It has been a long time

Tuesday, October 27, 2009
since the day i updated my blog.. Hahaha. So, sorry, mentos.. I was busy with so many stuffs..

Tonite, i'll be having my first cyber P class and i just got to know that chun aun and manining poppings will be joining us also... WHeeeeeeeeee hahaha ^^ that's gonna be like super duper awesome. And then, later got CF summore.. Wheee.. I do hope i'm allowed to go CF and CGs this sem. I really wanna go. And I hate being a malaccan for that reason.

Yesterday was Richard's birthday and I couldn't go cause, being a malaccan, I've got to go home early. I wish I was from out of town and I get to hang out with the MMU folks more often. Haihhhhh... Seriously, if it wasn't because of me being a malaccan, I would definitely take up that role of being smth-smth... How can I be a malaccan and still hang out with u guys ar? How do u guys do it? I really wanna do it too.. Wat am I missing?

Anyway, Intensive Week was over and this time, lucky me lucky me, I'm not down with cough or flu. Hahaha.. Thank God for that. ^^ Gosh... Come to think of it, I'm turning 21 very soon already!!! 21 man!!! That's the-golden-key age. T.T I dun think i'm ready for it. But I shall embrace it with glory... HAHAHAHAHA ^^

I can't wait to practice more for ACT.. Hehehe... Oh ya, yesterday's practice was fun. Btw, for those who are coming this year's ACT3, dun laugh at me that badly k? TT.TT
Even if you do, I want you to know that I'm having loads of fun being that and being laughed at. You probably do not understand what I'm talking about rite? If u wanna know, do come for ACT. ^^

It will be in MMU, not sure wat time but the date most probably would be 7th December. So, be sure to get that date free k? If u are reading this post, U ARE INVITED TO COME!! Ask me for more info if u need em ya?

Zee Avi - Kantoi

Monday, October 12, 2009

Credit goes to sharma for sharing this song with us. Hehehehe.. Hope u guys do enjoy this song too. JB, if u're reading this, hope this will brighten up ur day a lil. ^^

Today is ruined

Friday, October 9, 2009
How the heck would I know that u're having cramps!?

My day today has been ruined. It's all because of you and you know who you are.. DEMMIT!

Oh ya, btw, if you're reading this, next week is OFF!!

According to Marilyn

My top 3 things that I wanna do today is uhmm.. Let's see...

1. Watch all those movies that i have been missing
The obsessed movie is prety.... Nice... But i got a good cold shiver when Lisa died..
2. Go to McD and have some ice-creams!!! YAY!!! I love ice-cream alot..
3. Do some work out. Yes, i've not been doing much and i can see all those stuffs that are not supposed to be there. And yah, I know, I sound girlish but I am not.. Maybe I am. But i wanna be healthy, you see.. Seriously... I think it must be because of "The Biggest Loser" and I was pretty inspired by wat Bob said. He said "Do not wait till the 1st of January when you can do it RIGHT NOW!"

Now, i'm currently thinking of what to eat.

Gosh... The exams are finally over for now. I know, i know.. I didn't really do my very best but I've actually tried my best at that moment. I even tried staying up as late as i can to study but i can't do it. The more I cramp my brain into it, the more painful it gets. And it gets me dizzy. No, it is not excuses.. Really, they are hurtful. But i admit I've always got excuses to not study before la.

Next sems goals :
1. Study, and really study...
Adrian, you dun want the same things to happen twice, do you?
2. Must be availabe on the 21st of November no matter wat!!!
3. Must really concentrate on working for ACT3, I really can't wait for intensive week.
And for all those who do drop by here sometime, YOU are definitely invited for the christmas play. I'm not exactly sure when it is but it will be somewhere end of november or beginning of december.
4. Read the Bible more and pray more. In other words, spend more time with God.
5. Must try and stay healthy at all times. Like wat the "saturdays" once said.. "A healthy mind combined with a healthy body, makes you HOT!"

Oh ya, Chun Aun, if u're reading this post, FASTER ORGANISE A BOWLING OUTING!! I know you want it. Hahahahaha!!

Guess What?

Friday, October 2, 2009
I just had my 1st paper today!! Weeee~~hoooo~~~~!!!
And I got my haircut after my paper!! Wee~~~~
And after I got home, my download was completed....

Soooo........ Without feeling much guilt, I....

Ta-daaaaa!!! I watched this movie..!! Hahahaha.. It was really awesome cause it really did bring lots of memories. Not that this movie really mean anything to me but somehow, this movie actually teaches me on how to be a better person. Somehow.. So, I do hope I'll be better now.

p/s : Mandy Moore is really pretty. I always take her as some singer but now, after watching this, I realised that, she ain't just a singer. She's a terrific actress.

And guess what? This movie actually made me tear a lil. I've been watching lots of movies and in hoping that some movie can actually make me cry. Not that I haven't (hey, i've got a soft heart oso k?) but it's just that I kinda forgot which movie actually made me cry. So, I watched it. And boy, it was a really good show.

For all those who wants to borrow it, just let me knw. I am more than happy to share it with you. And for all those early "love birds", this is a really good show. It helps. ^^ I think.. Hahahaha.. I know it will for me. Or you could just go and download it yourself. Since it's a very old movie, it will take you not so long. ^^

Another movie that's a so-called "must watch".