A little troubled

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I received a sms. Which wasn't really a pleasant 1. =\

I got to know that Yik How, Sin Yee's brother, is now in a hospital. =(

Why is he in a hospital? That's because his platelet count was 0 on the 27th and increased to 5 on the 28th. And I, who was once in a hospital because of dengue, do know a little bit about platelets. Haihhh.. If I'm not mistaken, platelet cells are the cells that help stop bleeding 1. (do correct me if I'm wrong) And normally, the platelet count should be more than 150. But, Yik How's platelet count reached...


= ( Please pray for him alrite? I'm actually, pretty worried when I read the msg. If his platelet count doesn't go up today, they said, there might be something wrong with his bone marrow. Goodness.... *shivers*

Do continue to pray for him and his family k? =(

Hmmmm... My final 3 papers for this semester is coming pretty soon. I'm still in the midst of preparing for them. = ] I can't wait for them to end. And I can't wait for my short holidays to start. Hahaha. After that, it would be super duper tiring but wonderful intensive week.

Oh goshhhh.. So many things coming up. @.@ Exams, comm planning, kl trip (hopefully), intensive week... Hopefully... By the end of everything, i may still be sane. Hahahaha. Talk about sanity.... Hmm hmmmm.. = ]

Had a great time studying with the peeps in FES these few days. Makan makan, study study, talk nonsense, sing sing.. Hahahaha... crazy stuffs but they were all pretty fun and memorable. Quotes Jui, "when we're doing repetitive stuffs, time seems to fly fast". Hahaha.. I agree with her. Hahahaha.. We neeeeeed much more "interesting" stuffs. X)

Besides all that, I had quite a good day just now. Got the "doodles" and the notes. = ] Thank you for them. 

p/s: i like sundry day too. = ] hopefully, we'll get to do it again someday. cause i really do enjoy going grocery shopping with you. and i know you dun want me to worry. and i thank you for telling me about it. I pray that u'll always be safe. = ]
p/p/s: delta. = ]

Empower Me

Monday, September 27, 2010
Nobody knows how weak I am 
better than You;
Nobody sees all of my needs,
better than You. 
And nobody has the POWER to change me, 
the way I was meant to be.
Jesus be strong in my weakness,
empower me! 

Empower me, 
like a rushing river flowing to the sea.
Lord, send Your Holy Spirit flowing now through me.
Till I'm living as Your child, victorious and free,
send the power of Your love,
empower me
Yesterday (since today is Monday already), I had a pretty awesome time in church. Before the worship session came to an end, I felt like singing that song. I was flipping flipping and then, I saw that song...

I do like that song. I remembered playing that song quite some time ago. = ] The lyrics, really are meaningful. Cause... it actually does reflect a little bit about what I feel.

Nobody knows how weak I am, better than You. Nobody sees all of my needs, better than You....
There are many times when I felt really weak. But = ] no matter how many times I felt weak, I am always able to find the way to get up again. And I'm thankful very much for that. But still, I dun really like the feeling of falling and keep on falling. It hurts. Hopefully, the more i fall, the stronger and closer I will get with Him.

And nobody has the power to change me. The way I was meant to be...
Not saying that I can't change for the better. But... there are things about me that I just.... can't change. I'm still struggling with it at times. Hmmmm.. But maybe, I could and should try and change my attitude towards stuffs. Forgive me. = \

Jesus be strong in my weakness, empower me!
I need His strength.

Till I'm living as Your child, victorious and free...
I must live my life like I'm really His child. And maybe, I've inherited some of His likeness as well. Maybe... But I do wanna be victorious and free... Sometimes, I wish I could just be free from it all. = \


Send the POWER of Your love, empower me!
Again and again and again, I need His help. I can't run this race on my own. I need... help at times. And yes, almost all of the time, I have had help. = ]

After church was pretty fun too. We had youth and I learned that... I'm a blind man.. TT.TT huuu huuuuuuu...
Hahahaha... X D no laaa.. I'm not literally blind.

After that, came home for awhile. Rested. Napped. And then... went out to go get some stuffs. = D
oh yesss, I like yesterday alot probably cause of the outing session that I had. = ] thank you. It was really fun. Hahahaha.. Let's do it again someday ya? If... there's another chance la.

Actually, I also dunno wat I'm typing also... Just blurting out watever that comes to mind now. And.... I'm feeling all so lazy to upload any pictures also.. Hahaha.. Malas betul, adrian ni... Hahahaha..


I am weak. I can't change much about me.
But I hope, if Big Daddy's willing, may u like me as me.

Good morning

Friday, September 24, 2010
you. Yes, you. Have a great day ya? = ]

I am free!!! for now... Hehehehe. I just finished 2 of my final papers and I thank God for keeping me calm while I do them. And also for keeping me still sane.
And to all those who have been praying, thankyouuu very much as well. Hehehe.

I think, I have something with pictures. I have been spending probably, a few hours already just looking at pictures. = ] I like pictures. All kinds of pictures.

