I can't sleep

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

But this clip was running around in my mind. I like the pitchy voices.

I just makan some bread awhile ago and I'm feeling hungry. What's wrong with me? I dun feel good.. Feel weird inside. Yen says inside got ulat. Aiyo. Shud be the other reason la. Yeah, I think it's the other reason. Ugh. June is coming.

I dun feel pity. It's just that, I feel useless. Lord, tell me, what can I do?

Emo for awhile

Sunday, April 26, 2009
I was feeling emo just awhile ago. But no more. That was uhmm.. pretty fast. Hahaha.. Thanx.

2 Pics from SPCA day

Tuesday, April 21, 2009
I kinda like this picture. Haha

And this 1 too.

Life's Good

Sunday, April 19, 2009
Hahaha.. I'm not advertising for LG buy I just wanna say that my life has been good lately. Everything is falling into places. I have got what I wanna get. Yippee! Hahaha. Got a big project this Friday. Ppl, do pray that everything will turn out alrite k? Can't wait for it. Hahaha. Hope that it would turn out alrite.

Let's see....

We had their (well, technically, not ours cause I'm not part of PM10 but.... oh well..) English drama competition quite recently and I help out a lil. Hahahahaha. It was actually fun to do a drama with them. They tak pernah fail to make me laugh 1. But still, can't beat James. He was like literally laughing at everything. Hahahahaha. Still, the drama was good. They got 3rd place and I did some help k? Hehe. And I got myself my first MMU cert. Wheeee. I also get 1. Wheeee.. Happy.

And then, our business project has FINALLY come to and END..!!
The project was really taxing and tiring. 3 whole weeks of selling and we were the only group with the least members. It was pretty hard managing a project with so little people u know? Now, I know wat it feels like for them who actually have their own project and actually try to sell their product for quite some time. I totally respect those ppl for their patience..

Speaking of patience, somehow, it has finally paid of. All those waiting and waiting and lots more of waiting have actually paid of. The end result was really really good. I love my end result. Hahaha. Got to give God the credit here. Couldn't have done it without Him. So, 3 cheers to my Big Daddy up there.

Hip hip HOOORAY!

I totally love both my Daddys. They are both so nice to me. Sometimes, I tend to forget that. So, lots of thanks to both of u cause without the both of u, I can't get this really good results.

Yeah, my end result was as beautiful as that.

Oh ya, and then I had the new Dark Berry Mocha Frap from Starbucks. It was goooooooood. Every1 shud have a try on it sometime. Really good i tell you. Uhmm.. Maybe just to me la. But still, I do like it alot. Hahahaha. Gonna have more of those. When I got more money la. Nowadays got to start saving up d. For that One Day. Haha.

Oh oh.. And my braces punya besi just putus.. Aiya. Then today Sunday, so, clinic tak bukak. Apala.. Now the metal's kinda poking here n there.. Kinda irritating. But oh well, there are way too many good things in my life at the moment compared to this 1 small thing.

Moral Project

Monday, April 13, 2009
Kuey Teow Soup

Honey Dew Desert thingy

Hahaha. No, those pictures are not my moral project. We went to DP on saturday to help out SPCA to sell some of their products. Yes, the money all goes to charity. So they say. Haha. I do not know exactly also cause 1 uncle actually ask me, "Sure or not? All money go charity 1?" and I couldn't answer. Cause I do not know. But I do hope all the sales that we made that day really goes to charity. Oh, those pictures up there, that's lunch.

This girl, she very hebat. She can bend so much and she's actually pretty fierce also. She scratch me and simply tumbuk ppl 1. Walaupun she garang, she still quite cute. She help us by giving out fliers as well. No, we didn't bully her. She just wanted to help and actually, more ppl take her fliers compared to us. Huuu Huuuuu... Most of the time when we wanted to pass to them fliers, they act as if we're invincible. Now, we actually know how all those sales ppl must have felt from all those rejection and ignoration (if that's even a word). But still, it was fun. Hahaha. And not to mention, super tiring.

Can't wait for later. Hahaha. So many things to do. Nite, faster come will ya? And dun leave so fast. Haha...

My Favourite Verse

Sunday, April 12, 2009
Last time, there was a girl who asked me, "Wat's your favourite verse in the Bible?". My answer was "John 3:16".

Yes, it is like the verse that everyone knows and it's like the most basic and simplest verse. But God reminds me today that He came not with an army, nor with angels by his side. He came in the most simplest form. He came down as a man. A man that was perfect, without blemish or any sin. A man that was willing to go the extra mile just for me. But not just me only. But he went that extra mile so I can live with Him in heaven when i shift world. And stay there permanently.

A baby was born not in a castle or in a mansion. This baby was born 2000 years ago in a manger. He came not to get fame, not to get money or anything. But He came..... for me.... And every1 knows Him very well already. Altho some of us ignores His knocking on their door.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whoever believes in Him, shall NEVER perish but have ETERNAL LIFE." - John 3 : 16

God, thank you so much for EVERYTHING that u've poured into my life. I do hope that I will put u first in everything that I do.

Dear God

Friday, April 10, 2009
Thank you very much for today. I had a really good time. I hope that You will give me more days like today. Thank you very very much for today. I'm happy.

Your Child,
Adrian Mau

Thanx to you also for making today a good day.

Thunderbirds Are GO!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I like this movie. Hahaha. Do you?
There are times when older ppl will come to me and "Adrian, u can't do this" or "Adrian, u can't do that". And i know la, i'm wrong at that moment. So, I dun do it anymore. But when "this" older ppl do stuffs that u can't do, that really pisses me off.

I've got 1 good example today. There's this person who tell me, "Adrian, u can't take things for granted 1. When u need transport or anything, u must let us know." But this same person today didn't let me know that i need to arrange transport for some1. It's the very same person. And end up, my own plans tergendala and I can't do things that I at first wanted to do. U think wat? I got no plans ar? Nth else to do ar? U just leave like dat and expect me to do it. Who do u think am I? Who do you think you are? Come on man, u ask me to not take things for granted, and here u are, doing the very same thing. Wat The Heck man..


Thursday, April 2, 2009
Hehe. Twins.

I was thinking. Wouldn't it be nice to have a twin? But come to think of it, probably those twins also wouldn't want an extra of themselves. So, no solution. No conclusion. Haih.

Oh wait. I know. Adrian, be content that u're the only 1 of u. But then again, identical twins probably just look alike. They dun share the same interest and stuffs. But still, Adrian, be content. Be happy with wat u have.