Monday, August 23, 2010

There's 2 ways at looking at the word "imperfect".

The first way... Is as it is already... Imperfect. As in, incomplete.
The second way, which is the nicer 1 is... I M Perfect. = ]

Last Sunday, Uncle Rodney talked a lil bit bout this and as he was preaching up there. I did some thinking and I realised that...

I Am Not Perfect.

Sad... But true... But after much more thinking, I realised that the word "Imperfect" actually also means "I M Perfect". This is because, I am an Imperfect Perfected by the Perfect One. = ]

So, for all those who are reading this. Do remember that you are made perfectly k? And everybody has different purposes in life. Do not compare with another person. That's because I SOOOO believe that Big Daddy created us all differently and uniquely. We're not made in factories where they used the same mold over and over again. We are all made differently and even twins are different. = ]

Like for example, how can u compare a guitar and a piano? They both gives music, yes... But the way they are both played are different. And how can u compare a piece of paper and money? Yes, they are both made from paper.. But they are both used differently. You use money to get stuffs and you write stuffs on paper. Likewise, do not compare k?

And to you, I know you can do it. Do not compare with the other 2 k? Just do ur best and leave the rest to Big Daddy. Seriously, dun compare. I am neither pressuring nor expecting too much. Honestly, I didn't mean to make it sound like pressuring. All I want is... for you to do ur very best. Yes, it's tough and it probably might get tougher. But do remember, if it's as easy reading the alphabets, we would rely on ourselves more. That's because reading that is sooo easy and we think we do not need help from anybody else. That's why Big Daddy's not asking you to read the alphabets. He's asking you to spell out words and when you do not know how to spell some words, you would probably ask help from Him. = ] So, do continue to grow and learn more. I know you can do it.

Imperfect Perfected Perfectly by the Perfect One.

I wun give up.

Bless the Broken Road

Saturday, August 21, 2010
It is important to me

Been feeling ups and downs lately. And by talking to a few peeps, and by getting encouragements from some peeps as well, I'm doing fine. It's hard to do what I do but I thank God for those encouragements. If you'd ask me if today was a fruitful day? I would just say "hmmm.. It was alright la." Because, there are times when I feel like it wasn't good at all but there are also times when I felt that "hey, today did went pretty well, didn't it? So, in my conclusion. Today... was just another day. A different day. But... oh well..

To whom it may concern, may we continue to encourage one another ya? Yes, it is hard and tough, but like Avril Lavigne once said, "Keep holding on". = ]

btw, picture was taken from ChenLi's tumblr.

p/s : am I causing u some pain? = \
I have to wait... I will not do things "my way" anymore.
hope to see you later. = ]

Happy T. C. Day

Wednesday, August 18, 2010
It's not a secret.

Today was quite a long day. Woke up awal awal. Thought that today might not be so fulfilling. But, I went for the 40 Days Fast & Prayer punya praying session just now. I'm actually glad that I went. But, = ( it was a little bit disappointing la. Cause the numbers were really few actually. = ( Not saying that the number is too small. Good is because, it's easier to conduct lo. Bad is because, uhmmm... the number really is small lo.. Hahaha

Yesterday's sermon was by Pastor David from the ACTS church. He conducted his sermon pretty well. There's 4 Cs that we should know:

1. Conviction.
We must first be convinced that He's the way, the truth and the life. How can we convince others to watch a movie if we ourselves are not convinced that the movie is nice? Pastor David gave us the example of "Inception". To tell others that "Inception" is nice, we must first watch it ourselves and experience it. After knowing that it is good, only can we tell others that it is good as well.

We are called to be the salt and the light. And the way Pastor David puts it, salt and light CANNOT be ignored 1. For all those who were present yesterday, remember when Pastor talked about the rice and salt 1? Remember when he offed all the lights and we can still see that small LED from the amplifier? That incident actually made me think. When my friends are in need of help. Am I there to offer? Am I there for them? Hmmm... Food for thought.

2. Courage.
Do I have the courage to stand up? When people do stuffs which are not good, can I just leave them? Or do I stay and watch and do nothing about it? Can I stand up?

