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Friday, November 20, 2009
Yesterday, we had our brunch at Toast & Toast which is at batu berendam. The place there is quite cosy and nice. The food, u can't expect much from it. So so oni la. Still, nth beats the roti bakar from the old coffee shops. Seriously... Hahaha... But if u guys crave for more than 10 kinds of toast, do go to Toast & Toast, they got so many varieties. From banana and cinnamon to peanut butter to the old fashioned kaya and butter 1.
My breakfast. Sorta
See, they even have the old fashioned cup. Nice rite?

During bruch, we got to know that our CIMB account number may be changed. So, we panic la. Rush to the CIMB branch at batu berendam which is not far away actually and when we were there, thank God that lee was there also. He saved us alot of time cause he actually have one copy of document that we can just photostat. So, we go to the bank and do our stuffs.

After that, we go over to Marilyn's AhMa's place and we met Baby Kelly there. She was sooooo cute.. Really adorable. When she came down the stairs, she was having her pacifier in her mouth. Btw, she's 4 this year. So I've been told la. She was soooooooo shy... Hahahahaha.. I think she was quite scared of us big kids (we're still kids k?) at first... But after awhile, she ok d la..

We were supposed to play with Baby Kelly but instead, we played UNO stacko among ourselves. Hahahahahaha. I thought it was like Jenga but it was different in some ways. But the fun is still there. Especially when Jordan dropped the tower twice... XD

Jordan made this fall.

And also this.

Oh ya, if you're wondering how Baby Kelly looks like,

Adorable rite? Hehehehe..

Eh, I didn't realise that she was wearing a spongebob t-shirt. We were also watching spongebob at her place oso.. Hahahahahaha...

Today, my family and I had our dinner at..

U know where is this from?

Yup, the napkin says it all...

Till then...

p/s : if any of you are reading this, do pray for AnnaBanana and Christine. Their birthdays are tomorrow.

To Christine, Happy 21st birthday BFF... U rawk and I hope to see you on monday. Have a blessed birthday ya? God Bless..

To Anna Banana, Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe... XD u have a blessed birthday too ya? God bless..

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