Almost... Bulletproof...

Monday, May 31, 2010
Wheeeeeee... = D hahahaha.. We played paintball yesterday... Had a couple of bruises here and there but hopefully, they will slowly heal la. = ] The cool part (for me) about paintball yesterday was... The fact that i became "almost bulletproof". I shall elaborate abit.

After the 1st few rounds yesterday, we went back to the shack to rest abit. Upon resting, one of us (sharma, weijin, fefe, wilson, shulynn, manling, ashley, ju, chenli and i) said

Dude, why are there pallets on your shirt?

So, I check my shirt. Indeed, there were 2 pallets sticking on me. And joe (the marshal who's sooo friendly) said...

U nie macam wing chun la, boleh absorb pallets.

I was dumbfounded for awhile but then, I find it pretty cool. :D to have pallets sticking on you? How often does that happen? Hehehe..

See see, cool rite?

But that wasn't the end. After finishing our last game, some1 said there was 1 more at the back of my shirt. ~.~ goodness... I shud really find out how did I do it la. Maybe, I could teach some of the army ppl. Instead of being shot, they could absorb the bullets. Hahahaha...

Hmmm... talking bout bulletproof, and adepting from "Fireproof",

Bulletproof doesn't mean the "bullets" wouldn't come. It simply means, the ability to withstand and endure it. Hmmmm...

I wanna be bulletproof. I wanna withstand those "bullets". I need to be patient. = ] I can be patient.. Hehehehe... I will be patient. But I need help. So, would u help me, Lord? to be patient?

nuff said.

On the other hand, badminton today was FUN!! Seriously. I dun think I ever had much fun like today. = ( Walaupun I lost most of the time but, hey, loosing is part of the game rite? (trying to make myself feel better) But, I've learn some stuffs today also. I mmg not pro 1 but still, I enjoy this sport alot. Hehehehe..

Oh oh, besides the fun fun stuffs. I'm actually, pretty worried (hmmmm... that's not rite). I'm very very worried of my results. Haihhh... I tried my best d (from that point of time, I really did try my best d). Hopefully, I will be able to pass all lo. = ( Haihhhh... If u're reading this, could u (yes u) please pray for me? Pray that, I will have a heart to accept watever results that I may get? Please... = \ Thank you..

Good morning

Friday, May 28, 2010

While it is still morning... = ]

Good morning, peeps. Feeling quite... happy today... Hehehe... So many things to do... Huuhuuu!!! Bring it on, world!! = D Hopefully u all are having a great morning too. = ]

S . M . I . L . E peeps!!


Thursday, May 27, 2010
Dun eat me... TT.TT

Not so happening today... = ( Got up at 12.30pm. But not so bad rite? Compared to... 1pm.. X P

It was because of last nite laa... Slept so late... TT.TT But, i did not regret sleeping late last nite. I enjoyed myself actually. Hehehehe. Let's do it again... = D

Today.......... is Thursday....

I felt pretty happy this morning. Hehehehe. I shall continue.. feeling good about it...

Oh... I crave for a cup of you...

p/s: come home for Christmas, will ya? = ]

It has been awhile

Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Since I updated my blog. TT.TT forgive me peeps... I was really busy preparing for my exams and also then there was IF camp and after that, committee planning. And also, not to forget the upgrading of my blog. = D

See see!!! Nice rite? X D Hahahahaha... But I did not do the upgrades la. = ]

Now, I shall blog about some stuffs that have just passed. = ]
We shall start with... this picture...

Can any1 guess who's stepping on James? X P

There was a day when we've decided to go and check out Ocean Palms. A place at Klebang. We went there because of committee planning la. Go there to check the place and see if it's worth our money or not lo. Uncle Robert Chong (James' dad) is uberly nice to us. I shall not say why cause, it's not so nice if someone else finds out. Hahahahaha. But in conclusion, he was uberly nice to us. = ]

Thankiuverymuch, Uncle!! = D

This, is kakak lene. Our humble kakak from Indonesia. X D

James... doing his thing.. X P

After that, there was... The Mother's Day celebration at Taman Sayang Selasih. It was fun. I wasn't supposed to be there also 1. But I went there eventually also. = ] I'm actually glad I went there lo. Walaupun I didn't really do much also. But I had some fun helping the kids out with their Mum's Day card. They are all sooooo kiutttt... Especially grace. They hor, were all so happy to make cards for their mums and when they were asked if they needed help, they were like "no neeeedddd... i can do it"

This is wat they were supposed to make.

