Saturday, February 19, 2011
I finished ALL my examinations yesterday and goodness gracious... Japanese was also a really tough subject. TT.TT (maybe just for me) Super hard I tell you. I was literally drawing some "cacings" according to Amelia and I have no idea what kind of "cacings" i drew yesterday. I'm not sure if they are right or wrong also.

See see.. "Cacing"

Sighhhhh.. I hope I'll pass.

Oh well.

Besides all that, I had a great time these few days. = ) Yes yes, thanks to you, Big Daddy and ms. pork for making it a really great one.

Tuesday was really great. Movie was really fun and yes, it really did felt like I was watching it all by myself and imagining and laughing all by myself. But, only while I was "watching" only would I laugh by myself. The rest of the time, I was laughing cause of the great day that we were having. =) and yes, u "watch" fast. =P U tried new food buy for me, I had it a couple of times already. The ikan bakar over there was nice right? It's not those super duper yummy type, but it was something nice also right? Hehehe. See.. U should have shared it with me. Instead of having mee and bee hoon all to urself. Oh ya, that "kuey tiow" term is really funny also hor? If u remember what it was about.

Hmmm.. U better get well soon alright? I really don't wanna be gay. Hahahaha. So, take care and get back to ur.....  

Thursday was really great as well. Hmmm. I know I wasn't of much help (like I've already told u) but, I hope u'll do your best this Sunday. Always be reminded that the person whom u're serving doesn't look at human qualities but at the heart. I hope, u'll give ur very best! =) Like what Eunice reminded me yesterday, "Just do your best, and leave the rest to God". She's right, u know? Just give Him all u've got and u'll be surprised with how much He's able to do with u.

Hmmmm.. I'm also sorry for the other days which I've caused nothing but "down-ness". =\ I hope.. I'll change for the better. Sighhh.. Bout monday, =( I'm sorry bout monday. I didn't mean anything. Bout wednesday, I'm still struggling with "expectations". I have something with broken promises. Bout yesterday, I'm sorry as well. I was really tensed with my examination. Everything seems to be all so messed up. I hope.. u're alright.

Sighhh.. Anyway, I should go start preparing for the planning tonight and also for the mission trip. Oh ya, for those who do not know, this Tuesday, I would be flying (YES!!! my first time ever flying and... i hope and hope... *fingers cross* that Big Daddy will allow it to happen) to Sarawak to do some mission work. I'm not sure what's going to happen there but, I will try and be prepared. Sooo much things happening but so little time left. =X

Conclusion for the week,
It sure was a great journey after all. The ups and downs, I'm glad it went well.
Looking forward to Sunday's dinner.

It has been awhile

Saturday, February 5, 2011
since i updated my blog. Hmmmm...

Been pretty busy lately and there's so much happenings! Exams are in like... uhmmm.. 2 days time!!! @.@ Hmm.. Anyway, just writing something so it wouldn't look so empty. Although, there's probably no1 who still drop by to see for it has been too long since the last update but, oh well... I still wanna begin writing again somewhere.

Will update more next time k?

Haiihhh... Just got a text msg saying that u're really unhappy. =( I do not know wat's going on but I hope u're alright. I... do not know what to do either. I really do hope u're alright.

I really do. = \
Hoping that u're alright... And I wish I was there right now.