It's not easy actually. But, I'm still trying to live a life of testimony. What Pastor said was pretty true. When we're gone, will people miss us? Will they notice the difference of having us not around?

3. Commitment.
After having the conviction and the courage to do it. We should also stay committed.

Again, Pastor gave a good example. Let's say, if we pray for 364 days and on that 364th day, we give up. What happens if someone decides to do something on the 365th day and we're already not there? Hmmmm.. I'm not good at explaining but the conclusion is... to not give up la.. Hahahaha...

4. Continuity
We're supposed to be History Makers. Legacy Leavers. Impact Givers. Bar Setters.

Are we doing what we're supposed to do? Are we doing stuffs which the younger ones will talk about next time? Not about boasting one la. But, if we do not set the example, who are the younger ones supposed to look up to? If we do not set the bar high, they cannot go higher, they can only go lower. So, the question is... Are we being "The Examples"?

Hmmmm.. Yes, I know... Alot of questions and food for thought. But I felt, yesterday's sermon was a really good 1. We talked about the 4 Cs and we talked about how we wanna do this and that. I'm not pointing fingers at anybody k? I mean... Someone once told me somewhere that.. During "Fast & Prayer", Fasting without Praying is called "Diet-ing" actually. So, uhmmm... I felt the need to pray as well. Honestly, I myself went for the fast and prayer thing the first time today. Cause I felt the need to change. Dun get me wrong k? I am seriously not pointing fingers at anybody la. I myself was lazy. So, if I would refer to anybody, it would be myself first. Hmmmm..

For those who reads my blog (i thank youuuuu... hahaha... cause my blog not so happening 1), I am challenging you to be different now. I am challenging you to change. I am challenging you to come for the prayer meetings for the fast and prayer 1. I bet, alot of you all would say "Prayer is important" but are we praying? = ] I am challenging you (and also myself) to come for the prayer meetings. So, I hope to see you all there the next time k? If u need more information, do contact me or James.

Matthew 5:13-16
"You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven."

Reminder: We are called to be salt and light.
We are called to be different.

So, for those who are reading this, uhmmmm.. I'm not forcing u to come k? It's just that, I'm here to help remind you of why u're placed here. = ] Do join us if possible k?

Oh ya...

Blessed Birthday, James Chong!! X D
Whatever I wanna tell u, I already did. So, u take care k? Continue to grow spiritually and = ] hmmmm... Seriously, whatever i wanna tell you, i dah told u... Hahahaha...
= ]

Still, I wish u were here...


Sunday, August 15, 2010

One Republic - Secrets

The Lyrics for "Secrets"

I've not watch The Sorcerer's Apprentice yet but I am still keen to watch it. I kinda like this song actually. = ] Hmmmm.. Who haven't watch this show yet? Let me know k? I really wanna watch it before it's not showing in the cinemas already. T.T Despite knowing the fact that there are reviews that "the show is not that good" or "the main actor very kaku" or "inception's better", i still wanna watch it. = ] I know la... Inception is nice... But for me, inception was just... OK only. Maybe, again, i expected too much. (You all la... Tell me inception very very nice, see... come out, the show for me OK oni) X D hahahaha.

Who wants to join me? = ]

Hmmm.. Let's see... I'll do some updates. = ]

Yesterday (Saturday, 14th August 2010), I went for the IG Carnival organized by a couple of Scripture Union people. They were pretty awesome. Came all the way from every part of Malaysia to do this carnival. IG actually stands for "Inter-Generation" which means, the activities and the participants are individuals from all age. Literally. There were kids as young as 3 or 4 years old and there were also some not-so-young uncles and aunties. =P

We had alot of fun and seriously, ALOT of fun. Hahahaha. Incredible. I actually honestly thought that it would be pretty boring and i actually thought of not going 1. = ] But I'm glad, to have gone. So, lesson learned was.

