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Friday, July 31, 2009
If u guys read my last post, I did say my exam was at nite rite? Hehehe... But I was terribly wrong. It was actually in the afternoon. And thank God, Ira did drop by my blog to read.

Ok, it actually happen like dis.

On wednesday, I wake up selamba-ly and i went and get my lunch at 1.30 like dat. Wasn't prepared for my exams for the nite oso. So, I had my lunch at 1.55 like dat while watching some movie on Astro. Tiba-tiba, Ira called, and I was like "Hmmmmmm?" in a very super relaxed tone. Then she was like "Adrian, do u know that our exam is at 2.30?"
And I was like "HHHHHAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!????"
I looked at the time and it was 2pm already. Hahaha... So, I quickly put on my tracksuit pants and put on my shirt and zoomed all the way to campus. It was pretty funny when suddenly half way I called Ira and ask her bout a summary bout accounts. Yeah, I was having Accounts paper. And like i said like a gazillion times. I wasn't ready!! Hahahaha.. Then i forget to bring my calculator summore. Luckily, Ira faster called up her roommate and she kinda borrowed me hers. Thanx alot Ira n D. I really owe u guys a really super duper muper big favor.

This post is kinda dedicated to Ira cause she did alot lot of stuffs for me d. I really dunno wat i'll do without u. Hahahaha.. Thanx alot, ira-chan.. ^ ^

2 mentos:

AiRa's stUfF said...

hihi.. no prob...
its notin la adrian..
no wonder u asked me to checked ur blog.... u post bout me..kikiki

mau said...

hehehehehe~~~ really, thanx alot lot.. if u didn't tell me, i might really get 0 for my accounts paper... (i think the chance of me getting 0 is still high) hahahaha..