My letter to God

Friday, April 23, 2010
I will trust Him in everything... er.... let me rephrase that..


Dear God, I know that (and I have experienced it) whatever plans you have for me is for the best. And I pray that whatever you have in mind for me (although I might not like it), I will accept it with a willing heart. Haihhhh... It's hard to accept it if it's true... Honestly speaking... If it's true. But, I pray u'll give me the wisdom to accept it. (This is not about committee k? Hehe. Smth else)

Talking about committee... I have been given the TreasureR post (thank you, LingLi for explaining to me about it like soooo many times... Hopefully, I can do well.. =]) Gosh, being in the committee means, serious... Means, I have to be much more serious now. I hope this feeling stays. It's gonna be fun this 2 sems... Hehehe. God, I pray you will help me to help ur ppl here in CF. May this feeling carries on and may I serve u the best I can.

And God, I would also like to pray for...

The CF

I would like to thank you for such an awesome year and I pray we will all grow spiritually and we will walk closer and closer with you. I would also like to pray that You will continue blessing us and may we not be stingy and do share Your Word to everyone. May it be when other ppl see us, they will see abit more of You instead of us.

Also, not forgetting..

The Graduating Seniors

I would like to pray that these seniors will continue walking with You as well. They are all going to their next phase in life which is the "working life" and may it be tiring and hectic, I pray that these seniors would still have time with You. I pray that they would not neglect it and may You continue showering blessings upon them as well for they have been an impact in our lives (especially mine). For those advices, scoldings (i know it's for my better), encouragements, time spent and etc etc... These seniors will be remembered and God, do continue to be with them k? = ]

I would also wanna thank You for...

Our Easter Celebration

which was like last week. I thank You for my friends who came. I thank You for the attendance that night. It was overwhelming!! I pray You will help me to be more like You. Lord, help me to be less like me and more like You. I earnestly pray for that.

I would also like to thank You sooo much for

The RubberBand and RubberFans!!

Those who played that nite were all superb. Although they didn't win that nite, we know they did their best and well, they are all winners in our hearts. Right, RubberFans? = ] We pray that these peeps will continue serving You no matter where they are and You do continue to bless them.

Nuel/Brokoli said smth which is really inspiring... He said

"you know the feeling to have this lots of support from y'all.. it's priceless"

I would also like to thank You for..

My Beloved Friend and CG leader,
James Chong Ern-Rong

Many times he feels that he has not done his best and how sucky the output of his work was. But little does he know that most of the time, he did it so well and how he didn't wanna trouble his members. By going out to buy the BBQ items just now. And also, getting help from his mummy to buy and marinate the chicken. Also, looking for the items that we needed and getting them all ready. Many times his mum baked for us and many times, he covered most of the cost. Dear God, I would like to thank You so much for this friend of mine and I pray that You will continue to work wonders in his life. =* ) May he walk closer with You and may he give u the best as well. May You continue to bless him everyday of his life. = ]

James, u are THE MAN

1 last prayer item before I go to bed. Dear God, I would really really like to pray for Sally. May she be allowed to stay here in Malacca with us. May You help her get a place here. She's really going by faith now and the results of her staying here will only be out so long more. But I pray that, whatever the result may be, I would like to pray that if it's good, we thank You for it. But if, if.... if....... she's not allowed to stay here, may we accept it... with a willing heart... = ]

May Your will be done
Luke 22:42


Saturday, April 17, 2010
= ]

I do like this Disney's cartoon alot. Er... I can't really explain it.. But, i like it alot. = D

And also, this song!!

(Be a man)
We must be swift as
the coursing river
(Be a man)
With all the force
of a great typhoon
(Be a man)
With all the strength
of a raging fire
Mysterious as the
dark side of the moon


p/s : she doesn't even need make up for me to know that she's pretty. = D

While bathing just now...

Friday, April 16, 2010
I thought of something really fruitful. I'm going to share abit on how Important Devotion is.. Hehehehe... And yes, that means, praying and reading His words. (i know i know, i'm not the perfect example of the best Christian but... i still wanna share)

Alrite, take a moment of think about 1 person. This person, must be someone whom u really really love. Or even, "like" oso can... This person is someone u really do treasure alot. It could even be a crush or some1 whom u really do like to be with but... u just can't...


Do u have that person in mind? If you do, carry on... = D

Alrite. Now, imagine this. This friend of urs, suddenly doesn't talk to you. He/she just pretend that you're not there. He/she ignores you, doesn't wanna talk to you, talks to everybody else but you. How would u feel?

I...... have been in that situation many times actually. And that feeling really sucks. Really, it does feel very very very bad. BIG TIME. Haihh... I wished that person would talk to me and not to others. I wanna be selfish, but I know I can't... That feeling sucks...

Now, this hit me pretty hard just now...

Wat would God say? We would spend soooo much time doing other works except spending some time talking and reading about Him. We spent too much time doing so many other things. For example, our work. We worked soo much till sometimes we're too tired to spend some time with Him. Doesn't that happen to all of us? Does it happen to you?

Imagine this also. Wat would God feel? Wouldn't He be....


He loves us sooo much but all we care about at times are our works? I know there are alot to do. But is it too much till we have to neglect our quiet time with Him? The only time when He get to talk to us through passages and prayer? My question is...

"Is it worth sacrificing our quiet time?"

I'm not saying I'm any better. The reason why I'm sharing this is because. I felt the guilt and I do not want you to feel wat I am feeling ma. I hope.. This would encourage you. And when I say you, I meant, all of you actually.. = ] It's only meant to encourage you k?

I can do everything through him who gives me strength.
Philippians 4:13

We had

Friday, April 9, 2010

Hahahahaha.. Not exactly la. But, something like it. We ran around DP today.

No, i didn't run around like a mad person (actually, i did run around like a mad person). I ran around with an aim 1 k? Haha... It was fun running around like that but hor. If run aimlessly, ppl might say I gila 1.


OK LAAA... I admit la.. I mmg abit gila 1... TT.TT

Anyway, I had alot of fun running around today la. Hehehehe.. I wanna thank all the CG leaders for organising it. I know, it must be pretty tough to orgainise it at such a big scale... They deserve three cheers... So...


Hehehe.. Well done. I had lots of fun. And JILL!!! I'm sorry.. I really didn't know that i was supposed to do the blindfolding thingy... I just took it and continue running. Hahahaha...

On the other hand, TTT.TTT Sorry to Sally and Ah Sou the Werewolf aka Hairy Starfruit for lying about.... you know wat... I wun lie d.. Sorry sorry sorry sorry nikka nikka nikka pajo pajo watever laaa.. hahahaha

Hmmmm.. Easter on Tuesday during CF was nice... But it all happened so fast... @.@ I am still glad and happy u all turned up for it. Hehehe. Thank you all for coming... = D

Gosh, time is passing by so fast...

Wat am I doing here?

What have I been doing?

Was everything good enough?

Was everything that has been done worth it?

Hmmmm... Time really zoom zoooooooommmmss away like one who would have said it. Oh gosh... I need guidance. I need strength to face that fact. I need to know. I do not want these things. I need.

Which way??

A part of me died when I let you go...
Lifehouse - Blind