Today in MSDC

Friday, February 29, 2008
Hmm... Today,i had my pra-test.. And i failed... Haizz... But just the "jalan-raya" part... I did quite well in the "litar" part... But,at the end,i still fail.. Haizz... So have to retake on monday...
Anyway, eventho i failed,i still had a good time... Sharma called me up,and we chat and chat at MSDC till it was my turn to "fail" hehe.. Oh ya,btw, grats sharma,u passed ^ ^
Then we later around 11 smth like dat,we call Ah Hwei.. She sounded shocked when we called her up and said that we're going over to her place... Haha... That was fun.... Maybe we should do that again some other time.. Hehe.. When we reach there,Hwei's hair was like in a mess.. Haha... (Maybe she just after mandi kua..) Then,we lepak there lo... She gave us milkshakes... Eh.. wrong wrong.. She gave us soya bean.. Hehehe.. Then we see her play some song on the piano... For the Bukit Panjang Church 1... She was like.. Peh...!! Hebat.. With so much style and gaya.... Then,she offered us ice-creams... Sharma had like 1 big cup of chocolate ice-cream.. I think he enjoyed it very much.. Haha... Then Hwei let us play Typing of The Dead.... He was like looking for a way to pause the game when the pause button is like on the keyboard.. Hehe.. It felt good that i knew how to pause it.. ^ ^ hahaha... And Sharma doesn't.. = P Okok.. Continuing... After a few rounds of that game,Sharma was like "Lunch,Lunch..." And Hwei was like,"Where?" Then Sharma continues,"I'm dunno,i'm not from around here.." then it continues and continues like dat lo... At the end,we kinda went out.. Then Hwei's mum called...(I think) She said,ken and shaun's on the way home,so we made a U-turn and went back to Ah Hwei's place.. They were not there... So,me and Sharma skate a lil bit.. But we were kinda bad at skating... At least i was bad.. Sharma got some moves~~ Haha.. Kinda learn some stuff from him.. So,he's kinda like my "si-fu" Hahaha..~~ Ok,where was I? Er... er... Oh,after skating ken came back... So,he kinda showed us how to skate.. Ken's not bad also... Haha.. Maybe it's just that i'm a noob~~ Hahaha..
Then we went in and watch American Idol.. We saw the ladies sing... Haha... Then we lepak and lepak till shaun came back... Then we went out to eat lo.. Near "Sin Hoe Garden" (Not so sure bout the spelling) We had.. CHICKEN RICE..~~ Hehe.. It was good... Considering Sharma belanja-ed.. (Thx Sharma... Hehe...) So,then later we went back to Hwei's place... We lepak there awhile,after awhile,we cabut.. Balik rumah... Hehehe.. Then,before we sampai my rumah,Sharma stopped at the photo shop in front of petronas there to print a few pics... He printed 4 pics but he was charged with RM10... He was like "kena con ad" Haizz... I shudn't intro to him that place... (Sorry,Sharma...) > " <

At the end of the day,which is now... I'm feeling very sleepy and dopey... I tried to explain some chem stuff to shaun but it turned out to be quite a mes.. Haha... (Sorry,Shaun..~~) But actually,i had alot of fun today... Thx to Sharma(especially Sharma),Hwei,Ken and Shaun... Thx..~~ ^ ^


Tuesday, February 26, 2008
It was awful
11.00p.m : Starts raining... Gets heavier
12.36a.m : Dad called me down from my room
He knocks twice on the wooden table and expects me to do someting
I was like "wat?" Then he gave that displeased look and stared at me..
I then kinda realised that he wants me to move the table
How am i suppose to know wat he wants with just two knocks on the table..
12.45a.m : He then ask me to go to the back and pick up some bricks... There were
cockroaches everywhere and centipedes crawling around..
(I was like ****-ing all the way... Sorry dat I ****,i couldn't stop)
He then said,"Later you need to bring to the front"(Which is at the
Where he parks his car)
Then I bring them in front. He just looked at me and said "I didn't ask
you to bring in front... Bring back...
Then i lift them all back.... Haizzz....
1.00a.m : Kinda washed myself up and head back to my room...
1.20a.m : Read the daily bread and the Bible...
Luke 19... Story bout Zacchaeus
Maybe God wants me to know that i'm something like Zacchaeus... dishonest
at times... Sinful... Bad... And ya,bad....
1.26a.m : Which is at the moment,feeling super tired and groggy... Praying...

Forgive me,Lord,for all my sins,
The many wrongs that I have done;
And show me how to make things right,
Before the setting of the sun.
- Bosch

Today's experience was awful... I got wet,rain water on my head and "longkang" water on my legs... I also saw a two feet long "biawak" and that was during the time i went outside picking up the bricks... It kinda swam beside me and I got quite a shock.. Also,1 of those bricks had a centipede(bout 10 cms in length) under it... Thank God,I wasn't bitten by it.. And the worst part,my dad's attitude... He has something with "silent-commands" where he knocks twice on something and expect something to be done... Btw,I don't learn sign languages so I wun understand what he wants... It was really awful...
Please pray that my dad will heal soon... Maybe it's because of the medications that he's on.. Makes him hot-tempered and drowsy...(I think).. So,pls pray that God will heal him asap...
P/s : There's a phrase on his sling that says "The Lord Healeth" so,I pray that God will heal him....
Also,I have lots of things to do this week and I got very little time.. Have to study 21 chapters for DMSJ,also got to prepare for this Saturday's talk(My turn) and this Friday,I got my pra-test (Finally..... Ah....)

Are You Fast?

Monday, February 25, 2008
57 words

Speed test

i'm a super slow typer.. > " <