Monday, December 27, 2010
At times.... True. =]
I can't wait for tomorrow.

It's Christmas time.

Monday, December 20, 2010
Yes yes, do not diet. This sweater is stretchable. =D

I can't believe it! Christmas is in 5 days time!! Hehehehe. I love Christmas very much. Although, there's not much of a celebration here at home but I love this time of the year. It's a great reminder of what happened 2000 years ago. 2000 years ago, Hope... came down. Along with Love. 12 more days to ROC! You all better be prepared k? I hope I am too.
Hey you, smile k? I really do love to see you smile. = ]

Some updates

Thursday, December 16, 2010
Hmmmm.. Today... not really a good day for me. = \
While most of them are out there enjoying themselves, I feel like I'm grounded here at home for no reason. Hmmmm.. Oh well. I might as well blog a lil bit. = D Hehehe.

Last Tuesday, Pastor Rachel came and spoke to us. She's pretty good actually. Her first point kinda hit me. I should really learn to not think of such negative thoughts. Hahaha. Most of the time, they are silly and untrue and come on, Adrian, you can do much better than that, right? = ) I should remind myself that everything was planned and everything will be done. Of course, according to His will la. Not mine. So, whatever it may be, I have to remind myself that it's the BEST way/solution/option at that moment. It could get worst if it wasn't for that way. Hehehe.

I should really learn how to let go of my problems. Not just "at times" but "ALL the time". Life is really to short to worry bout petty stuffs. Hahaha. The reason why I said so was because, I was going through Ame's tumblr and I saw this picture. Which is a really good reminder. Hehehe.

Hehe. I like this picture.

Hey, ame ah. If you're reading this, I want to show you something pretty cool. = ) Like the picture, balloons represent our problems and the sky represent Big Daddy, I want you to be reminded that, no matter how big our problems are, they are still ZUPER tiny compared to Big Daddy. So, whenever you have problems or stuffs like that, I hope you would... pray.... talk to Him bout it and tell Him bout ur problems. Be reminded that our problems are puny compared to Him and just let Him deal with it alright? Hehe.

There was once I heard about this and I probably should share it with all those who are reading this right now. When God says "jump through a wall", I will jump. I've done my part which is jump and I'm letting Him deal with the fact of going through the wall. = ] So, just...



Monday, December 13, 2010
But godliness with contentment is great gain.
1 Timothy 6:6

How to be joyful?

Step 1: Be godly and know that everything (and i mean literally every single thing) is under His control and His perfect timing. He has planned out everything for me and my job is just to follow.

Step 2: Be content and know that for every situation, it's already the best that He has to offer. It could get much worse.

And by completing those steps, I will find myself happier and I believe, that's one of the greatest gain anyone can ask for. = ]

 I am planted here. = ]

I may find it hard to accept the fact but if here is where He has asked me to be, I shall try my best and bloom. And you who are reading this right now, should know that He has a plan for you too. And His plans are always good, which includes, your life. To anyone who's reading this and you're feeling like you're in the dumps, here I am, reminding you that things could get worst and with the next picture, I want you to know that, He has already taken most of the damage.

Be reminded. = )

Do not complain so much alright? At least, think about it. At least, He has taken eternal death away only if you do believe that He's the only way to heaven. With that in mind, try and learn more about contentment ya? = )

Bloom into this

On my side!

I myself am learning how to be content with everything. At least, at the very least, I still have the chance to know some of you great people out there. I admit that I may not be the best person that you've ever known, but I'm still thankful for the opportunity to know all of you (yes yes, i mean every1). I believe, there's a reason why He let us meet and got to know each another.

To Big Daddy, I really do need to learn the art of contentment more and more. I believe, it's not going to be easy but I do hope that You'll walk with me along the way and help to guide me as well. With Your help, I know I can do it. *with Philippians 4:13 in mind* = ]

To the ROC Directors, thank you for being patient with me as well. I know it's hard when I just can't make it but I really do hope that you'll understand. I am really trying to manage it to the best way possible. Yes, I am sorry for not giving my 100% at times. I admit that I do not give my best all the time but, I'll try and do better alright?

To the peeps of Scene 2 and 7, thanks for coming and giving me your support. I really do appreciate it. And for those times which I have not been very nice and pleasant, do forgive me also alright? Hmmmm. I hope, you'll understand that we are not scolding you all cause of "fun". But we're doing it to help u see the reason why we're all doing this in the first place. Do continue and try to give your best ya? For I will try as well.

