Youth Today

Sunday, January 31, 2010
I had a good day today. = ] A good sermon by Uncle Rodney. A good youth topic discussed and like the MMU-ians would say "Kudos", I would like to say "Kudos" to WeiJin for his sharing on the


topic. I learned alot from today and I'm glad I didn't overslept this time. (Hehehehe.. Mei, it only happened once k?) Also mei, I'm so happy and glad that u stayed for youth just now. Hehehehe. Sorry I couldn't teach you today. Busy busy busy. Alot of things to do. T.T But I will definitely teach you 1. You dun have to worry bout that. I've also learned that I shouldn't make promises that I can't keep. Mei, u have my word that I will. Hehe.. = ]

I've also learned to change the ways I think of others.

Everybody's a lil Superman at times.

Hehehehe... Have I told you guys that my favourite superhero is Superman? Yes yes, I like Superman alot. Like how Shuen likes the HawkGirl, I do like Superman. = D I dunno whether she still likes HawkGirl or not.

Wait... You guys do not know who's HawkGirl?


Hahahahahahaha.. That's HawkGirl la. Eh eh, xiao mei mei, I just thought of something cool!! If we do ever have a costume party or smth like dat, we shall go as HawkGirl and Superman ya?? Hehehehehe. If... My costume easy oni 1. I just have to wear my undergarments outside lo.. X D


Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.

Romans 5 : 3-4

God asks all of us to carry up our cross daily. And suffer together with Him. Wat's the point of calling ourselves Christians if we do not do wat Christ did rite? He suffers, so should we. He cried, so could we. He died, so will we.

And anyone who does not carry his cross and follow me cannot be my disciple.
Luke 14 : 27

So, like Him, I will go through these times. With His stregth, I WILL overcome. I admit that I am weak and I cannot continue this journey without Him. So, like the others, I'm surrendering to Him 100%.

On the other hand, my mei ar mei is fantastically AWESOME!! = D Hahahahaha..

I used to

Saturday, January 30, 2010

like this alot.

Actually, up till now, I still do.. Hehehehe!! Thank you, for reminding me of how great this guy really is.. Hehehe...

Updates on Raymond. I thought he was doing fine cause he was moved from ICU to the normal ward. But, it was not because he was getting better (i'm not entirely sure about this) but the reason why he was moved was because, the ICU wards were full. Gosh, I do hope and pray the he will get better.

This sem, haihhhh... I dun like this sem... Makes me sad, thinking about this sem...... I was really depressed at the beginning and now, thinking about it again makes me depress... And trust me, now it's 3.25am. And I'm quite sleepy d. And when ppl are sleepy or drunk, they would have a higher chance of telling u the truth. Straight from the heart.. And yes, ladies and gentleman, I am sad...

But, somehow, when I'm really down, alot of my friends have been talking to me, encouraging me with so many ways. Alot of them listened. I'm not the Looking-For-Attention type k? Maybe, not all the time. But certainly, not now. I'm also not looking for sympathy. I'm looking for a fren to listen to me. There are times when I listen to other ppl problems and somehow, I find it that, this is quite my time for ppl to listen to me.

I'm not perfect. I can NEVER be perfect. I can't be good enuff for you. Gosh, who would ever say that I'm good enuff for some1 ar? haha... Thank you, for letting me know that i'm not going through all these problems alone. At least, I know there's ppl out there who's with me, through this, together. Thank you, pink lembu, for listening to my rantings at times.

I miss this alot.

I wanna go out with u guy again. Being in a family with you guys, I would trade with nothing. Although that 1 day trip was sooooo fast, and now, it's over d. But, I do hope there will be more of this la. Hehe. I'm itching for another getaway..

And, talking about getaways...
The Alphas are coming back!!!! WHEEEE!!!

See... They also got 1 outing.. Hehehe

Awwww... Those happy faces.. = ] I dun care wat ppl might say but "I miss you guys!!". Walaupun I bet that alot of u guys are actually dreading to come back to this awful place.. T.T So, do enjoy ur 2 more days of holidays while u still have it ya? 2 more days only...

Oh ya, I would also like to take this opportunity to wish Charlene, Jeremy and Mei ar Mei a Happy Belated Birthday!! U guys are awesome!! Hehehehe..

Mei, u're 14... Hehehe.. Stay gorgeous and continue to grow and walk with Him k? God bless u!!

*yawnsssssss* <--- i really did yawned... ~.~ good nite peeps..

If Possible

Saturday, January 23, 2010
Do not watch this in the cinema.

Cause it's like quite a waste of money la. Probably because, we expected alot from this movie. President and I were quite hyped about it la. Hahahaha. But, manatau... Ish ish... So, if you guys plan to do smth fun during this weekend, dun watch this. TT.TT hehehehe. Go watch Tooth Fairy or the Jackie Chan movie. I heard the Jackie Chan 1 is pretty nice la.

I wanna apologise to everybody who came today and didn't really enjoy the movie... TT.TT Sorry sorry.. I really thought that it was gonna be a really good show. The next 1, which is...

Shud be nicer la... I hope... Hahahaha...

