It was good

Wednesday, June 17, 2009
U must be wondering wat the "it" at the title is for rite? Hahaha.. It's for this actually. Click on the link and u'll find out. Ah... It's for Hannah Montana the Movie la..

I just watched it today and I would honestly say that I didn't expect it to be that good actually. I dunno bout u guys but I kinda love the show. (yeah, call me a chic-flick person but i dun really care la) Probably because I didn't expect much from the movie. During the first 5 minutes of the movie, I was asking sotong (my fren who cried watching the movie.. Muahahahaha) "why are am I doing here? watching this?" Hahahaha.. But now, i feel guilty. Cause I kinda like the movie. It was definitely because there were lots of dances, and the storyline was pretty meaningful (if some1 would actually do wat Miley did, I would be really in complete awe), and the songs were also meaningful, the words that they spoke also meaningful (life's a climb, but the view's great!).

I really like the dance part.. Uhm.. The hoedown throwdown. Hahaha. Wonder wat that is? GO AND WATCH AND BE AMAZED!! Cause they were all doing like line dancing but instead of just some lame leg movements oni, there was actually more to it. They were dancing with hand movements as well. Sorry auntie2 sekalian but those line dancing that u guys do is actually pretty lame.. Hahahaha... Sorry sorry.. But this movie's dance were all pretty awesome.
Wat!? U dun trust me? Hmmm.. Go here and watch it. Aiya... Just go and watch the movie la. Hahahaha..

I shudn't spoil much for those who haven't watch yet.. So, ppl out there who haven't watch this movie, go and spend 8 bucks and watch it in the cinema. Trust me, it's gonna be worth it. That's if u really like music la.

p/s : sotong didn't cry la.. Haha

Life's a climb,
will the view be great?

4 mentos:

hwei said...

apa ni, kutuk auntie2 sekalian. tsk tsk. eh apasal din go prayer meet? ahaha.

mau said...

i got class at 8pm la... and i didn't kutuk la.. i said sorry d wat... hehe

hwei said...

Kutuk d then say sorry. Ahahahaha~ Why la got class. Awwwwness!

mau said...

i also dunno.. ask my lecturer la.. she not good 1... she pronounced company as "kameni" hehehehehe..