To you, thankyou for being patient with me. I know at times, I may be hard and stubborn and my sudden random negative thoughts is not doing any good. I really am sorry for simply accusing and simply thinking but sometimes, hmmmm... actually, most of the times, I just can't control them. I'll try and be better and not think about it so much. If possible, do help me at times also alright? I... am weak. = \ Please forgive me. And just so you know, it still amazes me. =]
For the "days", I hope Big Daddy will be willing. I miss them very much. Very much.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010
Had quite lazy and lousy day today. I really do think I'm growing older day by day. Anyway, who doesn't? Hahahaha. But today, was really something. While I was washing Iswari, I really felt really really tired. I really did felt like just stopping and rest. Hmmmm.. Could it be me? Or it could also be Mr. Sun, shining so brightly and wearing me out. Hahahaha.

Yeah! You! I blame you for making me tired. Haha.

Eh eh, I just realized. Today is the 7th of December. I like December. I like no. 7. Hehehe
Happy 7th of December, ppl!
= ]

Hmmmm. At this very moment, I'm craving for the SUPER HUGEEEE karipap. 

This one!! Ame, I still owe u 1. =P

Today, wasn't much of a day for me. But, I have been craving for that karipap from entah-sejak-biler. Hahahaha. Will anyone go and get me one? Pweetttyyy pweeease? Hehehe.

Besides, craving for that. I didn't really do much today. Hmmmm.. In a way, I would say, I kinda wasted today. =X I should have gone out, walking around or something like that instead of just wasting it at home. But, on the brighter side, well... at least, I was at home the whole day. (thought about it. I was kinda literally at home the entire time except for the time when I went out to wash my car and get dinner)

Oh ya,

bout Sunday and yesterday and today. I kinda felt a lil weird. As in, I've spent like almost everyday looking at CF ppl and suddenly, I dun see much of them. Hmmm.. I guess... I kinda miss all of them. Hahaha. Yeah, it's true, I miss you peeps who just left me here. So, if u're reading this, do know that I'm missing ya k? = )

Yesterday, we watched....

this movie

To all those who plan to watch this show, well.. it's recommended but... Beware!! You were warned. Hahaha. It's quite a show. Not too bad. I would say, "it was worth my 6 bucks" =D So, do watch it k? It's really not a bad show. I had a good time laughing.

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble.
2 Corinthians 1:3-4

I believe, that statement is pretty true. Well, maybe not for everybody but, I hope that, through my experiences (which some I rather not go through... =\), some may learn from it and hopefully not repeat my same mistakes. Hmmm.. I really do hope for that. I hope, I've been encouraging to some. =)

Oh ya,
Dear readers, if you do not mind, please pray for a friend of mine k? He's partially deaf and I just got to know that there's no cure for him. So, he's probably really scared right now. =( I am really really sad to know about it and I really really do hope you would pray for him. Please and thank you.

 I may be little. But I believe, I'm not alone. = ]

Picture speaks louder.

I was asking Him why? But while going through some picture, I believe He wants me to see this and be reminded that at least he can still hear. Although it's not 100% perfect but at least, he is still able to hear. But still, I pray and I hope you will pray that he's able to accept the fact as well. Do pray k?

I just heard this on the radio and I think it's a good one.

....and wait
I am looking forward to dim sum day... someday.

Michael Buble - Hold On

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Maybe all the plans we made would not work out
But I have no doubt even though it's hard to see
I've got faith in us and I believe in you and me. = ]

I like Michael's songs.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010
Have I ever told you that I love the month of December? = ] Hehehe.. December to me is the month of...

(yeah, although we do not have snow, i can still feel the coolness of the month)

(yummmmmehhh colourful~~)

 More food...
(double yummmehhhh!!)

Ok, i probably should stop posting some pictures bout food hor? Butttt... I just can't help it.. XD hahaha... How can i resist awesome looking yummeh food? =P So, I shall...

Post up sumore. =D

 Strawberry Ice cream!

This picture make me miss last CG... =(

Anyway, time to be a lil more serious, shall we? Hehe. I had a torturing and looong and busy and tiring and wonderful week. =) Always look on the bright side of life. Hehe. Although it wasn't much fun, with all the assignments and exams

(AHHHH!! I hate exams. I think I did pretty badly during FAR and AIS yesterday),
I still am pretty happy bout stuffs that has happened. Well, I had a good "argue" yesterday and trust me, it was good. It was just for the fun of it and we were not mad at each another. Hehehe. Thankyou for arguing with me. = ] We shall "argue" more next time k?

I agree, I agree!! Do you? = )

Yeah, talk about Christmas, I'm pretty busy with ROC as well. If you do not know wat is ROC, do ask me bout it k? I'll be more than glad to tell u bout it. So, yeah, ROC. Do continue to pray for me as well k? I've got alot to juggle and at times, i will feel unhappy. Thanx!

Oh ya, thanx to Sally, now I'm kinda hooked on some of Michael Buble's Songs. Actually, I've always like his songs but Sally shared one with me which was a pretty good 1. So, I'll share it with you all k? I hope, you'll like this song as well.

