December 2009

Thursday, December 31, 2009
This month has been an awesome one for me. I've met new ppl, got to know some frens much better, got much closer with God, was truly blessed by Him through CF which includes the ppl in it and during aCt itself. I also got a sayang which we divorced and last nite, i traded my sayang for another person's sayang... Hahahahahaha.. That was funny. ^^

Guess who was this?

This were the awesome muffins that james' mum baked for us. Auntie, it's superb!!

This pulak were the awesome cupcakes tat sheera baked. They were all super cute and they just didnt look good. They taste good too... Seriously..

This pulak is the infamous-whiteboard in FES where some ppl release their stress here.

This pulak is the whiteboard which i find it hard to rub those stuffs off. Not because I am not strong enuf, but because of the meaningful stuffs on it.

This month was truly quite a remarkable 1 for me. I had so much fun during this 1 whole month. Especially during those mamak sessions. Hahahaha... U guys rawk.. U know that?

But hor, today, i mean, yesterday, alot of my some-good-frens went back to their hometown. Huu huuuu.. It's going to be quite a quiet 2 weeks for me. But somehow, it has to happen also rite? Haha. I shall wait patiently for their return. So, guys, if u're reading this and u think that I'm talking about you, do hurry back to malacca k? And do take care.

Oh ya, now is the 31st d. So, whoever yang membaca my blog, I wanna I wanna I wanna wish u a Happy New Year in advance. Hehehe.

U guys remember this?
Hehehe.. Happy New Year.

I am missing it already

Tuesday, December 8, 2009
Picture courtesy of Eunice Teo

It's actually pretty sad that it has already ended. Hahahahaha.. But u guys, let's not let aCt end just like that k? Remember who we're doing this for? It just doesn't stop at yesterday. Let's do wat we're supposed to do.


See u guys later at nite. I miss you guys already. Hahahahaha.

I would like to thank the seniors who have provided for us food yesterday. They have been uberly nice to all of us. U guys rawk!! Some of u guys take leaves just to come see us and support us. Without u guys, we wouldn't have the encouragement to actually do it. So, on behalf of the aCt crew, we would ALL like to thank ALL OF YOU!!

I would also like to thank the awesome directors for all those sacrifices that you have done and all those sleepless nites thinking on ways to improve the play. Indeed, ur hardwork has paid off well and you guys rawk!! Without the directors, there wun be aCt. Without ur guidance, we wouldn't know wat to do and if we're doing it right or not. So, on behalf of everybody, if we did offence u in any way, we would all like to say sorry. But nevertheless, u guys are the best!!! Wheeee~~~

I would also like to thank the entire crew for making this play a succes. I wun mention names cause that will be bias so, I would like to thank each and everyone of u for co-operating with the directors and scriptwriters. U guys were awesome!! U guys were committed and I believe, our Father in heaven is very very proud of u guys!! U know who you are. If you're reading this, give urself a pat on the back and say to yourself, "well done." You deserve it. But dun forget to give thanks to God also ya?


Thursday, December 3, 2009
I just turned 21.!! And I'm extremely happy bout it. Had a wonderful day and thanx to everyone for making it a really really special day for me.. Hahahahaha.. Pictures? uhmmm... I'm a lil bit lazy to upload now actually.. Wait till i find some time ya? X D hahahaha

P/s: It would be an awesome birthday gift if YOU who are reading this would come to aCt on the 7th of december. So, do come k?