A wasteful Day

Monday, August 24, 2009
Hehe. Kenny~~

Yesterday was one of the most wasteful yet fulfilling day. Yesterday, was PTPTN day. I got up like super early just to go for the ptptn thing. Hoping to get it done asap and go to church. But u know wat? The ptptn thing dragged on and on and on. Till I was pretty bored and tired of it. But I really got to thank God (seriously, I must really thank God) cause He have been really nice to me, lately. Somehow, I kinda know that He helped me with my PTPTN thing. I was pretty sure that my application might be rejected. Cause, they want my SPM cert. But guess wat? I kinda lost it. So, I kinda phreaked out la.. But i used my SPM result slip instead, which they clearly said that they wun accept any result slip that is more than 2 years ago. But thank God, I brought my original result slip. The ptptn officer (God bless her) check my documents and found out that my result slip is way pass the date. But when I told her that I lost my cert, she asked me for my original (which I did bring). So, i showed her, and she wrote some remarks on my result slip and ta daaaaa, my documents were accepted.

Seriously, I was really phreaked out when I saw the person in front of me (whom I think have the same problem that I'm facing) got rejected cause of the same thing. At that moment, I was like "OMG OMG OMG!!!" but somehow, with God's help, I managed to get thru. That guy wasn't that fortunate. He got to go back to his hometown to collect his original result slip to show to the ptptn officer. Poor thing. But i do hope that he will get his documents done.

Goooosh!!! I'm still in the mood of thanking God cause of wat He has done for me lately. He knew I wasn't prepared for the saturday meeting. That's why He sent Mr. Jeff Vines to speak to us. He knew I was really really really really scared with my PTPTN stuffs. That's why He gave me a good number heading towards a really good officer who really did helped me out alot. She was really nice, despite being really tired from fasting. He knew I needed lots of help with my studies and real discipline to actually sit down and study. That's why He gave me so many frens who are like real motivations for me to actually study. U guys rawk, BIG TIME!!

Last time, I kinda feel regret cause I flunk my SPM and STPM. But now, I am really really really really really really really really glad and happy and joyful cause if I didn't flunk it, I wouldn't have met so many awesome ppl. Although they are like younger (some of them are much younger oso. Hahaahaha), they didn't treat me weirdly like I'm some kind of freak. Although I am at times. Hahaha. They are like the one bunch of frens that I am really grateful to have. Gosh, i really have learnt so much from them. Really, I have. I have truly been blessed by all of them. I can't imagine hanging out with some other bunch than them actually.

In conclusion, I am and will always be happy to have u guys as friends.

Ask me more if u want elaboration. Hehe

Eh, wait.. That's not the point of my post today.

Today was a really sucky day but thanx to chicken rice ball, my day did just turned pretty good.
One of those pictures that can make u drool...

Gosh, so late ad. And i'm supposed to be sleepy. Hahahaha. I shall stop here for now. Hehehe..

Cute rite?

Jie, faster come back. U probably dun read here but I do hope u come back asap. 5 more days to go. Wheeeeeee~~~

Good nite, peeps!! See u guys tmw. And fang min, dun worry or stress so much. Ur work is almost done d. And it wasn't ur fault. Jy tmw!! ^ ^ I mean, Jy later.. Haha ^ ^

Today is Thursday

Thursday, August 20, 2009
I just had the last paper for my midterm today. But the burden is nt over yet. I still got 2 more things to do till the end of this week. Gosh~~~ I really can't wait for next week to come. At least, I can't wait till the end of this week. Yesterday, I had lunch with Nee Nee and some CF ppl and some of Nee Nee's frens. It was pretty cool that we hung out. It has been like almost forever since i last saw them all. Hahahaha. Gosh~~~ I dunno wat to write now. So many things on my mind. The burden really is nt over yet. Haihhhh~~ Stress ar... T.T Somebody give me a break to somewhere please. I could really use a break now.