Yes, it's a lil slow. But just close ur eyes and let Michael take you on a lil journey ya? = ] Hehehe

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. 
Romans 12:12

Oh ya oh ya, I've got a new wallet and a new bottle!!! YAY!!! Thank you thank you for the presents. Hehehehe.. I'm sooooo... happy. But, I'm sorry for giving you and you the wrong ideas k? I didn't mean to just ignore 1. I honestly am content with what I already have. So, I didn't mean to give you the wrong ideas. I'm sorry for that. = \ But, on the brighter side, I'm very very very happy for my new stuffs. = ] Thanx alot!

i'm on your side. I was trying to cool u down. I hope... you'll understand.

Dear God,

Monday, November 29, 2010
I commit my future in your hands. Many a times I have been troubled by it and the uncertainty scares me. But I am going to believe You more this very instant. You have been ever faithful providing for me and always picking me up. So, I am going to continue trusting You that You have the best plans for me. I shall not worry for I know, You have me in mind and You have planned out EVERYTHING for me. It's only my job to follow Your plans and for those times when I may not really like Your plans, may You give me the strength to accept it as well. Do continue to remind me constantly that EVERYTHING is in Your control. Thank You so much, for being such and Awesome and Loving Father. And I thank You once again for everything that You have given me. I thank You for my friends who have been ever supporting whenever I needed them. I thank You for my parents that although I may not like them at times, help me to trust that they are already Your best ones for me. I thank You for EVERYTHING.


I was reading the ODB just now and I found out something which I think that I must share. When Moses said that he's not good enough, and he's not capable and he has doubts about it, Big Daddy said, "What's that in your hand?" (Exodus 4:2). And with that shepherd staff, Big Daddy helped Moses with superb miracles. Big Daddy uses what we have now and not what we have in the future or past. So, I shall not worry, for He has everything planned out for me. You who are reading this now, should not worry as well. Trust Him. He has every single bit in control. He knows what's best for you. And having that in mind,

Have a Great Morning!

I thank Big Daddy for you as well. Thanks for liking me for who I am.

22nd November

Tuesday, November 23, 2010
Yeah, that means yesterday. Hehehe. =)


The girl who just turned 19!!
(I like this picture and ur baju all, looks like from yesterday 1. =P)

Happy Belated Birthday, Sally. Hehe. I'm glad u had a pretty good surprise yesterday. But hor, most of the idea was Eunice's and Amelia's. XD I didn't do much. I also dun want to bluff u 1. But they forced me too... TT.TT Hahahahaha. Kidding kidding. The 3 of us worked our evil minds together during Japanese class (whoops... wasn't I supposed to be listening to lectures? =X hahaha) and we actually did some talking bout it on Sunday... =P


The Birthday Girl and The Planners. Hehe.

Anyway, 1 more year older and may you continue to walk closer and closer with Him. I believe, you have gone through many encounters with Him. May you continue to encounter life's exciting journey with Him more and more each day. =) Do continue to trust Him more and believe that He has the best-est-est plan for u. Always do remember that He has everything planned out d k? And EVERYTHING's in control. May ur birthday wish do come true as well. = ] Watever it may be. Hehe.

Yesterday.... was a really fun day. = ] I enjoyed myself lots as well. May Big Daddy continue to bless you each and everyday.

Happy Birthday, Sally Wong Xue Xie Li. =P
5th December. Am looking forward to it. = ]


Sunday, November 21, 2010
Hehehe. I was M.I.A-ing for quite sometime already hor...

Anyway... some updates about wat has been happening in my life.

Actually... there's nothing much to update. Or maybe, it's because I'm just too lazy to write it all out. Hahahaha... Anyway, i shall just write about today then.

Today, I would like to thank Charlene for waking me up at 7.30. Although I still golek golek till around 8... Hehehehe. But still, thanx, lene.. for waking me up. And so, i went for practice. But hor, when we reached there, the "late-box" didn't wanna wait for us. =( So, we were a lillll late. But, *ahem* *cough cough* =D
During practice, I think i strained my throat a lil bit too much. Feeling pretty sore and I should really think about cutting down my chili and ice intake. =\ I need to be healthy for ROC. I shall try and... cut down. But but... I like chili alot. Huuu huuuuuu... Dilemma...