Muffins make me hungry TT.TT

hehehe... pretty true. = ]

now that's... a crooked smile.. = D
To all those who are still going through the horror of finals (actually, i'm also still going through it.. hahahaha), may u find calmness while answering ur papers. Don't forget to pray pray and ask for wisdom k? And to James, I hope u do get well soon.
i like colourful ones... = ]
i'm going to bed now... good nite, you. = ]
p/s: every time i do this, it's special.

Last Week

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I had quite an awesome week last week. = ] I would say, last week was quite a Happy and Sunny week for me. Hehehehe.

Oh ya, I found out something really amazing. My sister, Elise... She can sing!! As in, really sing 1. I was impressed when I heard her sing "Introducing Me" by Nick Jonas without looking at any lyrics. The cool part was, she sang without any off-keys. = O

Yes yes, peeps... I have a sister who actually sings better than me. = ] I'm really impressed.

Oh wait, you do not know that song? Gooodnesss... Nvm...


Yes, she sang that song. = ] Hahaha.. I'm proud of my sister.

I played the guitar while she sings the song. Hebat, I tell u. And while I was playing, I was thinking of doing a cover with her actually. But, shy la.. Hahahaha.. Nvm nvm. XD hahahaha

So many nice and wonderful things happened but I'm feeling a little lazy to blog about it now. Hehehehe. But to all those who made me smile last week, = ] I thank you all so much for making last week a pretty amazing one for me. I.... am truly.... Blessed. = ]

p/s : to whom it may concern, you still owe me 3 stories k? = D hehehehe

but I thank you, for making last week a memorable one for me.
= ] i smiled alot last week.

A great cover by..

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Maddi Jane!!

This young girl. TT.TT Super hebat. I heard this song on the radio again today. So, i thought of checking out the video clip. Mana tau, I saw this girl punya name. She did a cover for this song. Soooo nice... TT.TT I like her voice.

= ] I had a great time at church today. Hehehe. Blue Cotton On. = ] I finally know how it looks like. And plus, I also did had a good time during youth. Today's topic was about "love begins at home" and "home determines character". We talked about Joseph's experiences like for example, he was supposed to be killed and he was supposed to be left dead inside that cistern and finally, he was sold away.

There was something actually that puzzled me and made me a lil bit curious. In verse 2, it was said that he's a tell-taler. As in, he gave "bad reports" about his brothers to his father. So... from what I understand.... Joseph wasn't mentioned about his characteristics at the beginning. But then, while typing this out, it struck me.

Joseph was a man after all. He's a man with the ability to do wrongs as well. Just like me. = ] But not just me. Everybody. It actually did struck me that Big Daddy actually do use whatever people on earth to do His works. Looking at Joseph's life, it's quite impossible to think that something good might come out of it. He was sold away... BY HIS BROTHERS!! = O

But the story didn't end there. He later on became the 2nd most powerful man in Egypt.....

SECOND most powerful man!! After pharoah. = O Waowww... From someone who was sold away for 200 grams of silver, he became the man who collects silver and gold and was probably.... really really really rich. = O

So... I've learned my lesson. No matter what, like Joseph, I'm going to continue to trust Big Daddy. = ] He knows what's the very best for me and in His perfect timing, He'll show it to me.

Thank you again.... for listening to me yesterday. = ] I'm happy to have somebody to share it with. Hehehe... Feeling pretty H A P P Y right now. = D

Ah hwei did left me (not just me la... the whole bunch of us but i felt it pretty strong) a challenge... She challenged us to either be the ones that fall like the rest or... be the ones to "break the curse". I take that as a challenge and I'll give my best shot. = D

p/s : i like that random and short outing just now. = ] Although it was for just awhile. But, anyway......

Blessed Sunday, peeps.... = D

Good afternoon, u. = ]
Am happy to see you just now. = ]

It amazes me

How can someone soooo mighty, so powerful, so strong, so big, so awesome, so majestic also be...

so loving, so caring... someone who will always remind me that i'll never be left out nor forsaken?

= ]

Was going through quite a valley just now and now, i'm currently back on track. There are many times when I feel un-equipped, un-enough, un-ready, un-adequate, and all those un-s. But I really really do wonder how someone so important would actually put so much effort on someone like.....


What do I have that He treasures me so much? Human thinking, normally, we would treasure somebody if that somebody has something to offer back. But it's still very hard for me to accept the fact that someone would actually love me sooo much. =\ Dear God, wat do You see in me that I myself do not see in myself?

To you, thank you for listening.

Cos I'm no superman.
I hope you like me as I am. = ]


Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's 3.37 in the morning and I'm looking at yummy dim sum pictures... TT.TT Man, I'm hungry... I have been craving for dim sum for some time already. Hmmmm.. Anybody wants to have dim sum with me someday? = ]

Nick Jonas - Who I am


Wednesday, September 8, 2010
Hmmmm.. This week, pretty tiring and crazy week. T.T But, I enjoyed it lots. I enjoyed Friday and Saturday soooo much. Was soooo tiring but still, I enjoyed it super duper lots. Hehehe. Then, on Sunday, whole body aching. Now, still feel some ache all around but slowly, it's reducing.

