation, but so many times we make excuses. We're in Christianity, but not always in Christ - daily relationship and feasting from His presence.

Then we got the Q & A session... (Ahem... I couldn't answer all the questions... =\)

1.What makes u think that the 3 persons who gave their excuses are just excuses not reasons? (Hwei's question)

There are 2 kinds of invitation... The 1st is given some time before the event... like 1 or 2 weeks 2nd is given as a reminder... like the night before...

Shuen's example :

Shuen : When i got a party right,i would let u all know bout my party like 1 or 2 weeks before... Then on the night before my party i would remind u all "Hey,my party's tmw know? Dun forget...

Sharma : What if i got to know that i've got my interview on the same night when u remind me?

Shuen : Then that would be a legal excuse not to come to my party lo...

Jesus already told us that he will come again to earth and that will be his 2nd coming... Unlike the party,which the time is already told exactly when is the party, His 2nd coming is not exactly told when... So,we're supposed to watch out for signs and apparently at the moment,alot of His signs are already showing... So,we have to be on our guard... For his 2nd coming will be like the robber thingy... Where the time is unknown and at the hour when we least expect...

2.Why are the poor,blind,lame and crippled not called first? Why are the rich 1s called first? (Ah Mah's question... She then adds,is it because they can't dress up properly? And then with some giggles..)

This is because the Jews(the rich) were called first and they were chosen by GOD... But when they neglect the LORD, the Gentiles(the poor,blind.. etc) were called next... This is because GOD has made the covenant with Abraham that Abraham's family is the chosen 1... And out of Abraham,the Jews are formed.. Which is Israel...

And if the Jews did not neglect the LORD,they continue to obey him 100%.. We,Gentiles, are all doomed... So,actually,we are thankful to them that we have the privilege and chance...

~The End~

Oh my... I think that's all for now.. I'm like super tired now... And got to wake up early summore.. So,i'll stop for now.... ^ ^ Good nite to all.. ^ ^ Hahaha... Like wat gary always say cheerioz~~ hahaha.. ^ ^

And here's to promote MGC's blog... Ahahaha...

Bad Day.... But there's still GRACE

Tuesday, March 11, 2008
Today,i got my STPM results back and it was really really bad.... After getting my results,I went to MP with Gerard to watch a movie... Getting my mind of the bad results.... When we were in Thai Kuang,Gerard's dad msg-ed him smth that made me wanna drop on my knees and cry.. It says smth like "Congratulations,my son......" You see,I never got a Congrats from my dad ever before... At that moment,I felt like running straight up to my Father in Heaven,fall on his foot and say "Have You forgotten me?" And i know He would say "I have a better plan for u,my son"... I would then continue to ask Him,"When are You gonna let me know bout Your plan for me?" And He would reply "When the time is right"

I know my results are not smth to be proud of or deserve a congrats but I just want my dad to know that,I've tried my best...(song running through my head at that moment was Perfect-Simple Plan).. Maybe I am just stupid... Also,for DMSJ,I tried to study but those facts just wun enter my head... I've tried to make MGC proud but i still failed.. Instead of scolding me,Hwei gave me a free dinner.... It was like GRACE....

I really really really do love going to church.... Cause it's the place where i felt like i belong and no matter how bad i may screw up,there are always people saying "It's OK... U've played not bad with the drums..." Or like when i kinda brought the MGC score down during DMSJ,there's always some1 who is always there telling me that It's OK... Of course,she would correct me at times during practice but sometimes I still failed to get it right... But still,she's always there to say "It's OK"..

I may not be as good as those around me who has good memory and all... But 1 thing's for sure,and that's I love them all very very much for they are the 1s who really showed me GOD's love... It's grace... Smth that i dun deserve but still i got it...

So,I would like to thank everybody in church for making me feel like I belong somewhere...
Thank You......

This is Just Sweet...

This song i heard from Shu Lynn's blog... The video is really sweet... Watch it... ^ ^

A lil Extra

Monday, March 10, 2008
Per... I wanna blog a lil extra... cause i'm a lil bored... Ahahahaha...
Firstly,i would like to thank my grandpa and grandma who gave life to my parents...
Secondly,i would also like to thank my parents who gave ME life... hahaha...

Ahem... My first ever picture... Sadly,it's a stolen 1...