This is grace. Cute rite? Cute rite? X D hahaha..

Ta-daaaaa.. The output. = D I helped abit k? = X

This is wat she wrote in her card... Sweet rite? = D
*note the word on top of her "dad"*

This is the girl who said "no neeeedddd.. i can do it"

And then, during my 2nd week of exam, my BFF came down!!! X D yay yay!! We spent some time together and it was fun doing all those catching ups with her. Hehehehe. = D I did intro her to Sally as well. I think hor, they bond quite quickly. I think, it's really, a November thingy.. = X hahaha...

Adrian, Sally, Christine = ]

She would be coming down again!! Next month. And, hopefully, we could hang out again and hopefully, this time we have more time. = ] Hehehehe.. Looking forward to that.. = D

And and and and.... 2 weeks ago. Friday. We celebrated NeeNee's birthday. Blessed Belated 24th birthday, NeeNee... = D i hope that u'll get ur 5 months bonus A.S.A.P... X P

Ta-daaaaa... Elvina's creation... = D Niceeeeee

I saw this car. Window smashed. @.@

After that, there was... IF camp.

To be honest, I wasn't keen about IF camp at all. I did my packings like the morning before only. Everything was in a rush and I thank God that I didn't really forget anything lo.

The food there, looks simple, but was really really nice.. Seriously..

The "hammock".

I wonder who's the angel.... hmmmm..

Victor Kee kena "blessing". X P

The cyberians... = ] u guys/girls are awesome peeps!!

I had soooo much fun at IF camp. Hahahaha. Now, I even wonder why I tak nak pergi at the 1st place. The peeps there are awesome!! The food there... (I rest my case) My groupies... Oh, they are too awesome beyond description!! I had sooo much fun with all of them.. Especially during our based games. So nice... We took it sooo cool-ly and walaupun we so selamba, we still won the watermelon game.. @.@ How did that happen? Lol... So fun la... Walk slowly from base to base... Milking our cow.. X P the "fire burns everything" game.. Ahhhh... Awesome peeps.. I'm so gonna miss u all... = ] Awesome memories...

And then, there was... Yesterday... Oh, yesterday nite was really quite an awesome nite. I had so much fun last nite.

We (AwesomeAdrian, JonYeap, SamGan, AaronGoh, JoshuaTan, Annna, Kheng, Fel and Lene) watched Shrek together-gether and we had lots of fun during our fellowship session hor? All the funny funny stories and the ghost stories and the funny ghost stories... X D hahahahaha... I had a good time yesterday. Thank you all!! = D

Not bad... = ]

And you!! Faster come back home for "Christmas" k? >.< dun keep on "wait til i come back....."

p/s : make sure u know when it's a him or her k? X P

Credit goes to...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
U know who u are... = X thank you so so soooo much...

As to all those who do come to my blog and read at times, I'm sorry cause my blog have to be blog-lock-ed for awhile... See see, nice rite? hahahaha... Thanx to Lady in skirt on a Sunday... = D hahahaha.. I can't thank you enough... = ]

I'm really happy with the changes. I have been trying to change it for so many times already and I actually failed all the time... = ( but, u've helped me with it and i'm really thankful.. hehehe.. i really am.. So happy, so happy, so happy.

Hahahaha... The last few days was quite tiring but I really did enjoy it alot lo. I will write more about it when I feel like it k? For today and for this post, I would just wanna say, thank you alot lot lot. And I really do appreciate it alot. U gave my lil mentos wat I couldn't give... = D

I love this song!! X D


Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Me likey~~ U likey?


Friday, May 7, 2010
leave it all to God.

