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Friday, April 9, 2010

Hahahahaha.. Not exactly la. But, something like it. We ran around DP today.

No, i didn't run around like a mad person (actually, i did run around like a mad person). I ran around with an aim 1 k? Haha... It was fun running around like that but hor. If run aimlessly, ppl might say I gila 1.


OK LAAA... I admit la.. I mmg abit gila 1... TT.TT

Anyway, I had alot of fun running around today la. Hehehehe.. I wanna thank all the CG leaders for organising it. I know, it must be pretty tough to orgainise it at such a big scale... They deserve three cheers... So...


Hehehe.. Well done. I had lots of fun. And JILL!!! I'm sorry.. I really didn't know that i was supposed to do the blindfolding thingy... I just took it and continue running. Hahahaha...

On the other hand, TTT.TTT Sorry to Sally and Ah Sou the Werewolf aka Hairy Starfruit for lying about.... you know wat... I wun lie d.. Sorry sorry sorry sorry nikka nikka nikka pajo pajo watever laaa.. hahahaha

Hmmmm.. Easter on Tuesday during CF was nice... But it all happened so fast... @.@ I am still glad and happy u all turned up for it. Hehehe. Thank you all for coming... = D

Gosh, time is passing by so fast...

Wat am I doing here?

What have I been doing?

Was everything good enough?

Was everything that has been done worth it?

Hmmmm... Time really zoom zoooooooommmmss away like one who would have said it. Oh gosh... I need guidance. I need strength to face that fact. I need to know. I do not want these things. I need.

Which way??

A part of me died when I let you go...
Lifehouse - Blind

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