Today is Wednesday

Wednesday, August 19, 2009
Gosh, today is going to be quite a long day for me. I've got to settle some PTPTN stuffs, got to read up more on my economics for my exam is TMW!!! And also got to prepare for this week's youth discussion. Gosh, so many things to do. I wish today is the next coming monday. Tak tahan all the stress. So many things to do... UGHHHhhhh. But it's alrite la. In an hour's time, I'm going to meet Nee-nee-san and Kee Weng and some other frens of Nee-nee-san. We're going to have taiwan mee!! Woohoooooo~~~ Hahahaha.. Then have to go MMU to do some PTPTN stuffs. Gosh.. Today will be quite a long day.

All American Rejects - I wanna

Friday, August 14, 2009

Kinda addicted to this song. Hahahahahaha. Do u guys like this song? Wheee~~~

I got a paper tonite. T.T at least, now i got it rite. Hahahaha. Thanx ira~~~

Songs that have been playing in my head

Thursday, August 13, 2009

This song is kinda recently 1.

This 1, is kinda random 1.

This 1, has been from a dream of mine a few days back.

So far, my life have been good. I've got lots of assignments and exams coming up but guess wat? I'm thinking bout L4D. For those who haven't play l4d before, i suggest and strongly recommend that u ask manining poppings for the next l4d schedule. This game is really really addictive. T.T curse u, zommmmmmbieeeeesss~~~!!!

Anyway, like I've said, my exams are coming up. Crap!! I've still got to prepare for this saturday's topic. I mean, i have prepared a lil small smth smth, but that lil small smth smth is nt enuff. I am super darn busy actually. But I am really heartfully thankful for JB. She have been praying for me like so super duper muper alot. So, thank you alot, JB. Can't wait to go to kl and meet up with u and phoebe, someday. Haih... We're all pretty busy. Anyway, JB, if u're reading this, just wanna say, thanx for being such an awesome BFF!! U're like always there when i need some1 to talk to. Now, at this very moment, I am REALLY REALLY thankful that I went for DMSJ. I mean, I can't imagine not going to DMSJ nw. Hahahaha. I am actually smiling rite now, knowing that it was His plan for us to meet at DMSJ and became BFFs. And for that lucky person who is my BFF's you-know-who, my BFF and I, will only be BFFs and nth more. So, if u're reading this, rest assured, I'm actually like a girlfriend to ur girlfriend. Hahahaha. If that makes sense.

I've got class tonite and I actually can't wait for class. Oh ya, Sammie, ur hair.. Pretty cute. Hahahaha. Manining, dun cut like dat.. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~~~~ Dun get me wrong, I'm not saying that that hairstyle is bad, seriously, I am not. I am just saying that, that hairdo suits sammie pretty well and since manining is quite "long", I think, u're better off with long hair. Hehehe.. ^ ^ Manining, I hope u read this. If u are, I WANT TO LFD!!!!

Gosh, exams this friday and I haven't study yet. Really, guys, I'm pretty busy with you-know-what. Hahahaha. I can't wait for next weekend. And malacca's haze is actually getting worst and worst day by day. And every1 in class is wearing mask like ninjas! Hahahaha. It feels like I'm in a ninja skewl. Hehehe.. Especially sammie, her mask ar, always funny funny 1. The 1st time was like transformers. Hahahaha. Then the next day, she got a mask which was like big enuff to cover her entire face. Seriously!!! Her entire FACE!! Hahahaha. But dem cute, i tell u~~ Hahaha.

It just suddenly hit me.... I miss ACT. I kinda miss practicing for ACT. Yeah, it's the before the real day thing. I kinda miss dancing. (Yeah, i do dance a lil.) I kinda miss dancing with Elysia and also Renee. T.T Haha. Neenee~~ When are u gonna bring me go out and makan? T.T Hungry d. But the sad thing is rite, those times during practice will only and can only be in the past. Gosh, i seriously seriously miss those times. Like during 1 time when every1 went sumwhere else, me and neenee did some thinking on how to improve the slow dance. (She did all of the thinking, I only become statue at there) Gosh, I really really miss those times. When can we do that again ar? Hahaha. Gosh....

Besides that, I'm doing very well without you. It was hard to forget at first. But after awhile, I psycho-ed myself and now, I'm very much better d. There are like so many things that u shudn't have done. I'm fine.

Well, that's the end of this post. I shud get some food to eat. I'm actually hungry d.

Note the chorus