While bathing just now...

Friday, April 16, 2010
I thought of something really fruitful. I'm going to share abit on how Important Devotion is.. Hehehehe... And yes, that means, praying and reading His words. (i know i know, i'm not the perfect example of the best Christian but... i still wanna share)

Alrite, take a moment of think about 1 person. This person, must be someone whom u really really love. Or even, "like" oso can... This person is someone u really do treasure alot. It could even be a crush or some1 whom u really do like to be with but... u just can't...


Do u have that person in mind? If you do, carry on... = D

Alrite. Now, imagine this. This friend of urs, suddenly doesn't talk to you. He/she just pretend that you're not there. He/she ignores you, doesn't wanna talk to you, talks to everybody else but you. How would u feel?

I...... have been in that situation many times actually. And that feeling really sucks. Really, it does feel very very very bad. BIG TIME. Haihh... I wished that person would talk to me and not to others. I wanna be selfish, but I know I can't... That feeling sucks...

Now, this hit me pretty hard just now...

Wat would God say? We would spend soooo much time doing other works except spending some time talking and reading about Him. We spent too much time doing so many other things. For example, our work. We worked soo much till sometimes we're too tired to spend some time with Him. Doesn't that happen to all of us? Does it happen to you?

Imagine this also. Wat would God feel? Wouldn't He be....


He loves us sooo much but all we care about at times are our works? I know there are alot to do. But is it too much till we have to neglect our quiet time with Him? The only time when He get to talk to us through passages and prayer? My question is...

"Is it worth sacrificing our quiet time?"

I'm not saying I'm any better. The reason why I'm sharing this is because. I felt the guilt and I do not want you to feel wat I am feeling ma. I hope.. This would encourage you. And when I say you, I meant, all of you actually.. = ] It's only meant to encourage you k?

I can do everything through him who gives me strength.
Philippians 4:13

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c h r i s t -in- [m] e said...

U know what, bff... Ive thought of the exact same analogy before!

And i think it makes perfect sense.. when u love/care for some1 u'd want to devote your time and energy for that person.

How often we (or rather I) claim to love the Lord and not be as zealous for Him in my actions. *sighs*

On a lighter note, me likey your post! Keep it up. and keep up the
'fruitful' thoughts! hehe. it does amount to much fruits! =P ciaoz~