Oh oh, I also wanna thank everyone who came today and didn't scold me cause the movie wasn't that good. Ok ok, the movie was pretty bad, i know... Sorry la... TT.TT But, I seriously wanna thank Sally and Lene for helping me to get those ppl whom I do not have their contact number la. Also, not forgetting James, for getting Gan to come along. Hehehe.. = D I also wanna thank the drivers who drove so many of them here. All the way to DP... Thank you guys sooooooooo much!!! = D

Anyway, I shud hit the hays pretty soon d. Was quite a pretty tiring day... Fuuuuh!! Hahaha. But a really enjoyable and memorable 1. Due to a certain event.. Hahahahaha.. Good nite, peeps!!
Justify Full
Thursday, January 21, 2010
"May you never steal, lie or cheat"

"But if you must steal, steal away all our sorrows.
And if you must lie, lie with me all the nights of my life.
And if you must cheat, please cheat death. Cause I can't live a day without you."

TukarKaki - Hanya Harapan

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This song is kinda stuck in my head... But I'm glad it is stuck in my head. = D

I'm helping

Thursday, January 14, 2010
my fren promo her blog.

If you guys who do drop by here occasionally wants to do some online shopping, do drop by here and check out the dresses here ya? The dresses are really nice looking and i think they are pretty cheap too. = D I would definitely get my girlfren (if i have 1 la) 1 of these dresses.

Yup, she would look lovely in this.

That's claire. Isn't she pretty? Hehehehehe... = ]

For further info, u can contact me or u can contact the blog owner also la... Hehehe.. Seriously, the dresses there are quite awesome. So, if u're online shopping, do drop by here k? Thanx.

Btw, claire is the dress name.. I think. Hehehehe. And according to my fren, the dresses are in good quality. = ]


Saturday, January 9, 2010

I hope to see you do something like that in the future also ya!!?? Hehehe.. Gambateh!!

Thanx KeeWeng, for sharing this. This dance is really really awesome. I can only dream of doing something like that. Hahahaha

Guys guys, i just found this out!! Thank you, Sammie!!

Watch it!! It is super dang awesome!! Hahahahaha!! Credit goes to DJ Earworm!! U rawk, man!!

R A W R ! ! !

Blessed Birthday, Shulynn. ^^ May u stay gorgeous always, mei ar me... ^..^ RAWR!!

I've watched....

This is not a movie that I will recommend you to see cause it's a pretty confusing kinda show. T.T It's quite a waste of money actually. Hahahahaha.. If u plan on watching a movie during this weekend, I would strongly suggest....

Not that appealing looking but the movie was pretty awesome. It was a short movie la. But it was worth watching. Hehehehe. = ] Again, I strongly encourage u to watch this show. Hehehehe.

Man, it's quite late already and I'm pretty tired also. But I wanna stay awake for a little while more. = ] Hahahaha..

Btw, Marilyn, it was fun meeting u for awhile just now. And I do agree, it seemed like forever since we last met and talk. Hahahaha. So, if u guys got plans, do let me know earlier abit k? I need to plan my time properly 1.. Hehehe.. Congrats on doing the Nike which I'm assuming it's some sort of hand stand rite? Teach me next time!!! I'm so eager to learn. Hehehe. For now, it's just the baby FREEZE~~!! = D

They have done it again

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Awesome rite!!!??


The plan for today is, Nasi Briani later at 10am at the shop beside the fruit stall near my place. Btw, the nasi briani there is really off the hook. It's like one of the places where u should try food. I've actually never been there before till AiAi decided to eat there before a movie. Walaupun I tinggal so dekat to that place, I didn't really know that it was that good. So, if u guys wanna try, do let me know ya? I wanna go again also.. Hehehehe..

After that, we're gonna go to Jetty and...
Hehehehe. This is a funny ad. = D

Yup, we're going for L4D2!! Wooo-hoooo!! Have been wanting to play it since it came out but cause of exams la, this have to wait.. Hahahahaha.. I heard, the game is pretty awesome... ^^ Can't wait.. Hehehehehe...

Then later at nite, gonna go watch BandSlam with some of the CF-ers.

And I do hope Insecto would join us this time. >.<

Today, it's gonna be a rather good day. = ]
All da best to all the Alphas who are gonna have their exams pretty soon. ^^


Wednesday, January 6, 2010
I played bowling with James, Joshua Ooi, Sam, Charlene and Edmund.
I played captain ball with the alphas and some seniors.

Yesterday, it was fun... = ]

Today, I do hope it's gonna be fun too.. Hahahahaa.. So, Mr. Today, wat do u have planned for me? Am I going out? Will I go out for a movie? Hahahahaha. U let me know k?

Hahahahahahahaha.. I'm going mad.

I feel like watching a movie today but I probably shouldn't. I'm pretty broke already.. Huuu Huuu... Wat should I do? Should I spend my time reading instead?

Oh ya, speaking of reading, Roald Dahl is a really good writer. He wrote in such a way that when u start reading a certain part, u wouldn't want to stop! = ] So, if u do come across some of his books, do get ur paws on them and read. (If you like to read la.. Hahahaha.. Cause some may find it boring)

I have got to be patient and wait for Him to reveal His plans for me..
Lord, I pray that You help me to be more like You everyday..

2 Corinthians 12:10
That is why, for Christ's sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

I am feeling very weak now.