Yummy!! I like this alot!! =D

Hahaha. That was just a random picture. But but, did i mention before that I like Carls' Jr.'s Chili Cheese Fries alooottt? Hmmmm.. I have something with fries. Especially soggy fries. Yes yes, I know... I'm a little weird for liking such stuffs. But, I just love em.. Hehehe. I would just wait for the fries to turn soft at times. And if u're wondering, it has NOTHING to do with my braces k? I can still eat stuffs with eat. Haha. =)

Anyway anyway, I think, I should cut down on my chili intake. That's because, to do "it", out of 3 times, I might be able to do it once only. Hmmmm... It's a lil disappointing but... I guess, I shud try. =)

Actually, I had a pretty good day today. =) Yes, I am in a good mood. There are stuffs that I wanna do and I've done some of it already. And I'm happy. Hehehe... But most of all, I wanna give thanks to Big Daddy. For He has always been providing for me and He will show me the way if I ask Him. I am really really really glad and happy for all the answers that He has shown me. I may fall and fall but up till now, He has been faithfully waiting for me and picking me up. And I'm soooooo very the thankful for that. And to you, thankyou alot lot for always cheering me up. You may not know the exact words to say, but it was always sufficient. And I'm really happy that Big Daddy made you apart of my life. =] I'm thankful for that. But, I will still pray... and be joyful. Hehehe. I believe, I am pretty "joyful" now.

Anyway, it's pretty late already and I shud get some rest. Tmw's going to be a pretty long day again. =) But.... I'm looking forward to it. Hehe

1 more thing... Before I sleep,

Blessed Birthday, BFF!! =)

Yes yes, I know... I have been MIA-ing alot. But still, I hope, u'll have a wonderful day today ya? Hehehe. Happy 22nd Birthday. May you continue to grow and walk closer with Him and may He continue to bless you abundantly. =) Have a wonderful wonderful day, BFF. And... Blessed Sunday! =)
check out my draft k? =] hehe.


Thursday, November 4, 2010
It's Thirst-day!!

Yeah, maybe... I kurang minum water. But I'm feeling kinda thirsty now. Hahahaha. Anyway, I'm writing this post to which 2 special peeps a Blessed and Happy Birthday. =D

The first one goes out to... The Barney Stinson from Penang...


 Kenneth Mah!!

And the second one goes out to.... The mortal-of-mine who thought that I was too nice to be a guy... ~.~

Haiihhhh... Anyway....

Edmund Ng Cheng Yaw Yen Tung!!

Blessed Birthday to the both of you. Hehehe. May you both grow more and more. Like, literally grow more at the sides. Hehe. You both are so skinny!! To Kenneth, it's a pleasure knowing you and I really do enjoy talking to you at times. Your randomness and the speed of your thinking is... insanely hebat. Hahaha. To edmund, it was fun being your angel during malacca camp. And it was also nice to talk to you and play guitar with you at times. Continue playing k? And all the best being "Roger". X)

On the other hand,
I had a pretty relaxing week. =) Everything went pretty well. And although it's not boring-smooth sailing, I'm still glad for the stuffs that happened in between. Oh ya, to all those who are in Scene 2 & 7, I would like to thank you for the hardwork and the willingness that I saw and hopefully will continue to see. =) You all made me happy. Really. I really have no idea how to work it at times. But, I thank you for all the ideas on how to make it better. Btw, it's not about me, it's not about you. Neither is it about us. It's about Him. =]

So, let's continue on this journey ya? Hahaha. I'm starting to enjoy it more and more already.


We're almost there, peeps. Keep holding on. =)

Yesterday, was pretty nice. I'm glad it turned out pretty well. Thank you, for being so stubborn. Hahaha.
to you, = ] thankyou for making me smile.


Monday, November 1, 2010

I need faith that can move mountains
Hope that doesn’t ever end
Even when the sky is falling
I need miracles to happen
Silent prayers get answered
Broken hearts become brand new
That’s what faith can do
(note that I change some lyrics to adapt to my feelings now)

I have no idea how. I do not know if I'm able to do it or not. But, I'm going to really, put on a foot of faith this time. I'm going to walk on water (not literally) when He ask me to walk on water. I may be like Peter who doubted when the storm and wind comes. But, I wanna have that child like faith once again. I wanna believe that I can do it.

I am glad I went to campus around 4 smth. I saw the J.O.F practice and I was really really moved and touched. They can really sing and I am happy that I was there to witness their practice. Although it wasn't their real thing on stage but their practice was really good. They were practicing this song and I am really amazed at how talented they are. = O

Full rehearsal practice just now was... pretty good. But, I dun think we're anywhere near "there" yet. We still have a long way to go and alot more practices to attend. But, I'll continue running this race with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who have the same vision as I have. =) Let's continue striving and running together k? Like the lyrics for this song...

Impossible is not a word
It’s just a reason for someone not to try

Let's not say that it's Impossible. Because if we try hard enough, with His help, we'll DEFINITELY do it right. Hmmmmm... For all those who feel tired, like me (hehe), let's not give up just yet k? =)
Maybe, someday..
=] for now, i'll still pray and wait.

Although I'm a lil tired

Saturday, October 30, 2010
I'll still update abit about what's been happening for the past few days. Hehehe.

Let's see... Hmmm. For me, this current sem of mine is quite a hectic 1. TT.TT
I've got like soooo many things to juggle. But I thank Big Daddy that He's still helping me get through it. Oh ya, I want to let you all know something pretty exciting. Hehehe. Next year, somewhere in February, I'm going to Sarawak!! Wooo-hooooo!! And i'm going to fly there. And you know wat?