"Just do it. You'll never know if you never try"

At there, I met Lydia and Kathleen as well. Was really surprised to see the both of them there. Hahaha. Oh ya, I saw Madam Loh Ev Onne as well. But, I'm not sure if I got her name correctly. But, she was my English teacher last time and she's also the CF teacher in SFI (hmmmm... I wonder if she's still the CF teacher). She's one of the nicest teacher that I've known actually. Walaupun I'm not that close with her. But she's really nice. I remember there was once when I went over to her place (i forgot wat was the ocassion d... TT.TT) and we had BBQ and the best part was... her two sons. Joshua and Caleb. = ] I totally adore Caleb. I got to know from Madam that Caleb had a heart problem last time 1 (if i got it wrongly, my apologies). But if I'm not mistaken, Caleb had a heart problem. Btw, Caleb is er... probably 4 or 5 years old this year. I enjoyed watching "Alvin and the Chipmunks" with that 2. Hehe. = D

Eh eh, terpesong pulak. Hahahaha... Anyway, back to the IG Carnival. X D

There were a few sessions, lots of games, a "club" and there were lots of "clubbers" and there's also..........
This game. Which I have no idea wat it's called.

Kah Wei also played.

The cool thing was.... Kah Wei played with a "goal" 1. Before the game started, we were saying "must reach to the end k? Sin Yee will be waiting here". X D And Kah Wei gave the quite-scared face la. Cause, not easy to reach till the very end 1 k? Seriously, after awhile, the bungee rope will pull u back and u would be pulled back with such awesome force. (Btw, i played and when the rope pulled me back, I ter-golek a few times... X D and alot of ppl laughed at me. Hahaha... I dun mind that)

See... His determined look... @.@

So, hmmmm... Did Kah Wei managed to reach till the very end?


I call that... The Power of Love. = O

Kah Wei didn't just reach till the end. He even managed to stick both of those stuffs. BOTH!!! (I tried and mine just fell... TT.TT yeah yeah... miserable.. I know... TTT.TTT)

Aaron and Kenneth got to play too

In conclusion, I had lots of fun during the IG Carnival. *thumbs up* to the SU peeps for making the carnival a pretty awesome 1. = D hahaha

Hopes to go to Ipoh again... = ] someday...
and yes, I wish you were here...
= \

I can't wait...

Friday, August 6, 2010
to get to heaven. = ] No... I'm not talking about suicide. Hehehe.. Dun worry. Cause if I do suicide, I wun be going to heaven at all. So, dun worry. I'm not talking about suiciding. I just... wanna get to heaven cause I got quite a lottttt of questions I wanna talk to Big Daddy about. So much questions. I still have not much answers for now.

"Is this God's will for me? Am I supposed to do it?"

"How would I know if wat I'm doing is His will?"

and much more actually. I've got lots of questions and I think I've written some of them down somewhere. Hmmm...

Choices... Why art thou so hard for me? T.T I can't decide. TT.TT

I recall watching a video clip from utube. That lady can't decide if to let Jesus be the one in control or not.
Jesus was like "U have to decide... Am I in control or not?"
and then her answer was like "I can't decide..."
Jesus smack her with the truth with "U just did... When u can't decide, u've already decided that u can't decide."

BUT, after the talk talk session with you, I think, I've found the answer already.

Hahahaha... Funny, actually. = ] It's pretty simple. Hahahaha..

I would not know, wat Big Daddy has in store for me. But I do know that whatever He has planned for me is for the bestest-est-est-EST already. = ] So, yes, waiting can be painful and hurtful but it's wat i can do. I thought about..

"If i wait too long, I might miss my chance... hmmmm..."

BUT all these waiting, is all part of His plans actually. His plans are certain and there's no wayyyy I can run from it. His will is PERFECT. And PERFECT means, there's no flaw or loophole, or mistake.


Perfect is His will. Hehehehe... This song suddenly pop-ed into my head. Hehehe..

Lil by lil, everyday
Lil by lil, everyway
Jesus, He's changing me. He's chaging me.
Since I made that turn about face
I've been walking in His grace
Jesus is changing me.

He's changing me
My precious Saviour
I'm not the same person that I used to be
Well, it's a slow going
But still, there's knowing (hehehe)
That someday, PERFECT i will be. = D

Call me childish... I dun mind... = ]

In conclusion, I'll wait. It was all planned already. I just have to follow His plans. How? Just by living each day to the fullest possible. = ]