I had my 2nd paper today. It wasn't easy. = ( But, whatever results that may come my way, I shall accept it and I pray that God will give me a heart strong enough to accept it as well. Ugh.... My flu... Wrong timing... But, I did wat I could already. Hopefully, it will turn out all right la..
*fingers cross*

Anyway, today's Foo's b'day!! Hehehehe.. Blessed Birthday, Foo... = D

Oh oh, I wanted to share something that Jia Tsing shared last Sunday at CCC. = ] Something that we all know but the way Jia Tsing put it, it's eye-opening.. It is called...

The Fishtank Story...

And here it goes...

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lives a teacher...

Ok, I shall not crap crap. But, there was a teacher. She thought of ways to teach her class about God and how humans are destroying the earth. So, one day, she brought a fish tank to class and ask her students to make stuffs out of paper and put it in it.

Some of them made, trees. Some of them made, humans. Some of them made fishes and butterflies and all the things of the earth. After they finished making all those stuffs, she asked her students :
"Class, does the fish tank look good now?"

And they innocently replied :
"Yes, Teacher!!"

The teacher then, takes one of the paper humans and play play around with it. She took one of the paper humans and dipped it into water.

And that made the students cry out :

"Eh, teacher teacher... DUN!!!"

And the teacher puppet-ed the paper human and say :

"Why cannot? It's ok 1 wat? It's sooo hot here.. Dipping in the water awhile is ok wat?"

And after she dips the paper human into the water...... hehehe, u can do the maths rite? Paper? Water?

After that, the teacher takes another paper human and play play with it again. She puppet-ed it again and this time she say :

"The weather is sooooooo cold... Brrr.... Unbearable, I think I wanna go stand near the fire there to warm myself up la"

Then, the students replied :

"NOOOOoooooooo... Teacher, stop spoiling our hard work and arts... TT.TT"

The teacher replied, still puppet-ing the human paper :

"But I feel so cold, it's ok 1 la.."

The students replied again :

"But you will catch fire, dun stand too close laaaaaa"

"How would u know?" - the teacher replied..

Frustrated, one of the kids stood up and said :

"That's because, we made you that way and we know wat's best for you"

Very often in life, we would think that we know wat's best for us. But, do we really know? Often in life, we make mistakes. Do we still really know wat's best for us? Often in life, we regret the mistakes that we've made. Do we still really really know wat's best for us?

This story really hit me hard last Sunday when Jia Tsing shared and I felt the need to share with you as well. There are so many times in life which I have regretted and there were times as well when my over-confidence have brought me down to earth. Many times..

Anyway, I've learnt the hard way and I'm trying my best to go through it now.

If I say, 'I will forget my complaint,
I will change my expression, and smile,'
Job 9 : 27 = ]

Have I told anyone that I like honest smiles? = D Cause I really do like to see ppl smile. Especially when I *pat pat*. Hehehehe... Smile even more k?

Some notes from Uncle Dexter's sermon a few weeks back...

1. Why does it say God's love is wide?
It is wide enough to include EVERYBODY!

Good news is... God loves me... = D
Not so nice news is... He even loves my enemies... = (

2. How long? Why does it say God's love is long?
It is long enough to last forever & ever & ever & ever & ever...

In human relationships, like the gf bf and spouse materials,
It always starts with "bling here bling there, darling here darling there"
but it will end with baling here and baling there when they start fighting and start baling...

Make sure, u dun have these things after u're married at home.

Uncle Dexter sure is funny... Hehehe...

God's love is not based on conditions of our attitue but it is consistent. It is unearned and it is also undeserved.

3. How high? Romans 8:30
God's love is high enough to be EVERYWHERE!
There's no place that I could go where God's love is not there. We will never be separated from God's love. NEVER. His love is everywhere.

4. How deep? Psalm 40:11-13
God's love is deep enough to meet my needs.
His love is not shallow. No matter how deep our problems are, God's love is deeper still.


But God demonstrates his own love for us in this:
While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.
Romans 5:8

p/s : thank you, for giving me medicines... = D u're the best!!