It's my first time ever flying!!! Hahahaha. I'm really excited bout it. Hehehe.

Hahahaha. But, not like that picture kinda fly la. But real, aeroplane kind of fly k? Hehehe. Really excited. =D to whom it may concern, pls do not kill me if i muntah muntah k? I dunno if i'm plane sick 1 or not. Hehehehe.

Hmmmm. That picture reminds me of something actually. The "cape" kinda reminds me of that day when I got that bump in CCC. Ppl ppl, I am proud to say that I'm the first person who actually bled after bumping into the hanging speakers in CCC. Hehehehe. Bangga betul. XD felt a lil dizzy after that but, it kinda proves that I'm no superman. But hor, anyway, hmmmm.... shud I get a new Superman T? Hehehe. Just a thought...

Hmmmm. So far, still surviving. I've learned alot of lessons this week and I like the Prayer and Worship Night on Tuesday's CF. Prayed with Kheng and it was really awesome. Sooo nice. Hehehe. I felt, blessed and happy. =) A quick "good job" to Jui and James for making it a pretty good one. =)

Oh ya, I'm slowly slowly (actually, very slowly) learning how to swim. Hehehe. Yes yes, ppl. I do not know how to swim. I've still got a long way to go. But, i'll keep on trying. =) to all those who taught me bits and bits, I thank you! Hehehe.

I should go get some rest now. Tomorrow's going to be another long day. But, I think it's going to be fun as well. =D Good night, world! But before I sleep, I'm going to share some pictures which were shared to me. =) I hope you like them.

Super Box Man!! = D

I need lots of this for this sem.

Oh ya, if you tak keberatan, please continue to pray for baby Joshua k? Hmmmm... I hope, he's alright.
Delta is not impossible.

It has been awhile

Monday, October 18, 2010
since I wrote a post. Hehehe. I was busy maaa. Like, insanely busy k?

But, I thank God that intensive week is over and I did kinda manage to pull it through. Well, at least, nothing really bad happened except for that bump on my head yesterday la. XD Hahahaha. That was funny. Hmmmm. It kinda proves that...

"I'm no supermaaaannnn". =D

Hahaha. I tried to be, but, like lene would say "e-pig" fail. Hehehe.

Hmmmm. There're so much things that happened during intensive week and I don't really know where to start. We had vocal trainings in the morning. We had scene practices in the afternoon and night. We had lots of fun during almost all of our practices. Well, at least, I know I did. Hahahaha. Although some of them are very much draining and tiring but still, I am soooooooo thankful for those who were around. You all made practicing so much more fun and enjoyable. Especially all those crazy and mad parts. Oh ya, I kinda enjoy dancing around too. Hahaha. Although, I'm still not good at it. But.... I'll try... =] Hmmm. I would like to thank Sally, Edwin, Noni and Elvi for teaching me soooooo much. Yeah... I've learned alot and I think I still need time to process them all. Still pretty blur here and there. TT.TT

Anyway, that's all for now la. I guess. I don't really know what else to update already. So, I'll "put the pen down" for now and if I have the time, I'll continue to update k? For those who wanna come for ROC (yeahhhH!! that's our Christmas play's name this time), do make ur dates in December free k? =D

Juste ainsi vous savez, I miss dynasty, pizza hut and mcd too. = ]

Tim Someee

Thursday, October 7, 2010
I'm going to KL tomorrow. Hehehe. It will be a one day thingy. I kinda wish that James would join us this time as well actually. It... wouldn't be the same without him around. = \ But anyway, James, u have fun kat "Merlion place" this weekend ya? See you during Intensive week then. Hehehehe. And I'm sorry I ffk-ed just now. I just woke up. Hahahaha. X D

KL, here i come...

Ya rite... That's not KL. Hahahahaha. But, it's something like dat kan? That long long thing looks like the KL tower apa. X) Hehehehe. Yay yay! I'm happy i'm going somewhere tomorrow. = D
p/s: I wish you were coming too. = ]

Hmmmm... Let's see. Oh ya, my sister is having her PMR now. Today, would be her 3rd day of examinations actually. When I asked her how was English today, she said "oh... very easy". Hahahaha. I dunno why, but I think it's either English got so much more easier compared to last time or Elise mmg super pro in English already. Hehe.