Thirdly,i would also like to thank my ah mah in church (Yen Mei) whom i curik this photo from... Wakakaka... Haha... ^ ^ p/s : i just got permission to curik from her... ^ ^ hahaha...
Fourthly,i would also like to thank er... let me think... my fingers... for typing out wateva that comes to my mind... Wakakaka....
Er... Who to thank summore ar? All the MGC-ians who made DMSJ a super successful event.. (Ahem... Even though we got 4th place....)
Also like to thank Ah Hwei for training the contestants... With all her sweat and hardwork... We managed to get 4th place.... (Again... = . = ) and also for the awesome dinner that we had last nite...
It was awesome because : 1. We got it for free (contestants only... Hehe... ^ ^)
2.It was just amazingly good... (Dun have pictures... Sorry..)
3.It was smth like grace... (We dun deserve it,but still,we got it..)
Also,i would like to thank the uncles and aunties who came and support us and made us super good foods... Like the chicken rice balls... Oh.. It was just awesome...
Hm... Without forgetting,I would also like to thank GOD that for everything that he has given us... From the fine weather to His Son...(Sorry,i've got no links for the 2 bolded 1s... If u wanna know more bout them... Read UR Bible...)

Oh ya,those who are going to take ur STPM and SPM results this week,i wanna wish u all,All Da BEST... ^ ^ Also,wanna wish all those taking ur exams now,all da best also... Haha...

Do Ur Best,Leave The Rest to GOD~~

Hm... Wat else shud i add ar? Hm... Oh ya... Thank You,ShuLynn for my first mentos in my blog... It was good... Drop me more candies ya? Hehe... I love candies.. ^ ^
Hm... I think that's all for now ba... Hahaha... Running out of ideas wat to do d.. > " <

Good Nite to all.. ^ ^

DMSJ over...

Sunday, March 9, 2008
woot woot... Finally,DMSJ over... Argh...~~ Stress Kurang... I had lots of fun actually...(Eventho we got 4th place) Hehe... But somehow it kinda felt like there's smth missing... and i'm not sure wat it is... It somehow felt a lil empty after the other 3 churches leave... Did i miss smth? Why am i feeling this weird thingy... DMSJ 2008 is over but somehow,like there's smth missing... What could it be? I wonder... Hm... Anyway,I would like to congratulate those from MGC who took part in the quiz (Jess,Livia,Aaron,Ah Mah,Celine and of course... Ahem... Me.. haha) cause u guys did the best and it was worth the experience.. Congrats to u all.. ^ ^ And of course,without forgetting our trainer,Lim Tse Hwei... Who spend so much time drilling us... But we still got 4th... And also not forgetting the hard work and the driving... Thank You very very much.. For fetching me to church... And also my brother... Hehehe.. Argh... Penat giler skrg... And STPM results coming out this tuesday,11th of March... So,all da best to Hwei,Daniel,Marcus and of course again... Ahem.. Muaa.... hahahaha.... My results wun be good... So,hopefully i would have the heart to take it in... But anyway,i wun go jump river or smth like dat la.. Haha... And i'm not quite sure wat i would like to continue studying... Pray for me that i would now wat to study soon... Probably wateva that the goverment send me to lo... Hm... So,wanna wish all of u,er.... wat to wish ar? Wanna say all da best but we've actually sat for it d... So,wish u all... er....... Happy Happy la... haha... ^ ^ And also not forgetting those who will be taking their SPM results this wednesday... (It's kinda weird that STPM is released earlier than SPM this year) All da best to Jessica and also Jeremy... Also,Happy Happy also la.. haha... ^ ^ Oh ya,dun forget to give glory to GOD k? Yeah,i know... It's kinda hard and tempting to say that we've studied very hard and we shud get it but dun forget that GOD can take it all away if He wants to... Hehe... So,do give him the glory k? All the things that is good is from him,the 1s which are not so good (our mistakes) are ours... Hehe.. ^ ^ Oh ya,i played the drums yesterday... Made quite alot of mistakes but i felt that when they off the lights are good... So,i wun feel stress so much... Thx.. And sorry that i made quite alot of mistakes.. Also,Shu Lynn can really sing ya? Hehe... If she's a real regular in our Youth,maybe we could ask her to song lead sometimes also ya? Hehe... ^ ^
Well,it's been very nice meeting so many nice peoples... Especially those in my church... They all are like so fun and i really enjoyed myself... There's 1 uncle who said "live every minute likeGOD's gonna come the next minute",i think it was by Uncle Dexter... Well,i am living it that way now and if GOD comes tmw,i wouldn't have much to regret... Except that there are still some stuff hidden deep deep down inside.. Hahaha.... Besides that,really wanna thank u all for everything.. And i mean everything.... From the games that we had together to the time when we studied together... Hehehe... ^ ^ Anyway,i think i should stop for now... Been typing quite alot... Tata.. ^ ^

p/s : currently listening to the soothing music from Shu Lynn's blog... really really nice and soothing.. almost tertidur.. haha... ^ ^