Saturday, April 16, 2011
Yes, I have so much to do and so lil time.

You would not give me more than what I can handle. I believe, I can go through all these. If I think I can't, I know You will provide people who will tell me that I still can. =) Thanx for the verse yesterday.

Yesterday was tough...
...but I'm glad dinner happened.

uh huh. I'm glad i talked.

= ]

Blue is nice. Green is nice. Good morning, small po. *pat*


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yes, our topic for today's CF is Firefly and I'm actually pretty excited about it. Big Daddy has given me some ideas on how to do it. Hopefully, I'm brave enough to do it. =) Tonight's going to be really exciting! All the best, pastor philip sung.

And... 1 more thing...

do wat the picture tells u to. =)
pinky promised and stamped!

My "Tumblr" =)

Friday, April 8, 2011
Yeahhh. I do. =D
The reason why I like the feeling of being anonymous is because, I can do all kinds of stuffs but, people wouldn't have the chance to see me again. I like to do stuffs (sometimes, crazily... actually, most of the time, crazily XD) and not be remembered for doing them. =)

=) I agree. All girls need these 2 only.   

Cookies and cream! I like them alot. 
 I remember, during a certain time, I use to eat this stuffs alot. Well, not Hershey's la. Hahaha. They are too expensive. But, i forgot what's the brand that I use to nom nom on.

I have a "pencil-like" crayon which also can be arranged to make a rocket! Hahaha. 

Hehehe. Is it as thick as this? =P

Oh yeah. =D

Hahahahaha. Joey's super funny!
I remember always sitting around with my family members to watch this series. =) This has got to be one of those series which I really do like to watch. Haha. Especially catching those really funny episodes. One of my favourites was when Joey showed his "fire" during "rock, paper, scissors" game. Hehe.

Uh huh.
If I could ever be proud of something, this would be it.

This reminds me of Ame's baju. =)

If I would crave for something during these hot weathers, it would be a glass of these. Yes yes, I know it's always raining over there. But here in malacca, it's always hot and shining. TT.TT


Haha. You have a miniature model of this.....

Which looks something like this. =)

I'm not really a photo-person but I do not know why, but I just really have a thing for polaroid pictures. And yes, I kinda miss those times when pictures are taken. =) really do miss. Let's take some together again k? I want to do those again. Only with you k, sally? =)

Cili prawns!

I know some who does that pretty often. Hahaha. You better come back and take back ur stuffs k? My day care center's job is coming to an end soon. =P

=) The outsider.

I... Agree. =)

I wanna have some waffles someday for breakfast too.
press ctrl+a and go back to the polaroid picture. =)