I dun really know wat else to update for now leh. Hahaha. But hor, so far, my holidays have been pretty cool. And like wat Sally had said in her bloggie, "Eat Pray Love" is... not really a show to watch when u're really tired or when it's about 10pm at nite. Hehe. Like what Uncle Dexter had said 2 Sundays back, "the battle of the eyelids". Hahaha. Was feeling pretty sleepy also. But, I hope there will be a fourth. = ] Guys.... We should have watched Legend of the fist instead. The fighting is zuperrrrrrrrrr fake. But, hahahahaha.. it looks pretty cool know? X P

When i look you in the eyes,
my tummy starts to rumble... = P***

Oh my... Looking at dimsum pictures at this time.... isn't really helping. TT.TT huu huuuuu... I really am craving for thee. Will someone bring me? Unlike youuuuu, go dimsum tak bring me. huu huuuuu.. I shall mourn for 40 days and nites. TTT.TTT Hahahahaha. Kiddingg~~ = D haf fun at dim sum tmw ya?

Anyway, I think I should continue sleeping soon also. Tmw, 8.30 am bus but I'm going to be at the bus central pretttyyy early. Hehehe. Good night, world. = D
p/s/s: if u were asking me, u are my favourite hello and = \ also the hardest goodbye.

Yu phin

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hehehehe. Today's a good day. Today.....

I became FREE!!! X D

Hahahaha. I feel so happy now. Walking out of the exam hall just now, I actually did a skip towards the exit. =X But, oh well.... = D Hahahahahaha.

Today, was my last day of my exams for this trimester. The papers were quite tough actually. TT.TT All were tough except for today's. = ] Hmmmm. Had a sudden thought of Sammie. = \ She, didn't manage to come for the MA and OB examination. = \ I hope, she'll get well soon and hopefully, she's able to take her exams sometime soon.

"Get well soon, Sammie! = )"

Anyway, these few days... Alot of stuffs happened. Some were good. Some were not so good. Yik How got admitted into a hospital. But he's out!! YAY!!! Joel fractured his RING finger, not index. Sorry for the wrong info, Sally. = D Hahahaha. Some of you all may wonder who Joel is right? Hehehe. 

 Ta-daaaaa.. Joel.

Joel is Uncle Rodney's son. He's naughty at times but still, = ] he's one of those adorable 1. BFF, if u're reading this, your little good looking 1's hurt. Do pray for him k?

On another hand,

Happy Belated 19th Birthday, Ame!! = D

Nahhh... Virtual Balloons for you.

Hahahaha. U're 19++ ad. So now, officially, u can go and watch those movies which are like 19PL or 19SG or those sort. XP Hehehehe. Hopefully, u did enjoy that little surprise that was MOSTLY planned by your good ipoh lang punya fren. Hehe. May Big Daddy continue to bless you. Do come CF at times k? = D You're really an awesome friend to have. Hehehehe. It was a lil scary at first, when James and I went to Ipoh and u were in the car there and we didn't really talk much. I thought you were going to eat me... TT.TT Hahahahahaha.. No laaa... Kidding only. But, I'm glad to have met you and thank you for leading us around Ipoh. Those times were great and memorable. Hopefully, we'll go there again someday. Btw, ur current FB picture... lenggg. Nice nice.

On another hand (wait, how many hands do I have? keep on "on another hand". Hahaha... Oh well.. =D), I had a great time talking and lunching yesterday. Lots of questions that I had on my mind became pretty much clear yesterday. Thanks. For clearing stuffs for me. Hehehe. 

I really do feel... so... 

Free... and...


right now. = ]

p/s: we'll set the example. we'll pray and wait. =] Happy Belated Pizza Hut Day.

A little troubled

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I received a sms. Which wasn't really a pleasant 1. =\

I got to know that Yik How, Sin Yee's brother, is now in a hospital. =(

Why is he in a hospital? That's because his platelet count was 0 on the 27th and increased to 5 on the 28th. And I, who was once in a hospital because of dengue, do know a little bit about platelets. Haihhh.. If I'm not mistaken, platelet cells are the cells that help stop bleeding 1. (do correct me if I'm wrong) And normally, the platelet count should be more than 150. But, Yik How's platelet count reached...


= ( Please pray for him alrite? I'm actually, pretty worried when I read the msg. If his platelet count doesn't go up today, they said, there might be something wrong with his bone marrow. Goodness.... *shivers*

Do continue to pray for him and his family k? =(

Hmmmm... My final 3 papers for this semester is coming pretty soon. I'm still in the midst of preparing for them. = ] I can't wait for them to end. And I can't wait for my short holidays to start. Hahaha. After that, it would be super duper tiring but wonderful intensive week.

