I'm back

Saturday, September 5, 2009
NO... Definitely not back from the dead. But i'm back to reality. Back to school works. Back to studies. Back to maple. Back to reality.....

Gosh, it has been quite a "holiday" for me. It was an awful boring 1 actually. I actually wished to be in classes during those times. For all those who didn't know. I was admitted into the hospital for like a week++. Cause of dengue fever la (nope, not H1N1, i'm very positive bout that). Gosh, stupid mosquito like to simply bite ppl. Me and my brother got the fever. And we were both forced to stay there for like so long... But now, i'm finally out and blogging. (walaupun i know i dun blog that much oso.. hahahaha)

Thanx to all those who have been soooooooooooooooo supportive. Super special thanx goes to sammie and chun aun who came like almost every nite to make sure I'm doing fine. U guys rawk. And to all those who gave me all those toys and gifts (yes yes.. even that lil sucking thingy.. hahaha) Gosh, seriously.. It really did entertain me for a few days.

GOSHHHH!!! U knw wat? That lil sucking thingy rite. That lil toy was the reason why 5 to 6 nurses laugh at me. ALL AT ONCE!!!! TTT.TTT cause they were like "ape ini? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Ahhhhhhh.. It's good to be home. Where all the food is. Where this computer is. Hahahahahaha. It really good is to be home. In some way...

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weijin said...

sucking thingy...ahhahahaha