I didn't really like Sunday. = \ It was... quite a "down" Sunday actually. Wasn't feeling the best of myself on Sunday. But like every other days, last Sunday has passed to. = ]

Devotion at nite was... alright lo. Am pretty happy to see Jia Tsing again. Hahaha. Had lots of doubt but am pretty glad that I did it anyway. = ] Thank God for that. But when pastor ask to write the 3 most important things on 3 pieces of paper and when she ask us to discard 2 of those 3, I have difficulty discarding that 2. = X Hmmmm... When that situation really happens... Am I really able to discard the other 2?

I've made lots of wrong decisions

= ] Pizza Hut was good. Although it was a lil hard at first but I'm glad it happened. I hope... and I pray that may it be according to Big Daddy's will. Hahahaha. Actually, I know that it will definitely be according to His will 1. We're just following His flow. So, may it be according to His will la. Hehehe...

Go with His flow....... = ]

p/s : to my fan, this update is for you... = ]

we'll wait and see Big Daddy's plan ya? = ]

These Few Days

Wednesday, September 1, 2010
Yesterday was the Independence Day. Nothing much happened but the previous day, TT.TT was definitely a day to remember and feared.. Hahaha...

Yesterday, 11 of us went and watched Step Up 3.

Step Up 3

For me, the movie was just alrite only. Maybe again, I expected too much. But it would be nice to watch it in 3D. The water part, the lighting part, the slurpee part. Oh... But i think I'm content with 2D. Hahaha.

The Slurpee Part

The L.E.D part

The Water Part

This water part kinda remind me of another water part in Step Up 2. Hahaha. And yeah, i kinda like the water effects in both Step Ups. = ]

Step Up 2 - Water Part

Hmmm.. Besides that, I just came back from Malacca Camp not too long ago. Honestly speaking, I wasn't really into going for the camp at first. I was dreading to go. I packed my bags like last minute and everything was in a rush. My mum did ask me to pack up wayyyy earlier but being the procrastinating me, I... wasted some time. I thought I had lots of time to spare but lil did I know that I actually do not have much.

Oh ya, before Malacca Camp, I went to IB Nite with Sally and Ame. It was quite fun. = ] But I do not really like the way the emcees talk on stage. Even though, one of them is a friend of mine. But I still do not really like the way they talk and emceed for that nite. Hahahaha. Aside that, everything was pretty nice. Hmmmm... Some stuffs happened that nite but it's all alright now.

Let's see... Malacca Camp.
I've missed last year's one due to some reasons but I'm glad I went for this year's one. Hahaha. Oh oh oh... We played the angel and mortal game and little did i know that my angel was Yi-Kheng. She was uberly nice to me. After the games on the 2nd day, she straight away asked Hui Lee to pass me a 100 plus. Super nice. I was in shock but at the same time, I was pretty happy as well. Hehehehe. Thank you very much, Goh Yi-Kheng. = D

And I got Edmund Ng as my mortal. Hehehe. I think I was a lil too nice to him till he thought that I was a girl. TT.TT maybe, i should just be bad and sabo him the next time. Hahahaha. Oh wait, the committees didn't announce that the angel and mortal game was over right? Hehehehehe. I feel pretty bad right now. X) Edmund Ng, just you wait... If you're reading this,


Besides the angel and mortal game, I had an awesome time listening to Pastor Joshua K's sermons and sharing. He knows what he's talking about and the way he puts it was... really nice. = ] "We are arrows, not supposed to be happy just to sit in the quiver but to be shot out to a target. We have a purpose and our target is to be....?" (If you do know wat your purpose is, do it alright? Yes, you... The one who's reading this right now. = ])

Hmmmm.. Besides all that, I've been thinking about Pastor Joshua's talks and some people's sharing. That person asked me "Are you ready?". That hit me.

Am I ready?

I am probably not and I still got a long way to go. Nono, I'm not talking about sharing the Good News cause, for that, if we're ever going to wait till we're ready ready, when are we ever going to be.... ready?? Learning is a lifetime process and if we're ever going to say "wait till i learn and i know His Word very well first only I'll start sharing", then hmmmm... I was thinking... maybe, till we reach our final breathe only we would ever be ready. But we're supposed to go and give whatever that we're able to. With whatever we have at that moment.

Anyway, I'm not supposed to talked about that right now. Abit, terpesong. Hmmm. I was thinking about the "readiness" part. Am I mature enough? I dun think I am.

I... haihhh.... have still got a long way to go and I still got alot to do to even be "ready". How can i even equal to that? Looking at those pictures made me think. How can i really even think about equaling to that? = ( I mean, those pictures are nice but..... How can i equal to that? Am I doing it right this time? Will it be worth it? Will it happen?

There are so many questions... But for now, there are not so many answers. Who am I? Where do I stand right now? I'm feeling pretty lost right now... Maybe, I need "Peace" right now. Talk about peace, I was in "Peace" team in Malacca Camp and it was led by Janice Tan. = ] Nice leader, btw.

Anyway, I've been doing some reading and I'm almost done with a book. = ] Page 176, line 12,13 and 14. Good book but it's all just too good to be true. Hahaha.

p/s : i like elmo even more now... Hehehe... nice smelling... thank you, you... = ]

Dear you,
where do I stand?