Oh goshhhh.. So many things coming up. @.@ Exams, comm planning, kl trip (hopefully), intensive week... Hopefully... By the end of everything, i may still be sane. Hahahaha. Talk about sanity.... Hmm hmmmm.. = ]

Had a great time studying with the peeps in FES these few days. Makan makan, study study, talk nonsense, sing sing.. Hahahaha... crazy stuffs but they were all pretty fun and memorable. Quotes Jui, "when we're doing repetitive stuffs, time seems to fly fast". Hahaha.. I agree with her. Hahahaha.. We neeeeeed much more "interesting" stuffs. X)

Besides all that, I had quite a good day just now. Got the "doodles" and the notes. = ] Thank you for them. 

p/s: i like sundry day too. = ] hopefully, we'll get to do it again someday. cause i really do enjoy going grocery shopping with you. and i know you dun want me to worry. and i thank you for telling me about it. I pray that u'll always be safe. = ]
p/p/s: delta. = ]

Empower Me

Monday, September 27, 2010
Nobody knows how weak I am 
better than You;
Nobody sees all of my needs,
better than You. 
And nobody has the POWER to change me, 
the way I was meant to be.
Jesus be strong in my weakness,
empower me! 

Empower me, 
like a rushing river flowing to the sea.
Lord, send Your Holy Spirit flowing now through me.
Till I'm living as Your child, victorious and free,
send the power of Your love,
empower me
Yesterday (since today is Monday already), I had a pretty awesome time in church. Before the worship session came to an end, I felt like singing that song. I was flipping flipping and then, I saw that song...

I do like that song. I remembered playing that song quite some time ago. = ] The lyrics, really are meaningful. Cause... it actually does reflect a little bit about what I feel.

Nobody knows how weak I am, better than You. Nobody sees all of my needs, better than You....
There are many times when I felt really weak. But = ] no matter how many times I felt weak, I am always able to find the way to get up again. And I'm thankful very much for that. But still, I dun really like the feeling of falling and keep on falling. It hurts. Hopefully, the more i fall, the stronger and closer I will get with Him.

And nobody has the power to change me. The way I was meant to be...
Not saying that I can't change for the better. But... there are things about me that I just.... can't change. I'm still struggling with it at times. Hmmmm.. But maybe, I could and should try and change my attitude towards stuffs. Forgive me. = \

Jesus be strong in my weakness, empower me!
I need His strength.

Till I'm living as Your child, victorious and free...
I must live my life like I'm really His child. And maybe, I've inherited some of His likeness as well. Maybe... But I do wanna be victorious and free... Sometimes, I wish I could just be free from it all. = \


Send the POWER of Your love, empower me!
Again and again and again, I need His help. I can't run this race on my own. I need... help at times. And yes, almost all of the time, I have had help. = ]

After church was pretty fun too. We had youth and I learned that... I'm a blind man.. TT.TT huuu huuuuuuu...
Hahahaha... X D no laaa.. I'm not literally blind.

After that, came home for awhile. Rested. Napped. And then... went out to go get some stuffs. = D
oh yesss, I like yesterday alot probably cause of the outing session that I had. = ] thank you. It was really fun. Hahahaha.. Let's do it again someday ya? If... there's another chance la.

Actually, I also dunno wat I'm typing also... Just blurting out watever that comes to mind now. And.... I'm feeling all so lazy to upload any pictures also.. Hahaha.. Malas betul, adrian ni... Hahahaha..


I am weak. I can't change much about me.
But I hope, if Big Daddy's willing, may u like me as me.

Good morning

Friday, September 24, 2010
you. Yes, you. Have a great day ya? = ]

I am free!!! for now... Hehehehe. I just finished 2 of my final papers and I thank God for keeping me calm while I do them. And also for keeping me still sane.
And to all those who have been praying, thankyouuu very much as well. Hehehe.

I think, I have something with pictures. I have been spending probably, a few hours already just looking at pictures. = ] I like pictures. All kinds of pictures.

Muffins make me hungry TT.TT

hehehe... pretty true. = ]

now that's... a crooked smile.. = D
To all those who are still going through the horror of finals (actually, i'm also still going through it.. hahahaha), may u find calmness while answering ur papers. Don't forget to pray pray and ask for wisdom k? And to James, I hope u do get well soon.
i like colourful ones... = ]
i'm going to bed now... good nite, you. = ]
p/s: every time i do this, it's special.

Last Week

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I had quite an awesome week last week. = ] I would say, last week was quite a Happy and Sunny week for me. Hehehehe.

Oh ya, I found out something really amazing. My sister, Elise... She can sing!! As in, really sing 1. I was impressed when I heard her sing "Introducing Me" by Nick Jonas without looking at any lyrics. The cool part was, she sang without any off-keys. = O

Yes yes, peeps... I have a sister who actually sings better than me. = ] I'm really impressed.

Oh wait, you do not know that song? Gooodnesss... Nvm...


Yes, she sang that song. = ] Hahaha.. I'm proud of my sister.

I played the guitar while she sings the song. Hebat, I tell u. And while I was playing, I was thinking of doing a cover with her actually. But, shy la.. Hahahaha.. Nvm nvm. XD hahahaha

So many nice and wonderful things happened but I'm feeling a little lazy to blog about it now. Hehehehe. But to all those who made me smile last week, = ] I thank you all so much for making last week a pretty amazing one for me. I.... am truly.... Blessed. = ]

p/s : to whom it may concern, you still owe me 3 stories k? = D hehehehe

but I thank you, for making last week a memorable one for me.
= ] i smiled alot last week.

