Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Good ice at thong sui house

My friend park his car at a place where there is no yellow line and he was fined because he park there. I also normally park there and I was alright. That was pretty ridiculous actually. They can't fine him cause there wasn't any yellow line there. Gosh.. MMU really know how to ketuk.

I had McD's ice cream which was like that.. It was overflowing!!

I know I have been bad for not updating my blog. Sorry, peeps. But walaupun i'm not working, I'm still pretty busy with alot of stuffs. REALLY ALOT of stuffs. I dun have much time to come on9 to update or to even chat. So, some updates that I can think of at the moment.

1. I'm single but definitely unavailable only because u-know-who knows why. Hahaha.
2. I had an awesome badminton game yesterday. Really did alot of workout. Run alot.
3. I feel bad cause I wasn't free at 8pm yesterday. Still feel bad about it.
4. I'm having a slight headache now.
5. Dinner at pak putra and the lepak session was good. Hahaha. Hope to do it often.
5. I'm still wondering whether i shud take the MD role or not.
6. I've got to prepare a sermon bout Jonah and i haven't start anything yet. Gosh..
7. I'm really really busy. And my assignments haven't kick in yet.
8. I'm looking forward to watch the movie "UP". Haha.
9. I've gain some weight already. SERIOUSLY!! Tummy.. Huu huuu..

Hahaha. That's some updates about me. Oh ya, i totally miss eating home-made-maggie-goreng and those brownies and those cookies... Hahahaha.

Till I have sometime again. Tata~~~

Oh ya, uhmm... I just finished reading the book recommended by Nee-nee. I hope she reads this post. Nee-nee, the book was really good. Really really good. But i kinda wish that the ending wasn't that too simple.. Kinda made me think that the author was a lil lazy to carry on d.

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