A great cover by..

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Maddi Jane!!

This young girl. TT.TT Super hebat. I heard this song on the radio again today. So, i thought of checking out the video clip. Mana tau, I saw this girl punya name. She did a cover for this song. Soooo nice... TT.TT I like her voice.

= ] I had a great time at church today. Hehehe. Blue Cotton On. = ] I finally know how it looks like. And plus, I also did had a good time during youth. Today's topic was about "love begins at home" and "home determines character". We talked about Joseph's experiences like for example, he was supposed to be killed and he was supposed to be left dead inside that cistern and finally, he was sold away.

There was something actually that puzzled me and made me a lil bit curious. In verse 2, it was said that he's a tell-taler. As in, he gave "bad reports" about his brothers to his father. So... from what I understand.... Joseph wasn't mentioned about his characteristics at the beginning. But then, while typing this out, it struck me.

Joseph was a man after all. He's a man with the ability to do wrongs as well. Just like me. = ] But not just me. Everybody. It actually did struck me that Big Daddy actually do use whatever people on earth to do His works. Looking at Joseph's life, it's quite impossible to think that something good might come out of it. He was sold away... BY HIS BROTHERS!! = O

But the story didn't end there. He later on became the 2nd most powerful man in Egypt.....

SECOND most powerful man!! After pharoah. = O Waowww... From someone who was sold away for 200 grams of silver, he became the man who collects silver and gold and was probably.... really really really rich. = O

So... I've learned my lesson. No matter what, like Joseph, I'm going to continue to trust Big Daddy. = ] He knows what's the very best for me and in His perfect timing, He'll show it to me.

Thank you again.... for listening to me yesterday. = ] I'm happy to have somebody to share it with. Hehehe... Feeling pretty H A P P Y right now. = D

Ah hwei did left me (not just me la... the whole bunch of us but i felt it pretty strong) a challenge... She challenged us to either be the ones that fall like the rest or... be the ones to "break the curse". I take that as a challenge and I'll give my best shot. = D

p/s : i like that random and short outing just now. = ] Although it was for just awhile. But, anyway......

Blessed Sunday, peeps.... = D

Good afternoon, u. = ]
Am happy to see you just now. = ]

It amazes me

How can someone soooo mighty, so powerful, so strong, so big, so awesome, so majestic also be...

so loving, so caring... someone who will always remind me that i'll never be left out nor forsaken?

= ]

Was going through quite a valley just now and now, i'm currently back on track. There are many times when I feel un-equipped, un-enough, un-ready, un-adequate, and all those un-s. But I really really do wonder how someone so important would actually put so much effort on someone like.....


What do I have that He treasures me so much? Human thinking, normally, we would treasure somebody if that somebody has something to offer back. But it's still very hard for me to accept the fact that someone would actually love me sooo much. =\ Dear God, wat do You see in me that I myself do not see in myself?

To you, thank you for listening.

Cos I'm no superman.
I hope you like me as I am. = ]


Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's 3.37 in the morning and I'm looking at yummy dim sum pictures... TT.TT Man, I'm hungry... I have been craving for dim sum for some time already. Hmmmm.. Anybody wants to have dim sum with me someday? = ]

Nick Jonas - Who I am


Wednesday, September 8, 2010
Hmmmm.. This week, pretty tiring and crazy week. T.T But, I enjoyed it lots. I enjoyed Friday and Saturday soooo much. Was soooo tiring but still, I enjoyed it super duper lots. Hehehe. Then, on Sunday, whole body aching. Now, still feel some ache all around but slowly, it's reducing.

I didn't really like Sunday. = \ It was... quite a "down" Sunday actually. Wasn't feeling the best of myself on Sunday. But like every other days, last Sunday has passed to. = ]

Devotion at nite was... alright lo. Am pretty happy to see Jia Tsing again. Hahaha. Had lots of doubt but am pretty glad that I did it anyway. = ] Thank God for that. But when pastor ask to write the 3 most important things on 3 pieces of paper and when she ask us to discard 2 of those 3, I have difficulty discarding that 2. = X Hmmmm... When that situation really happens... Am I really able to discard the other 2?

I've made lots of wrong decisions

= ] Pizza Hut was good. Although it was a lil hard at first but I'm glad it happened. I hope... and I pray that may it be according to Big Daddy's will. Hahahaha. Actually, I know that it will definitely be according to His will 1. We're just following His flow. So, may it be according to His will la. Hehehe...

Go with His flow....... = ]

p/s : to my fan, this update is for you... = ]

we'll wait and see Big Daddy's plan ya? = ]